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Restaurants & Bars at Ile aux Cerfs

April 22 2019

With an incredible array of activities, sublime, luxury accommodation, delicious local food and absolutely breathtaking tropical surrounds, it’s no wonder Mauritius, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is considered a must-see holiday destination. Unique experiences await all those fortunate enough to visit this exotic gem, one of which is definitely a day trip to the gorgeous Ile aux Cerfs, or “Deer Island”, situated just off the east coast of Mauritius. 

A stunning tropical oasis, Ile aux Cerfs is so much more than a flawless island off the coast of Mauritius. Probably most notably, it’s home to the world-renowned Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, the picturesque par 72, 18-hole golf course designed by golfing legend Bernhard Langer. But that’s not where it ends; Ile aux Cerfs now offers an unprecedented luxury experience to guests at their new Bubble Lodge, there’s an entire Leisure Island area (where thrilling sea- and land-based activities are offered) and gourmets can indulge in an array of delectable meals at the excellent beachside restaurants and bars at Ile aux Cerfs.

If you are thinking about a day trip to Ile aux Cerfs then it’s important to know what culinary offerings are available. With that in mind, here is a peek at the incredible restaurants and bars at Ile aux Cerfs:

La Chaumière Masala 

La Chaumiere Masala

Situated close to Ile aux Cerfs’ Leisure Island on the northern half of the island, La Chaumière Masala, one of the three beachside restaurants on Ile aux Cerfs, offers hungry guests an extraordinary a la carte menu. With an exciting range of contemporary Mauritian, Indian and Asian dishes perfect for every palate - with fresh, succulent local ingredients at their core - it’s a firm favourite among discerning gourmets.

Boasting a unique location on the Ile aux Cerfs hillside, the restaurant, which is largely built on stilts and housed in island-inspired thatched kiosks, scattered amongst trees and along small rocky outcrops, enjoys marvellous views of the pristine beach and glittering lagoon. Here, guests can enjoy artfully created aromatic dishes with unparalleled views to the soothing sounds of the Indian Ocean. 

Sands Grill

Sands Bar

The ultimate in feet-in-the-sand dining, the iconic Sands Grill enjoys a prime location under a beachside-perfect thatched structure and is set, as the name implies, right in the sand in the northern part of Ile aux Cerfs, a mere stone’s throw away from the beach. Specialising in fresh local fish (that is then grilled, fried or steamed) and delicious seafood, the menu also offers an array of authentic Mauritian specialities, cold starters, salads, moreish wood-fired pizzas and a sublime Sunday BBQ with live cooking stations that definitely has something to delight every member of the family. It’s the perfect restaurant for beachside dining with stunning views of the picture-perfect cyan Ile aux Cerfs lagoon.

Sands Bar

Sands Bar

Cheesy, delectable wood-fired pizzas (with a choice of toppings that range from traditional to novel) and a huge variety of tantalising tropical cocktails made with different flavours of Mauritian rum make Sands Bar a stellar location to enjoy a quintessential island experience. Order a cocktail from the menu or get the mixologist to make you something special and embrace the sheer magic of a holiday in paradise. 

Langer’s Bar and Grill


For those who plan on spending most of their time further south at the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, a sophisticated dining choice built on the highest point of the island with views of the practice range and 18th hole awaits. Langer’s Bar and Grill, the sublime Clubhouse restaurant, offers a variety of signature dishes and cocktails, Mauritian specialities and international favourites carefully created and beautifully presented to ensure that your golfing experience in this tropical idyll is all the more memorable. 

The Exclusive Golfer's Beach


Another extraordinary option for golfers (or for those wanting to arrange a special event), is to indulge in a succulent seafood beach barbeque on the exclusive golfer beach, located on the southeast of the island. Fruity cocktails and fabulously delicious (and fresh) seafood dishes are expertly prepared for those in search of a truly authentic and luxurious Mauritian experience on this secluded slice of paradise. Comfortable sun loungers and parasols await golfers at this gorgeous beach who can enjoy their favourite cocktails, excellent food and personalised beach butler service for a memorable day on Ile aux Cerfs.

Don’t take our word for how sensational the restaurants and bars at Ile aux Cerfs are, instead, try them out for yourself. Keep an eye on the Ile aux Cerfs website for specials or simply get in touch with us for more information.

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