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Message from CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

While we look forward to welcoming you again in the best possible conditions, we invite you to discover our sustainability approach on the occasion of the publication of our sustainability report 2019-2020.

Well aware of the ever-increasing environmental and social issues, we are carrying out various programmes within our establishments to:


  • Reduce the environmental impact of our hotels
  • Protect our biodiversity


  • Foster local talents, products & economy
  • Promote sustainable tourism with community impact


  • Innovate towards circular sustainable solutions
  • Engage with our stakeholders

Much remains to be done, but we are convinced that adopting eco-responsible behaviours is an essential condition so that our children can in turn marvel at the beauties of our planet.

We are always looking for new solutions for a positive impact and invite you to contact us to share your feedback and best practices.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

François Eynaud
CEO - Sun Limited

Sustainability Policy


Sustainability Policy

Sun Resort Ltd through its SUNCARE Programme strongly believes that “caring for the people and the planet” is not only a company responsibility but also a condition for long term business success. Sun Group is committed to pursuing a triple-bottom line approach of environmental, social and financial responsibilities by finding innovative ways to do more with less. 

As a responsible operator, we are committed to adhering to our legal obligations, sustained environmental protection, social responsibility, health and safety and conduct that reflect highest ethical values through continual improvement by ways of annual benchmarking assessment.

We are committed to 
• Conserve natural resources and enhancing resources for future generation. 
• Protect ecosystem biodiversity.
• Drive sustainable development.
• Minimise pollution, reduce waste and the consumption of Group resources.
• Report on key environmental, social and financial performance indicators through our Balance Scorecard. 
• Raise environmental awareness among our associates, suppliers, guests and communities.
• Provide resources, training, equipment and other support to enable fulfilment of this policy.
• Review our performance and the effectiveness of Sun Group Sustainability Policy periodically to enable us to determine our next steps forward.

Special consideration will be given to employing and empowering local employees, and wherever possible sustainable products and services will be sourced locally in accordance with fair trade principles. 

We encourage our stakeholders to align with our commitment to environmental and social sustainability.


Base on the triple bottom line approach (Social equity, environmental stewardship, economic prosperity) SUNCARE Association  addresses sustainability objectives by finding innovative ways to do more with less.


Community Engagement

SUNCARESun Resorts has always been actively involved in community matters, particularly in the villages and in places surrounding their properties.


The Sun Resorts Community Engagement Philosophy

Since 2004, their social commitment was reinforced with the establishment of a centralised community development programme.

Over time, Sun Resorts Community Engagement commitments have expanded in several areas, especially the management of projects surrounding children, education, and environmental protection as well as projects about socio-economic development and medical progress.



Sustainability Report 2019-2020

download ambre sustainability reportClick to download Sustainability Report 2019-2020