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SUNCARE’s Christmas Gift Ceremony at the Children’s Cancer Ward

December 24 2019

Located along some of the most gorgeous stretches of beach in the world (in both the Maldives and Mauritius), the luxury Sun Resorts hotels are dream destinations for discerning guests. 

With four exceptional Mauritian hotels and the flagship resort in the Maldives in their portfolio, as well as Ile aux Cerfs which under their management, there’s no doubt that the group has a wealth of experience when it comes to ensuring their guests have phenomenal holidays in paradise. And with everything from a gorgeous gypset-inspired hotel, to an authentic Mauritian seaside resort, an adults-only paradise, a chic, sophisticated oasis and a plantation-inspired hotel, they offer the ultimate place to stay for any type of traveller. 

While luxury resorts and extraordinary guest experiences are at the very core of Sun Resorts, the group is totally committed to its environmental and social projects, housed under their SUNCARE brand, which has been established as an independent, non-profit organisation. The three pillars of their SUNCARE group are: Community Engagement, Environment, and Sustainable Business Values. Each of these pillars, along with each initiative, is of utmost importance to each member of the Sun Resorts team. 

There is one, however, that holds particular significance for many of the Sun Resorts employees - the Sun Children Cancer Fund.

The funds collected for this have gone into sponsoring the ward at the Victoria Hospital itself (and the upkeep and maintenance thereof) and have ensured that the SUNCARE team is able to make a special trip to visit the children there around Christmas each year with a special Christmas Gift Ceremony. Being a magical time of year, Christmas provides a perfect opportunity to lift the spirits of these little warriors and spoil them in all the ways they deserve. This year, this special event took place on 19 December 2019. 

Interested in finding out more? This is what you need to know about the Christmas Gift Ceremony at the Children’s Cancer Ward at Victoria Hospital:

It’s become a wonderful tradition

The SUNCARE Christmas Gift Ceremony has turned into an important tradition over the years, with members from Sun having marked their 11th Christmas at the Sun Children Cancer Ward this year. This yearly tradition has been such a highly anticipated event, that the children always eagerly await the Sun team who come with ample gifts and spoils for everyone. This year, the team spread some festive cheer and celebrated Christmas with the children in the ward on Thursday 19 December 2019.


While this is an annual affair, it’s not the only time that Sun is actively involved with the ward. As mentioned briefly above, Sun supports the ward throughout the year through maintenance programmes, psychological support programmes and more. They also sponsor medical care for children who need to undergo treatment abroad. It’s hugely important to Sun that they are able to help when and how they can when it comes to the Children’s Cancer Ward.
Sun puts Corporate Social Responsibility funds towards the maintenance of the Sun Children’s Cancer Ward. These funds are also used to help buy Christmas gifts for the children. The money that is raised throughout the year for this cause, including during special golf events and donations collected from the hotels, however, is kept strictly for the medical treatment for the children at the ward. 
Sun doesn’t only support the children - their intention is to be there for the families as well
Having a child diagnosed with cancer is a scary and traumatic thing. Which is why Sun does their utmost to support not only the child battling the illness but their family as well. The Christmas Gift Ceremony shows the families that they are supported and inspires them to have the courage to help their little ones fight the illness. Sun Resorts does their best to support the mothers and fathers, some of whom have kids as young as two years old fighting the disease. 
The point of the ceremony is not just to spoil the kids and show them they are loved - it’s to encourage them, to give them hope and courage, to shower them with blessings and hopefully, make a difference in their lives. Many of these kids have a long way to go, but Sun wants them to know they are supported every step of the way to ease the journey.
Sadly, it’s always hard for the Sun team to know if they will see these little ones next year or not, so they do their best to have a special day with them for Christmas. To see the children and their families light up with joy despite their circumstances is hugely humbling - it reminds the team to notice and appreciate how blessed they are and how grateful they should be.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year


On the 19 December 2019, apart from handing gifts to some 60 children, the team also spent the day with them, their parents and the hospital staff. Together they sang carols to mark the event, Santa Claus himself made an appearance to distribute the gifts and lunch boxes, prepared with love by the chefs at La Pirogue, were given to all the children, staff and families to enjoy. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.
Sun has been affiliated to the Children's Cancer Ward since 2008

Because the Sun Children’s Cancer Ward holds a particularly important place in the hearts of many at Sun Resorts, the Sun Limited group is dedicated to this cause and have been since they launched the Sun Children Cancer Fund in 2008. 
Since the inception of the fund, the Sun team has worked tirelessly to ensure the ward is renovated, maintained and improved constantly, and they have added more beds as well. The hotel group also takes care of the purchase of medical equipment for the ward. 
These children deserve the best fighting chance they can get and Sun does their utmost to help them do exactly that. The Christmas Gift Ceremony is just one of the small ways Sun makes sure the kids (and their families) feel supported, spoiled and loved.
There is a SUNCARE donation box at each of the group’s hotels; you can be a part of the healing journey by donating whatever you feel fit. Every cent counts and makes a difference in the bigger picture and helps these children and their families in immeasurable ways. 
By booking your stay at one of the Sun Resorts hotels, you aren’t only ensuring you have a holiday of a lifetime in paradise. You are helping to support a brand that does what they can to play their part in their local community and environment. 
By staying at one of the Sun Resorts, you are helping us make a difference. 

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