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Places of Interest in Mauritius

April 16 2019

A wonderful amalgamation of cultures and heritages from India, Europe, Africa and Asia, Mauritius provides so much more than a luxury getaway - it’s a destination filled with unique and surprising experiences that are sure to linger in your memory far after your flight home. 
The beaches here are worthy of their positive reputations, with soft, flour-white shores lapped by crystal-clear waters reflecting in real life what you see in travel magazines. But these fabled beaches are not the only highlight of this magical destination; thick endemic forests cover huge portions of the island’s interior, where nature lovers can do their best to spot one of the rare birds - such as the pink pigeon - many of which are only found in Mauritius and where nearby dazzling patches of sugar cane dance in the breeze and tea plantations thrive.
Peppered throughout the island are sleepy fishing villages, bustling cities, luxury resorts, incredible local restaurants, nightclubs and so much more - it’s an exciting and varied destination, with something to satisfy every type of traveller. 
In and amongst all of this magic there are some must-see places of interest in Mauritius - in fact, the list is almost endless. To help you narrow it down, here are some of our favourite places of interest in Mauritius:
Casela World of Adventures

Casela Mauritius

One of the most popular places of interest in Mauritius, especially amongst families, is Casela World of Adventures. This exquisite nature park spans a whopping 14 hectares and offers guests an array of epic experiences and adventures, such as safari drives, animal interactions, adventure sports such as zip lining and much more. It’s home to some 1500 birds and 150 species of animals and reptiles. There is also a botanical garden and there are various ways to explore the gorgeous park, with a host of different packages to choose from, so you can enjoy the elements of this nature park that really speak to you. Located in the gorgeous western region of Mauritius, a day spent at Casela is a must. 

Trou aux Cerfs 

Trou aux cerfs mauritius

Mauritius is a volcanic island with extremely beautiful volcanic terrain and sublime sites, especially the volcano craters. One of the most famous craters is definitely at Grand Bassin, which definitely a visit in its own right, but there’s another, slightly lesser-known crater - Troux aux Cerfs. The dormant volcano crater here, often filled with water and surrounded by thick jungle, is nothing short of gorgeous and allows visitors an amazing panoramic view of Curepipe (the area the volcano is found in) and the surrounds.

La Vanille Crocodile Park 

La Vanille Crocodile Park

For those that love to get their fill of exciting nature-based experiences, the La Vanille Crocodile Park is another must-see. While, unsurprisingly, crocodiles are the main attraction here, there are loads of other incredible animals to see, such as giant turtles, monkeys and giant bats as well as a comprehensive insect collection (which is one of the largest private collections of insects and butterflies in the world). Here you can also traverse the incredible park and embrace it’s wild, tropical surrounds, where endemic flora and fauna thrive. There is a restaurant on-site which is definitely worth stopping at, especially for adventurous eaters, where a unique curry - crocodile curry - can be found on the menu. 

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

SSR Botanical Garden

Known to be the oldest botanical gardens in the southern hemisphere, the Pamplemousse Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden makes for a sensational stop. A veritable “Garden of Eden” the plot, which snaps 60 acres of land, boasts a huge variety of palm trees, giant water lilies, lakes with resident giant turtles and so much more. There are even trees here that were planted by significant figures such as Nelson Mandela. Make the most of your visit by hiring a guide and learn about the magical botanical garden, definitely deserving of its reputation as one of the top places of interest in Mauritius. 

Château de Labourdonnais

Chateau de Labourdonnais

Take a journey back in time with a trip to Château de Labourdonnais, where you can glimpse the life of the colonialists in the nineteenth century. Restored to its former glory, this incredible mansion, which was built in 1859, is one of the best places of interest in Mauritius. Soak up the old-world splendour of the mansion as you gaze at incredible antiques, enjoy a stroll in the garden, and visit the distillery where you can try the local rum, made at the Rhumerie des Mascareignes. The on-site restaurant also presents a fabulous opportunity to taste the local Mauritian cuisine which is bound to impress.

Ile Aux Cerfs

Ile aux Cerfs Leisure

Located just off the east coast of Mauritius is the fabled Ile aux Cerfs. Pristine, white sandy beaches, idyllic palm trees and shimmering waters that sparkle in every hue of blue are some of the primary attractions of this glittering gem, but certainly not all of them. A day trip haven, this gorgeous slice of paradise also has an array of dining outlets, adventure activities, a quintessential island beach bar and is also home to the new Bubble Lodge and Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club. Apart from being one of the ultimate places of interest in Mauritius, it’s a firm favourite amongst families and couples looking to indulge in the island lifestyle. 

Champ de Mars

Champ de Mars Mauritius

The thrilling capital city Port Louis is definitely worth putting a day aside to explore, with everything from fabulous local food to historical sites, markets and museums it’s well worth experiencing. And for the horse racing fans, there’s something particularly special here; the Camp De Mars Racecourse, the second oldest race course in the world and the oldest horse racing course in the southern hemisphere. Here you can dress up in your finest attire and enjoy a Saturday along with locals and visitors alike, while snacking on delicious bites and sipping your favourite tipple. If you are feeling lucky why not put down a bet? One thing is for sure, it’s a fabulous experience.

Le Morne 

Situated in the southern part of the island is Le Morne, a stunning area known for its spectacular beach, luxury hotels and of course, it’s an iconic mountain, Le Morne Brabant, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This mountain is not only a spectacular and imposing sight, it’s also a symbol of bravery, freedom and courage and played a hugely significant role in the history of the island. It also makes for an excellent hike (and views from the top). 
Black River Gorges National Park

Another for hikers and avid nature fans, this incredible park stretches over 6574 hectares, composed largely of native forests. It’s a phenomenal ecosystem, home to an array of endemic flora and fauna, where keen-sighted birders may just spot one of the very rare birds of Mauritius. Trek one of the many routes in the park, take a picnic or simply enjoy the sweeping views from one of the viewpoints, if you love the outdoors, this is definitely one of the top places of interest in Mauritius. 


Chamarel Mauritius

The charming village of Chamarel, set in the Savanne district, is famous for its extraordinary sites - the highest waterfall in Mauritius which is part of the same nature complex as the famous Seven Coloured Earth. The waterfall is an incredible sight, and perfect photo opportunities abound, but it’s the natural volcanic phenomenon of the multi-coloured sand that is truly so enchanting. Giant turtles can also be seen nearby and a small curio shop and restaurant are also worth a visit. 

These points of interest in Mauritius are just the tip of the iceberg - there’s so much more to see here than you can imagine. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself.

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