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Pastries at Kanuhura

January 30 2020

Located in the Lhaviyani Atoll lies a magical island: an island of silk-soft sand peppered with coconut palms and exotic flora, encompassed by mesmerising tropical waters that glitter in shades of blue and adorned by the sophisticated gypset haven of Kanuhura. This five-star hotel in the Maldives is the perfect hideaway for free-spirited barefoot wanders, looking to indulge in a holiday of a lifetime.

The dazzling paradise of Kanuhura provides the ultimate backdrop for a memorable holiday, one that’s sure to be characterised by the finest island offerings—gastronomic experiences enjoyed in the most breathtaking tropical surrounds, champagne-infused sunset cruises, devilishly tasty tropical cocktails and hours spent lapping up the gorgeous Maldivian sunshine in true gypset style.

A holiday spent at Kanuhura can be exactly what you want it to be; the array of high-end dining outlets, signature offerings, experiences and activities on offer allow guests to pick and choose exactly how they would like their once-in-a-lifetime holiday to unfold. Whether you seek activity or relaxation, outdoor excursions or villa-based bliss, a healthy getaway or indulgent culinary experiences—or simply the perfect balance of all of the above—you can have all of that and more at Kanuhura.

Pastries at Kanuhura

For those that do want to “treat themselves” while on holiday—Kanuhura offers a wealth of special experiences and spoils, but for the sweet-toothed guests, there’s arguably nothing better than a perfectly-created dessert or freshly-baked pastry, filled with chocolate or custard, or simply baked with the perfect balance of tasty ingredients. 

Every element of the culinary journey at Kanuhura is created with care, and the confections and pastries are no exception. For those that just can’t resist the buttery goodness of perfect pastry or the blissful indulgence of something sweet, here’s what you need to know about the resort’s Executive Pastry Chef and what a 7-day sugar-infused journey could look like for you:

Introducing Kanuhura’s Executive Pastry Chef: Ida Pustaka

Ida Pustake Executive pastry chef Kanuhura

The mouth-watering pastries and desserts available at Kanuhura are created by the extraordinary Executive Pastry Chef Ida Pustaka and his team. Ida Pustaka started working with pastry in 1993 and officially become a pastry chef in 2010, after gaining vital experience under several highly-respected chefs in the industry. Over the years, he worked in a number of five-star establishments until he joined the team at Kanuhura in 2003. In 2012, Chef Pustaka moved up the ranks to Executive Pastry Chef. 

Chef Pustaka’s biggest and favourite challenge in the kitchen is when certain ingredients have run out on the island (as last-minute and unexpected orders can happen) and he needs to get creative in order to invent a new type of pastry that can be made with the ingredients he has—there are no limits for this chef! 

According to Chef Pustaka, the secret to perfectly-prepared pastry is to worry less about the time that’s needed for it to be ready but instead, focus on the love with which it is made. His favourite sweet treat is a locally-inspired delicacy, which combines French techniques and tropical ingredients: the Coconut Surprise.

The wonderful news about this treat is that you don’t have to wait until your trip to the Maldives to try it; Chef Pustaka has been kind enough to share an easy recipe for it with us (for those eager to try it for themselves). Here it is:


  • 1 500g box vanilla cake mix
  • 1 can coconut cream
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 1 can crushed pineapple
  • 1 pack whipped cream/topping
  • 200 grams  coconut flakes
  • 1 jar maraschino cherries
  • 250 grams chopped pecans

Prepare the cake mix according to the directions on the box. Bake in an oblong pan until done. Pierce the cake with a fork, then pour the condensed milk and coconut cream over the cake. Allow the liquids to be absorbed by the cake. When the cake is cool, spread the pineapple over it first and then the whipped topping. Sprinkle the coconut flakes, cherries and pecans over the top to finish it off. Place the cake in the refrigerator. Once it has been left in the refrigerator for some time, it’s ready to be served (it’s best served cold). 

At Kanuhura, you can pick a new treat for every day of the week! 

Guests at Kanuhura are spoilt for choice when it comes to the confections on offer—there is quite literally an abundance of delicious pastries and sweets of all varieties to sample. If you want to limit yourself to one a day, then here’s what we suggest going about a week-long pastry journey to remember:

  • Day 1: Indulge in Banana and Chocolate Danishes

Day one of sweet week is all about the Danish. Spoil yourself by sampling one of the beautiful and must-try chocolate and banana Danishes at the breakfast buffet at A Mano. These gorgeous delights are finished off with a sprinkling of icing sugar and kept warm under a special red light. The chocolate used is the finest of its kind and comes all the way from Belgium, while the bananas are brought in from Sri Lanka—this fusion of Asian and European ingredients is simply sublime. Pick one of these artfully braided treats (the braided loaf is cut into slices so you can see the incredible ingredients inside) and pick a table facing the ocean to enjoy it where you can simultaneously relish the view, the morning breeze and the warm sunshine as you savour your Danish. No matter your age, this is an unmissable treat. 

