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The Cost to Travel to Mauritius

January 30 2019

Crystalline lagoons, sun-kissed beaches fringed by coconut palms, mesmerising natural wonders and luxury hotels nestled amongst lush, tropical surrounds; Mauritius is the picture of paradise. Enhanced by an eclectic culture, moreish food and incredible people, it’s an ideal destination for honeymooners, families and adventurers looking for a memorable getaway. 


La Pirogue Beach Mauritius

But this destination is not only phenomenally unique and utterly gorgeous, it’s also wonderfully cost-effective, with the local Mauritian currency pretty much guaranteeing a favourable exchange rate. If you’ve wondered what it might cost to travel to Mauritius, here’s an idea of some of the prices you can expect: 
The cost of activities in Mauritius 
Mauritius is a destination that allows travellers to indulge in an incredible array of activities both on land and in the ocean, so you will definitely want to factor the cost of activities in Mauritius into your budget. Keep in mind that if you opt to stay at a resort, many of the daily programme activities and non-motorised water sports are offered on a complimentary basis. 
If you would like to venture out and explore some of the tourist attractions in Mauritius, however, here is an idea of what that might cost: 
- The Botanical Gardens: Set aside between 1-2 hours for this incredible attraction where you will be able to enjoy a huge array of tropical plants and even some small animals. Open between 08:30-17:30, a ticket will cost about £5. 

- A visit to the Sugar Museum and Factory: Mauritius has long been famous for its sugar plantations. At this interesting site, you can easily spend a solid two ours and a tour of the mill and museum costs around £9.

- A private shopping tour of Mauritius: Mauritius is a fabulous shopping destination and for those that can’t resist a good shopping spree, there are private tours that take guests to the best spots on the island. A tour like this could cost up to £100 with transport included. 

- Ile aux Cerfs: There are numerous tours to Ile aux Cerfs with varying inclusions and exclusions, but a full day trip with everything included (from bottled water to lunch and transport) can cost around £80 per person. 


Ile aux cerfs

The cost of food in Mauritius 
One of the best things about Mauritius is the array of unique and utterly delicious local food, which can often be enjoyed at very reasonable prices (and which tend to be considerably cheaper than the food prices in Europe). You will also be able to find international cuisine on the island but eating at one of the hotel or international restaurants tends to be more expensive than the local eateries or food stalls. Having said that, booking a half board, full board or all inclusive option at a resort can be both cost-effective and convenient. Here’s an idea of the cost of food in Mauritius:
- Street food meals or self-catering meals £5.
- Lunch or dinner in a mid-range restaurant from £18.
- Lunch or dinner in a high-end restaurant from £50.
- Domestic beer £1.
- Small bottle of water £0.5.
The cost of accommodation in Mauritius


New rooms at Sugar Beach

In the not-too-distant past, Mauritius was considered a hidden gem, a rustic getaway reserved solely for those lucky to know about it. Today it’s a tourist haven, with ample accommodation options for all budgets; from charming beachside chalets to modern villas and sensational resorts, the cost to travel to Mauritius will depend largely on which accommodation you decide to book. Here are some of the guidelines:
- A double room in a budget hotel from around £40.
- A double room in a middle-of-the-range hotel (with half board) from approximately £70.
- A double room in a luxury hotel with half board from £130 onwards. 
The cost of transportation in Mauritius
When you are on a holiday in Mauritius, there’s so much to see and explore. One of the best ways, if you like the freedom to go at your own pace, is to rent a car. This will cost between £20 and £40 a day. You can either opt for a chauffeur service (which will be extra) or use your domestic license (you don’t need an international one for four weeks) to roam the island at leisure. Parking on the island is generally not free and you will need to buy a parking ticket at a local petrol station. With undulating landscapes and narrow roads, travel times can be longer than expected. 
Another option is to go via taxi and negotiate with a taxi driver on a price you think is fair (meters are seldom used and taxis are known to overcharge you if you don’t agree on a price before you enter the taxi). You can generally hire a taxi for a full day of exploring the island for between £30 and £50 but this can vary greatly depending on where you go. 


Buses in Mauritius

Another option is to make use of the public transport system. Travelling by bus in Mauritius is cheap and effective, with the option to use the express buses or the standard busses (the former being recommended). Fares can range from £0.3 to £0.6 and the bus drivers tend to be friendly. Purchase tickets from the conductor with small change and keep your tickets as inspectors often check. When you want to get off the bus you can press the buzzer. 
There are also helicopter tours and charters from the SSR International airport, but they can cost quite a bit at around £500 for four people for an hour. 
Other costs and things to consider
Tipping is not a common practice in Mauritius and certainly not expected. However, some hotels may add a services charge to a bill. In the bigger resorts, tips are welcome, but it’s generally preferred that you add tips to a tip box instead of tipping individual people. 
Money exchanges
The currency used in Mauritius is the Mauritian rupee and can be bought at the money exchanges at the airport or by using one of the many ATMs on the island. Find out from your bank beforehand what the extra bank charges on ATMs might be and credit cards, which are accepted at many establishments across the island.  
Travel dates
If you are worried about the cost to travel to Mauritius it’s important to know that travelling during the peak months is sure to be the most expensive. If you are hoping to get great rates and value for money then take a look at the options and specials offered in the shoulder or off-peak months as this could take the cost off your trip to Mauritius down considerably. 

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