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Be a Part of the Incredible People of the Sun Events

May 23 2018

People of the Sun at Sun Resorts

Island holidays are made to be enjoyed to the absolute max; they’re all about lazy sunny days indulging in local delicacies and gorgeous tropical cocktails made with fresh fruit, afternoons spent on white sandy beaches lapping up the sun and indulging in gorgeous warm waters of azure lagoons and evenings centred on exceptional nightlife. They are about spending magical moments with incredible people in breathtaking places and embracing the pure bliss of serenity as you enjoy wonderful, authentic experiences. At the heart of exotic island holidays is the overarching feeling of relaxation, where each moment is nothing but extraordinary. 
To make sure that guests have remarkable moments on their holidays in Mauritius, Sun Resorts has many unique offerings, one of the latest being “People of the Sun”; extraordinary live local music events at sunset, created to ensure guests enjoy truly memorable afternoons and evenings.

People of the sun sunset

Here’s what you need to know about People of the Sun:
The concept was created to ensure sunsets in Mauritius are celebrated in the best possible ways

The concept of People of the Sun was created by Sun Resorts to ensure that the awe-inspiring island sunsets (and the island lifestyle) are enjoyed to the absolute maximum. But there is another reason for these spectacular events; to promote the unbelievably brilliant local musicians, with a focus on phenomenal Mauritian-inspired songs that helps to build a strong DNA of Mauritian musical integrity.
Sensational local artists and live music sets the tone for absolutely sublime afternoons and evenings characterised by fine, island-inspired tropical cocktails and uninhibited views of one of nature's finest spectacles. These are the types of holiday experiences that stay with you for the rest of time. 

People of the sun

People of the Sun will take place every Friday and Sunday
Start and end your weekend right to the sounds of Mauritius’ finest musicians as you watch the sun make its steady journey towards the horizon. Be mesmerised by the changing colours of purple, red, orange and gold as you listen to smooth, jazzy music every Friday and Sunday on the beach between 17:00 and 19:00 along some of the island’s finest beaches on the west and east coast of Mauritius.
Having launched in April and May at Sugar Beach and Long Beach respectively (with launches at Ambre and La Pirogue expected in the future), these exciting events have unbelievable live acts in store for those lucky enough to be able to attend. On Fridays at Sugar Beach, guests can enjoy a spectacular People of the Sun event, followed by a gorgeous dinner at one of the extraordinary on-site restaurants and then continue their love for music with a House of the Sun event which will run from 21:00 to 23:00.

Here are just a few of the artists you can expect to see during a People of the Sun performance
On the weekends, the beaches at Long Beach and Sugar Beach become seaside stages at sunset with People of the Sun offering a range of live performances by various artists. Here are some of the remarkably talented musicians that will feature at these extraordinary events:
This extraordinary band made up of two best friends, Jean-Luc and Jerome, offers guests an incredible type of fusion music which combines elements of flamenco with those of traditional Mauritian music. “EvaD”, which is is a play on the word meaning “escape” in French, creates sensational music designed to help listeners escape from the worries of daily life. 
Philippe Thomas
An absolute jazz legend in Mauritius, Philippe is known for his exceptional songs that mix elements from jazz and Sega with the melancholy from blues and the energy from reggae. The result is an extraordinary symphony that Philippe plays out on his trumpet. For Philippe, classic jazz is a hugely diverse style of music that he fuses with Sega to bring about a unique (and absolutely extraordinary) style: Sega-jazz.
Hans Nayna 

People of the sun

This exceptionally talented musician is not only a guitarist but a singer and songwriter too. The composer of many unique English songs. Each of his songs are extraordinary, with his characteristic “smokey” vocals and soulful undertone which create a type of melodic pop-rock. Having come second place in a singing contest in Reunion in 2013 and having won best Male Voice of the Indian Ocean in 2017, he’s fast become a firm favourite in both the local music scene and throughout Africa. 

Jason Lily

Having always had an affinity for music, Jason Lily has been involved with the musical world since he was a child. Passionate about his craft, in 2011 he participated in the First Jazz Contest as a singer and a year later, participated in the World Event Young Artist (WEYA) Festival in Nottingham with his former band Patyatann. Later in 2012, he joined a band called Maron’er and played at the Festival “Enn” during which the band won the esteemed “Prix Découverte”. But that’s not all, in 2015 Jason Lily also won 3rd place in the International Carnival of Victoria in Seychelles with the Mauritian fleet—you definitely don’t want to miss this performance!  

Jason Lily


One of the most promising artists in the local music scene, Emlyn garnered incredible attention when she released her song “Synthetik” which was accompanied by Orchestra of Souls, followed by the release of the stunning“Lao”. 
Very influenced by Mauritian culture, her songs are sung mostly in Creole and draw strong similarities to the rhythm and melody of Sega. With an authentic Mauritian feel, her music is characterised by the soulful sounds of traditional instruments like the Ravanne and the Kayamb and very particular chords of the guitar. 
Sunset to the sounds of these extraordinary local artists promises to be something quite unforgettable for those lucky enough to share in this experience. If you are going to be in Mauritius over the weekend, be sure not to miss the People of the Sun events!

There are plans for People of the Sun festivals
In an even greater effort to promote the unbelievable local Mauritian musicians (and because the People of the Sun events have already been so popular), there are plans in place for a phenomenal music festival that will take place twice a year. With the idea that they will run from around 17:00 to midnight, these outstanding events will showcase all of the musicians that were a part of People of the Sun. These performances are sure to be absolutely phenomenal and should definitely not be missed. 
Admission is free

One of the best parts about these sensational events is that admission is free and open to the local community as well as international guests. Space, however, is limited, so if you are not interested in taking your chances on whether or not you will be able to arrive early enough to reserve your space, then it’s advised to book ahead. You can also keep tabs on upcoming events and artists on Facebook, Instagram and on the Sun Resorts website to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these amazing events. 

If you would like to make a reservation or would simply like more information than you can contact us. We are here to ensure that your holiday in paradise is totally unforgettable.  




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