  • Day 2: Create your own cupcake

Release your inner pastry chef and decorate your very own cupcake at Kanuhura Maldives, no matter what age you are. Bring the family, don an apron and chef’s hat and revel in the experience while spending quality time with your little ones. Each participant will receive a plain cupcake (made with the finest flour imported from Germany) and all the necessary items for decorating it—from colourful icing and sprinkles to crushed cookies, M&Ms, marshmallows and more. 

You can then channel your creative energy into decorating your cupcake, after which you can eat the scrumptious morsel yourself or surprise a family member or friend with it. You can even make a competition of it—would you be the fastest to decorate or first to eat your cupcake? This is the perfect way to connect with your children surrounded by paradise or for them to make new friends when they do it as part of the kids club activity schedule—either way, it’s a fabulous activity your kids are sure to love. 

  • Day 3: Savour some freshly-baked cookies 

There’s no such thing as an ordinary cookie at Kanuhura—here, you are spoilt for choice with biscuits enhanced by coconut, choc chips, vanilla, green tea and M&Ms! The cookies here are crunchy, crispy, chewy, big, small, round or square—take your pick. These gorgeous—and somewhat additive—Kanuhura cookies are baked daily and are generally particularly appreciated by children (with choc chip cookies being firm favourites—perhaps due to the imported French choc chips that add a special depth of flavour).

These mouthwatering morsels are given as small treats at the resort’s kids club, best enjoyed by kids during a post-swim tea time in the afternoon, between games or while colouring in pictures of cookies!

  • Day 4: Savour a delicately balanced Tiramisu 
tiramisu kanuhura

If all things sweet are your weakness, then you definitely have to try Kanuhura’s fabled Tiramisu—the perfect way to finish off an excellent dinner at Bottega. Here’s what an evening at Bottega could look like for you: it’s a beautiful, balmy evening under the stars. Italian music plays in the background as you sip on your glass of imported wine. You’ve already enjoyed a phenomenal starter, a sublime main course, and now it’s time for the ultimate finale; a perfectly created Tiramisu served in layers, where indulgent mascarpone is alternated with ladyfinger biscuits dipped in coffee and finished off with a delicate shaving of cocoa. The secret ingredient in this decadent treat? The high-quality Illy coffee used to enhance the experience. Spoil yourself in true Italian style. 

  • Day 5: Relish a Green Tea Creme Brulee with vanilla ice cream

Day five brings about a sugary treat you aren’t likely to ever forget; Kanuhura’s famous Green Tea Crème Brûlée served with creamy, satisfying vanilla ice cream—be sure to leave space for this dessert! The real secret to this much-loved treat is not the matcha, but the creme brulee itself. Made with inverted sugar syrup—Trimline, which has been imported from France—the dish has a sweet flavour, perfectly blended with the other ingredients so that it’s beautifully firm when baked. Crack the thin layer of caramelized sugar, scoop up a bit of vanilla ice cream and savour the magic of one of Kanuhura’s specialities. 

Enjoy this dessert at Veli, toes-in-the-sand and surrounded by solar lanterns and a romantic ambience. This Asian-inspired restaurant is quite literally the perfect place to try a Green Tea Creme Brulee served with vanilla ice cream.

  • Day 6: Lemon Tart and coconut sorbet
Pastries Kanuhura, Lemon tart and coconut sorbet

Can you think of anything better than watching baby sharks and turtles playing in the glittering cyan lagoon at Kanuhura? We can: doing it while you eat a slice of lemon tart. This mouthwatering delicacy is made with a beautiful blend of lemon juice and high-quality vanilla beans and being light and refreshing, it’s a perfect daytime indulgence. Balance the flavours with some coconut sorbet and enjoy it at Drift Restaurant on one of Kanuhura’s private islands. This is a fabulous way to enjoy your tropical holiday in paradise. 

  • Day 7: German Cheesecake

There’s nothing quite like a slice of cheesecake to satiate that sugar craving, and better still, a slice of the German variety. The German cheesecake is generally lighter than its American counterpart and makes for a wonderful afternoon treat at the Cowry Club: enjoying a slice is a stellar way to get a boost of energy after a wonderful swim in the infinity pool. The German cheesecake at Kanuhura is made with low-fat quark and egg whites to make the consistency lighter than varieties made with cream cheese. Lemon and vanilla (which is imported all the way from exotic Madagascar) give the cake a hint of freshness. Trust us—you will want to try a piece of this cake! 

For the coffee connoisseurs, there’s no better way to enjoy one of these sweet treats then with a sensational cup of coffee, made with some of the finest beans on the market. And what’s more, there are some absolutely sublime spots to enjoy your cuppa and treat at Kanuhura.

Does this sugary journey of goodness sound like the ultimate way to spend part of your holiday in paradise? Then get in touch with us and book your stay at Kanuhura today. However you decide to spend your holiday here, it’s bound to be memorable.


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