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SUNCARE Wins at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards®

November 23 2018

Mauritius is fabled for its incredible cultural landscape, wonderful people and its paradisiacal surrounds that range from sensational beaches and lush, undulating tropical jungles to glittering cerulean lagoons—it’s a spectacular destination for couples, families and avid adventurers. 
Our hopes are that this mesmerising paradise will continue to thrive in order for future generations to glean as much enjoyment from it as the current generations are able to, but the sad reality is that there are some environmental challenges occurring throughout the world that are definitely cause for concern. From the plastic ‘epidemic’ to beach erosion, coral bleaching, droughts, floods, drastic levels of air pollution, new cases of endangered or extinct flora and fauna species and more, the world is in a difficult place. While it’s easy to be drawn into fear, it’s important to rather see this time as one of opportunity, where each of us is able to find ways to figure out how we can play our part in finding solutions. 
We, as Sun Resorts, have always had a deep desire to do what we could to lessen the impact of our hotels on Mauritius (and the earth as a whole) and nurture more sustainable practices on an environmental level, as well as find ways to contribute to important causes both socially and financially. This lead to the birth of SUNCARE, which, we are proud to announce, has just been recognised at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards®.
This is what you need to know about our initiatives, SUNCARE and its recent award:

Striving for better is in the DNA of Sun Resorts

For over 35 years, since the inception of Sun Limited, we have been committed to creating positive changes. Over the years, we have been involved in powerful initiatives that have positively impacted the environment, the local communities close to our resorts and our very company itself. In 2016, these initiatives were grouped under one focused entity and brand; SUNCARE. The three main pillars of SUNCARE are; Community Engagement, Environment, and Sustainable Business Values.


Solar Energy


For us, SUNCARE isn’t an obligation or single initiative that we check off each year and carry on as we always have. For us, SUNCARE is a way of being that permeates every aspect of our enterprise and to honour the organisation's commitment to ethical, transparent practices as well as accountability, SUNCARE as been registered as an independent nonprofit organisation.

SUNCARE is already involved in a few projects

There are four major areas that SUNCARE is already actively involved in, some programmes and initiatives of which have been running for years. They are the Sun Children Cancer Trust, local community-based programmes and projects, marine conservation and the endemic trees project. These projects consider our “Profit, the Planet and its People” and are in-line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These projects are funded by the SUNCARE Foundation, which enables guests staying at any of our four- and five-star hotels to become involved in our efforts through small donations. 

Innovation is at SUNCARE’s (and in fact, Sun Resorts’) core
Many of the ideas behind the SUNCARE programmes are driven by innovation. The way in which they answer the question of “how can we do more with less?” results in out-the-box solutions on many different levels. As drastic changes in the environment are starting to materialise, Sun Resorts realised that it was important to think about how they can really help by leveraging their scale to positively impact the world and encouraging others to do the same. 


Sun Care

As a group, Sun Resorts is bent on implementing solutions to lessen our carbon emissions, build sustainable infrastructure, lessen our plastic use and optimise waste management. From solar panels and our own wastewater treatment plants to strict recycling practices, our funding of sustainable tourism research and our involvement in a crucial beach erosion project (to name but a few of our efforts), we—all 3700 men and women who work for Sun Resorts—are doing our best to do our part in this ever-changing world. 

Each of the Sun Resorts properties is contributing positively 

Sun Resorts has four beautiful Mauritian luxury hotels—Ambre, Long Beach, Sugar Beach, La Pirogue and we also manage the idyllic Ile aux Cerfs. Each of these properties participates in projects that support the local communities. Ambre supports the Mare La Chaux Government School, Long Beach supports the Flacq Disabled Centre, Sugar Beach supports the Flic-en-Flac Government School, La Pirogue supports the SOS Children’s Village in Bambous and Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club supports the Foundation ALEF in Trou d’Eau Douce.

SUNCARE has recently been recognised by the Worldwide Hospitality Awards® for their efforts

On 7 November 2018 in Paris, the international Worldwide Hospitality Awards® recognised SUNCARE as the Best Initiative in Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility. According to the Hospitality ON site, this award is awarded to “... an initiative or program that shows a brand or hotel group's commitment to sustainable development, fair trade and/or the social responsibility of the company towards local populations and staff, and/or tourist sites and natural resources.” We are hugely honoured to receive this incredible award. 


World Hospitality Award


We as Sun Resorts, along with SUNCARE are committed to constantly seek additional and better ways to create a sustainable environment on all levels and to do our part in to encourage sustainable practices in the hospitality industry and in general. 

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