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Why You Should Choose the Indian Ocean for Your Beach Holidays

June 15 2018

Planning a holiday for you and your loved ones is an exciting endeavour. But that’s not to say that it’s always a seamless, stress-free process. One of the most difficult aspects of planning a holiday—that of course, everyone wants to be absolutely spectacular and memorable—is deciding where to go! And it’s not only one of the most difficult aspects, it’s one of the most crucial because your actual destination (as well as the area and hotel you stay at) can literally make or break your trip. 

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There’s one type of trip you can’t go wrong with and that’s an island holiday, where there is bound to be something special for your whole family (or both you and your partner). If you are dreaming of white sandy beaches, azure waters, a phenomenal culture and exotic dishes in an outstanding tropical paradise, then forget Bora Bora or the Bahamas—we recommend setting your sights on one of the absolutely stunning islands set in the Indian Ocean. From the Maldives to Reunion, Zanzibar and Mauritius, the Indian Ocean holds many outstanding holiday destination gems, any of which would make for the most sensational getaway. Here’s why we think you should choose one of these stunning destinations for your beach holiday in the Indian Ocean:

Incredible year-round weather

Enjoying your beach holidays in the Indian Ocean is practically a no-brainer. Why? Honestly, there is a myriad of reasons (many of which we touch on below). But arguably the ultimate reason to holiday on one of the many Indian Ocean islands, is that generally, this part of the world enjoys unbelievable weather throughout the year. 

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This means that you don’t need to be too bogged down by the fact that the school holidays may not fall over the destination’s summer period or about adhering to any strict dates. And actually it means that you might be able to sidestep the inflated tourist prices during peak seasons if you so wish, knowing that you are still likely to have great weather. The mild Mediterranean climate typical of the Indian Ocean island destinations makes for excellent beach holidays practically no matter when you travel.

Warm tropical water

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Much like the point above about excellent weather year-round, planning your beach holidays in the Indian Ocean means you can make the most of the gorgeously warm tropical waters throughout the year. While in the ‘winter months’ the temperature of the water does tend to drop, it’s usually only by a few degrees and the water is still pleasant. Even when the sea temperatures are slightly lower, the sea is also still perfect for the huge array of water sports offered at these destinations, refreshing swims as well as snorkelling and diving (which is actually wonderful throughout the year, each season offering a different experience). Again, this means that the dates that you can or would like to travel, don’t need to impact your island experience.

Pristine beaches

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Another of the wonderful reasons to spend your beach holidays in the Indian Ocean is the unbelievable and amazingly pristine beaches that the islands here are renowned for. Kilometres of picture-perfect beaches are typically lined with coconut palm trees and gently lapped by cerulean waters that teem with an exotic array of stunning marine life. At any of the islands in the Indian Ocean, you can enjoy languid days soaking up the sun or a huge array of water sports. You can also merely enjoy the tropical waters by swimming, snorkelling or diving, the options are practically endless. 

The unusual flora and fauna

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The gorgeous islands in the Indian Ocean have the most breathtaking tropical surrounds, with lush interiors and rainforests made up of a myriad of different plants, many of which are endemic to these islands, making them some of the rarest plants in the world. The animals and birds that call these islands their home, are equally fascinating and oftentimes rare. Let’s take a look at the volcanic island of Mauritius as an example. Mauritius has a huge variety of incredibly endemic flora and fauna, including nine endemic bird species, some of which are among the rarest birds in the world—the pink pigeon and the echo parakeet being two prime examples. 

Each island has their own special something, which makes these destinations some of the best in the world for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts looking to glimpse some unusual and rare island species. 

Luxury accommodation options

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If you are looking to travel in style than you can rest assured that choosing to enjoy your beach holidays in the Indian Ocean is a fabulous idea. Because of their paradisiacal appeal, many of the islands in the Indian Ocean have become highly-coveted holiday destinations and offer a plethora of choices when it comes to luxury hotels and resorts. From absolutely stunning water villas (which have been built in the ocean itself) in the Maldives to sublime and elegantly decorated beachside villas in Mauritius, the accommodation offered in these tropical paradises is absolutely out-of-this-world. 

The cost-effective local currencies

Another absolutely fabulous element about travelling to one of the many sensational Indian Ocean beach destinations is that the costs on the ground are usually very reasonable. While prices in the resorts are often in dollars (particularly in the Maldives), local businesses, restaurants, services and shops are wonderfully cost-effective which means you can really make the most of the local products and offerings as well as get a taste for the unbelievable local food in the most cost-effective way. Often, you can also find reasonable day trips and attractions which, while they are aimed at tourists, are still much more reasonable than the equivalent experience may cost in your home country. To put it in perspective, one pound is equal to just under 50 Mauritian rupees which make for an incredible rate of exchange!*
Rich, diverse histories and cultures

If you book your beach holidays in the Indian Ocean, you will soon realise how wonderfully diverse each destination is. The history and culture of Zanzibar differ hugely to that of the Seychelles which is again very different to the Maldives and Mauritius. Each of these countries has wonderfully fascinating histories that have shaped these magical destinations into the places they are today. This collection of unique destinations are made up of colourful cultures, interesting languages and beautiful people. At any of these places, you will have the opportunity to indulge in gorgeous local culinary delights (palm heart salad anybody?), embrace immersive and unique cultural experiences, partake in phenomenal and vibrant festivals and much so much more. These are the types of things that ensure that your holiday is not just a “nice”, but that it’s absolutely amazing and totally unforgettable.

Sun Luxury Moments

If you are looking to head to one of the gorgeous destinations in the Indian Ocean then we highly suggest narrowing your search down to the Maldives and Mauritius. These two spectacular destinations have everything you could possibly want for an unforgettable holiday in paradise; from powder-white beaches and turquoise waters to unparalleled luxury accommodation and exotic cultural experiences. Stay at one of the incredible four- and five-star Sun Resorts hotels to make sure that your island holiday is what you have always dreamed of… and more!

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