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Sun Resorts in the Hall of Fame of TripAdvisor

February 22 2019

For over 35 years, Sun Resorts has provided guests with memorable holidays at their stunning luxury resorts in both Mauritius. With five sublime properties in two of the most sought after Indian Ocean destinations, a holiday with us is sure to be something special. And the best part? No matter what type of holiday you are looking for - from unforgettable family holidays and couple’s retreats to the perfect getaway for adventurers—we will ensure your holiday in at any one of our resorts is everything you could imagine.


Sugar Beach

We are passionate about creating unique holidays for our discerning guests and have been fortunate to be recognised for our efforts with an array of prestigious awards and titles. We are pleased to announce that one of our most recent accomplishments is that we have recently been acknowledged in Tripadvisor’s esteemed Hall of Fame. The “Hall of Fame” was created as a way to acknowledge and honour exceptional establishments that have earned a Certificate of Excellence for five (or more) years in a row. 
TripAdvisor’s Certificates of Excellence aren’t just given out to anyone. They are earned. Here’s what you need to know about TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence: 
The Certificate of Excellence came into being in 2011
These incredible awards, which were launched in 2011, are given to hospitality businesses (such as hotels, other accommodations such as B&Bs, attractions, restaurants, spas, vacation rentals, etc.) across the globe that consistently deliver exceptional offerings and services. The award is review- and rating-driven (only, so any special relationships with TripAdvisor don’t influence the outcome) which means that businesses can’t buy or apply for a Certificate of Excellence, they are simply given when invaluable feedback from customers is consistently excellent over time.
There are some basic criteria to qualify for a Certificate of Excellence
For a hospitality business to qualify for a Certificate of Excellence, they need to:
- Sustain a minimum average rating of four out of five
- Have had a TripAdvisor presence for a minimum of one year, specifically in the period between 1 April to 31 March the next year to qualify. The Certificate of Excellence announcements are made once a year and that takes place in May
- Have a minimum number of reviews 
- Have high customer ratings
- Have a management response of more than 90%
TripAdvisor uses a specific algorithm to determine the recipients of the Certificate of Excellence through the quality, quantity and frequency of the user-generated reviews and content. It also takes into account how long the establishment has been listed on the site. Any fraudulent activity on the listing or any integrity issues with the content (such as fake reviews by staff etc.) is also picked up on the algorithm and strongly influences the outcome. If an establishment wins a Certificate of Excellence, they are notified in May of that year via email and the esteemed Certificate of Excellence badge is added to the establishment’s TripAdvisor listing for all to see for a year, after which the establishment needs to qualify to again to get it for the next year.  

Because the award is driven by user-content and reviews, the only way to be given one is to ensure that guests or customers review the establishment. We at Sun Resorts love to hear what our guests have to say about their stay both when we impress and where guests feel there is room to improve, so we can act on the information given to us. 
It was through consistent excellence that Sun Resorts entered the “Hall of Fame”
The TripAdvisor Hall of Fame started in 2015 to mark the fifth anniversary of the Certificate of Excellence and has been dormant until this year when it was relaunched. We qualified for the Certificate of Excellence in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 which won us the opportunity to be acknowledged in the Hall of Fame, which ranks us in the top 10% of TripAdvisor establishments—a feat we are incredibly humbled by and proud of.
We endeavour to go above and beyond for our guests and hope to continue to receive the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence each year  

At the heart of everything we do at our four exceptional resorts—Long Beach, Sugar Beach, La Pirogue, and Ambre - there is a deep desire to delight and surprise our guests at every turn. We want to create magical moments and exceptional experiences for our guests which will truly stay with them forever, ensuring that a stay with us goes down as one of the best holiday experiences ever. 
Apart from a huge variety of activities (both on the land and in the water), exceptional accommodations, excellent dining options and world-class facilities, we are also known for our unique Timeless Memories offerings, where we provide guests with the opportunity to indulge in authentic signature experiences that would be difficult to find elsewhere. From dedicated beach butlers who have everything you could need for a memorable day in the sun on hand and sublime seaside dining options to cooking classes, in-room surprises and more, we do everything we can when it comes to our Timeless Memories offerings to ensure that every moment of our guests’ holiday in paradise is enhanced with never-to-be-forgotten experiences and moments.
Landing a spot in the 2018 TripAdvisor Hall of Fame has been an incredible privilege and we would like to extend our gratitude to each and every guest who took the time to write us a review, making this accolade possible. There’s no greater joy than knowing that we are meeting (and exceeding) our guests’ expectations and creating exceptional holidays for them in our island oases. It encourages us to reach for greater heights and to constantly create new and wonderful experiences for our valued guests to enjoy.
Whether you have stayed with us before or are looking for the perfect place to stay during your once-in-a-lifetime holiday in Mauritius, we look forward to welcoming you and treating you to unforgettable signature experiences at any of our Sun Resorts

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