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Sea Activities at Ile aux Cerfs

April 15 2019

A glorious oasis just off the east coast of Mauritius, Ile aux Cerfs is famous for its sublime, multi-award winning Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, its golfer beach and sensational natural surrounds, as well as its dazzling Leisure Island, where a host of excellent restaurants and a beach bar awaits. But that’s not all Ile aux Cerfs’ Leisure Island offers; there is also an array of sublime water sports and sea activities - there’s no shortage of thrilling ways to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and the magical island of Ile aux Cerfs. 

If you love the excitement of trying a new water sport or would simply like to make the most of the sea activities at Ile aux Cerfs, here are some of the amazing activities on offer:



For the travellers that are not afraid of heights and are eager to indulge in a unique experience, parasailing is an unbeatable choice! This thrilling experience will make you feel as if you are floating through the air. Panoramic and bird’s eye views of the glittering ocean below and the stunning tropical surrounds are sure to enhance this memorable experience further. 

One of the greatest things about parasailing is that you don't have to do it alone, you can enjoy this special experience with your significant other, best friend or family member; you are each attached to a two-man parasail harness that lifts you up together. Parasailing usually lasts for about 5 minutes of flight time and one quick free-fall dip into the ocean. Many of the parasailing packages include a professional photo, so you can share your unforgettable experience with those back home!



With crystal-clear cyan lagoons, one of the finest sea activities at Ile aux Cerfs has to be snorkelling. Simply put on a mask and snorkel and immerse yourself in the tropical waters to admire the mesmerising underwater playground that Mauritius is famous for. Perfect for almost any age, it’s an ideal activity to share with the family. Vivid corals, intricate shells and an unbelievably beautiful array of fish make this experience truly memorable. 

Speed boat rides

Enjoy the feeling of the wind through your hair as you enjoy a speed boat excursion in and around the Ile aux Cerfs lagoon. It's a fabulous way to get a taste of the gorgeous natural surrounds of the unparalleled tropical island and a thrilling way to visit nearby attractions, such as the Grand River Southeast waterfall.  

Water skiing 

The lagoon at Ile aux Cerfs is a stunning place for water babies looking to try their hand at water skiing or for more advanced water skiers looking to put on a show. This incredible activity, which involves standing on two skis and being pulled through the water at speed behind a boat, is a fantastic option for adrenaline junkies. 


Wakeboarding at Ile aux Cerfs

If you have tested your mettle at water skiing and want to take it a notch up, wakeboarding is a thrilling way to perfectly balance speed with fun. Embrace the opportunity to show off your skills on the lagoon with this exceptional water sport, which is much like surfing behind a boat (you literally “surf the wake”). A great sea activity for beginners and pros. 

Banana rides

A fabulous sea activity for the whole family, a banana ride is practically the equivalent to a water-based sledge. This inflatable, unpowered, boat (often in the elongated shape of a banana and coloured yellow) is made for recreational purposes and is typically towed by a speedboat. There can be multiple riders at a time who straddle the main tube and rest their feet on smaller tubes on the side. Once you are comfortable, it’s time to hold tight and enjoy the ride!

Tube riding 

Thrillseekers will revel in the opportunity to indulge in a solid session of tube riding on the gorgeous Ile aux Cerf lagoon. Get the adrenaline pumping during one of the thrilling tube rides available at Ile aux Cerfs and see if the action gets the better of you! As you are pulled behind a speed boat, at speed, you’ll be hardpressed not to have a good time as you bounce along the waves and weave through the water. By far one of the most popular water sports available, this is sure to be an enjoyable experience. 

Undersea walk 

If you would like to take your underwater experience to an entirely new level, then the undersea walk is bound to be the right choice for you. One of the more unusual sea activities at Ile aux Cerfs, during your undersea walk, you will be able to literally walk on the ocean’s floor while admiring the sensational marine life in a safe environment. 

Undersea walk

It works like this; you will be taken to a platform in the lagoon via speed boat, where you will be briefed on the experience as well as on the safety procedures involved. Then with the help of the professional guides, you will get into the water, equipped with an oxygenated ‘helmet’, where you will be able to relish an underwater experience unlike any other. The experience lasts for approximately 15 minutes.

If indulging in a full day of sea activities at Ile aux Cerfs sounds like your idea of fun then be sure to make a stop here during your phenomenal holiday in Mauritius. Have any questions? Please get in touch with us

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