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    Sun Resorts Joins the Esteemed Global Hotel Alliance

    May 10 2019

    Located along some of the finest beaches in the world, the Sun Resorts properties offer discerning guests memorable luxury holidays in paradise. The five multi-award-winning Sun Resorts hotels located in two of the planet’s most sought-after holiday destinations, Mauritius and the Maldives, offer unique, signature experiences, unparalleled luxury and unbelievable service to wild-hearted adventurers, smitten couples and fun-loving families.

    Sun Resorts

    As a world-renowned hotel brand, Sun Resorts is constantly looking to up their offerings and delight their guests as well as reach a greater number of guests from different parts of the world - something they hope to achieve now that they have joined the Global Hotel Alliance.

    Here’s what you need to know about this exciting alliance:

    The Global Hotel Alliance is the biggest alliance of hotel brands in the world


    As the name implies, the Global Hotel Alliance (or GHA) is, in fact, the world’s largest alliance of independent, luxury hotel brands. They are also the operators of the huge loyalty programme DISCOVERY, which has won ample awards and spans a number of incredible brands. This award-winning loyalty programme allows its 14 million members access to special offers and opportunities at the alliance hotels, which gives them the chance to fully immerse themselves in culture and magic of the destination they are exploring. 

    This year marks 15 years since GHA’s creation

    GHA was originally founded in 2004 with the intention to promote high-end luxury resorts and hotels in order for them to reach global audiences while still being able to retain their unique essence. And the GHA has been doing this successfully ever since; this year, the alliance celebrates its 15th anniversary.

    Sun Resorts is the latest addition to the alliance

    The marvellous announcement that Sun Resorts is the latest addition to the alliance actually means that the Sun Resorts properties are now a part of an exceptional group of over 30 hotel brands, spanning some 550 hotels across 75 countries. Along with the five stunning Sun Resorts properties, the GHA includes hotels from world-class hotel brands such as Anantara, Avani, GLO, JA Resorts, Kempinski, Marco Polo, Meritage, Meydan, Thon, Tivoli, Ultratravel Collection, Viceroy among many others - it’s an incredible privilege to be amongst some of the very best hotels in the world. The official integration of Sun Resorts into the GHA is set to be completed sometime between July and September 2019.

    The CEO of GHA spoke highly of the hotels within the Sun Resorts portfolio and how they are a perfect match for the DISCOVERY members, who are always seeking incredible luxury experiences across the globe. He states that “Over half of our member stays in new brands are now for leisure, often in luxury resort destinations and at premium rates. Mauritius and the Maldives are hugely desirable destinations for our customers, and we know that Sun Resorts will be a popular addition to the alliance.” 

    It will allow Sun Resorts to welcome a greater number of guests from abroad

    One of the best aspects of the integration into GHA is the ability for Sun Resorts to better reach travellers around the world, ensuring that a diverse array of guests are able to enjoy the gorgeous Indian Ocean destinations of Mauritius and the Maldives. 


    David Anderson, the CEO of Sun Resorts, expanded on this thought by saying “Sun Resorts has a strong reputation among regular travellers to the Indian Ocean, but joining the alliance will enable us to spread that reputation to other markets more efficiently than we can do on our own. We will instantly gain access to a huge customer base of international travellers in markets such as China, India and North America, which are difficult and expensive for us to access as a small independent brand, but which are generating growing demand into the Indian Ocean region.” 

    Two of the Sun Resorts properties have been selected to form part of the prestigious Ultratravel Collection

    As if the news of the Sun Resorts integration into GHA wasn’t exciting enough, two of the top Sun Resorts hotels have also been selected to be a part of the Ultratravel Collection; a special collection of the alliance’s most sought-after, luxurious and exclusive hotels. The hotel that has been selected for this portfolio is Long Beach in Mauritius, a magnificent five-star hotel which fit for the most discerning travellers. 

    If you would like to find out more, or would simply like to book your dream destination, get in touch with us.

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