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Reopening of Citronella's at Sugar Beach

October 18 2019

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The picturesque, five-star, plantation-style Sugar Beach hotel is a tropical wonderland for guests, old and young. This tranquil oasis, located on the sublime sunset coast of Mauritius, is a highly-sought-after resort, known for its unique architecture, reminiscent of the colonial plantation manor houses in Mauritius, its old-world charm, modern luxury comforts, and a stellar variety of world-class facilities and amenities.
The resort’s “Hansel and Gretel” themed kids club is a huge hit with little guests, tastefully decorated rooms provide the ultimate place to rest and relax and the long stretch of beach, lined by French manicured gardens, is a superb place to indulge in outdoor activities or simply soak up some vitamin D. Apart from with a wealth of signature experiences on offer, a huge selection of tropical cocktails and truly amazing dining outlets, it’s island paradise personified. 
What’s more, Sugar Beach is the type of hotel that is always looking for ways to improve, innovate and ultimately, enhance the guest experience. That’s why they have decided to upgrade some of their facilities and one of the recent renovations took place at the popular Citronella’s, which we are now excited to announce, is ready for its reopening!
Here’s what you need to know about the reopening of Citronella’s at Sugar Beach:
A world-renowned designer was brought in
To ensure that the revised version of Citronella’s is nothing but extraordinary, the fabled interior Designer, Paul Bishop was responsible for its transformation. Through his incredible talent and vision, he brought to life a version of the restaurant that is both refined and relaxed, with stunning hues of blue, white accents and wooden elements enhancing the space. 

Citronella's Restaurant at Sugar Beach

“Inspired by the menu and cuisine, we have elevated the Mediterranean vibes through a fresh, light and airy aesthetic that is in line with its surroundings and colonial structure. Experiencing a complete 360-degree turnaround, Citronella’s has been reinvented to be a fresh, inviting and dynamic offering,” explains Paul. 
Clean lines draw the eye at the revised version of Citronella’s, all the way across the new wooden deck and out to sea - Paul has brilliantly turned Citronella’s into a stylish beachside destination that’s sure to be popular both day and night. And of course, it’s sure to be a hotspot at sunset, with front row seats to nature’s light show that dazzles with purples, pinks and golds. The new deck boasts a bar, pizza station, comfortable lounges and a fire pit - what more could you need?

A new menu will be on offer 
Citronella’s was previously known for its irresistible and wonderfully satisfying Italian fare, but this revised version will be offering a vast selection of Mediterranean-inspired dishes. The updated menu is inspired, and offers incredible, mouth-watering dishes. 
From popular Spanish tapas (think patatas bravas and grilled octopus), tempting antipasti (such as deep-fried seafood, carpaccio and caprese) and delectable pizzas to satisfying pastas (with all of the classic favourites and reimagined variations) and moreish desserts (everything from sorbet to tiramisu), there’s something here to satiate the cravings of every guest. 
The chefs are well versed in Mediterranean cuisine
Guiding Citronella’s on this exciting new journey are some stellar chefs, who have just returned from a trip of a lifetime, during which they travelled to Spain and Italy. This trip allowed them to hone their skills and perfect the flavours of “the Med”. 
The trip centred on an amazing training programme led by Michlin-starred chefs from Spain, Italy and Sicily, where the Sugar Beach chefs were versed in the art of traditional Sicilian cuisine, tapas and Catalan cuisine and Italian pizzas. With their newfound skills and knowledge, they curated the new menu at Citronella’s, inspired by the methods, ingredients and recipes that they learned.

With the exhilarating new menu and phenomenal renovations, Citronella’s is a must-try for guests, both local and international.

Embrace la dolce vita along the west coast of Mauritius with Citronella’s and Sugar Beach. A stay at this extraordinary five-star resort promises to be one to remember.

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