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Honour a new dawn with an early yoga session as you experience gratitude for another wonderful day in paradise. Or watch an incredible sunset over the glistening sea, contemplating your favourite moments of the day, delectable cocktail in hand. Fully experiencing nature’s finest moments in unusual ways are the things that define memorable vacations.

Celebrate nature’s spectacular moments every day

Sunrise and sunset are two of the most spectacular and important occurrences in nature, which is why we feel they need to be celebrated in unique and unforgettable ways to enrich your Mauritian experience. Bask in the serenity of dawn with our sunrise activities: kayaking in calm tropical waters or allowing your body to wake up with a sequence of sun salutations on the beach. Or welcome in the evening as you unwind after a phenomenal day on the island with our sunset entertainment paired with our most exquisite bespoke cocktails and front row seats to one of nature’s finest spectacles. 

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