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The New Ambre Experience

February 15 2019

Unfurled along the gorgeous, untamed east coast of Mauritius, the four-star, all-inclusive, adults-only Ambre Resort & Spa, flanked by tropical endemic gardens with undulating volcanic mountains in the background, has been delighting guests since it’s opening in 2012.

This relaxed topical hotel holds true to its tagline, “the light side of life”, with expansive open-air common areas and carefully chosen design elements that enhance the laidback, tranquil ambience of the property (not open to children under the age of 16). It also boasts a prime location, nestled between Belle Mare and Trou d’Eau Douce, alongside a stunning and wide lagoon that sparkles in the sunshine.

At the heart of Ambre lies its serene atmosphere, amazing offerings that ensure totally carefree holidays in paradise, topical architecture and signature hospitality that has guests coming back time and time again. And now, there’s even more reason to visit this stylish hotel—it has a plethora of new experiences and some stunning changes.

Have we piqued your interest? This is what you need to know about the new Ambre experience:

The new arrival experience is better than ever

If you’ve ever been to Ambre before, you’ll know that you are always made to feel welcome. The Ambre associates are known for their excellent hospitality, friendly dispositions and can-do attitudes. But the arrival experience is now better, and more seamless, than ever. 




As you enter Ambre, your immediate view will be of the impressive water feature, into the entrance hall, past the infinity pool and right to the cerulean waters of the Indian Ocean. Your luggage will be taken care of while you wait in the comfortable new lobby furniture (there is also stylish new furniture at the Coral Bar!) and are served a gorgeously refreshing juice (made from cane syrup, ginger, lime and pieces of sugar cane) and handed a cold towel. After you have taken a moment to unwind (the lobby’s diffuser helps with this), you can enjoy a simple check-in process, with a streamlined iPad check-in for VIPs. 

Ambre offers exceptional in-room experiences

The associates at Ambre pride themselves in going above and beyond for their esteemed guests, which is why they offer some delightful in-room experiences (these can be requested at the Guest Services counter and come at a small additional fee) as part of the new Ambre experience. From breathtaking, artistic and beautifully romantic in-room decorations to dreamy bath setups for a special night with your beloved and do-it-yourself cocktail kits, there’s sure to be a special in-room surprise for everyone.

You can enjoy the afternoon tea in style

Ambre’s all-inclusive formula means that guests get to devour all sorts of treats and culinary spoils throughout the day. The highlight for many who stay at Ambre is the delicious afternoon tea, best enjoyed with a favourite beverage and a plate full of the sensational nibbles on offer. To enhance this experience further, Ambre has introduced some local talent in the mix, where while enjoying the afternoon tea, guests are able to soak up the smooth sounds of live local music and enjoy the spectacle of local artists showing off their incredible skills.

At Ambre, guests are now able to get a true “Taste of Mauritius”

Mauritian Food

Guests are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to food and drinks options at Ambre which boasts three excellent restaurants and two bars. But now there’s even more choice; for those who would like to get a true taste of Mauritian street food, there’s a new pop up food stall at Ambre called “Taste of Mauritius”, where you can indulge in the aromatic goodness of the local food.

There is a new juice bar


Juice bar


There’s nothing quite as good as sitting along a flawless beach, enjoying the Mauritian sunshine and sipping on a glass of freshly squeezed tropical fruit juice. With the new fruit juice bar, which is open between 08:30 and 18:00, freshly squeezed juices can be enjoyed by guests (practically) all day, every day.

Gourmets can indulge in a Wine and Dine evening 


Wine and dine

As part of the new Ambre experience, guests can indulge in an array of exceptional imported wines at the newly opened Wine Celler. An expert sommelier is on hand to assist you in choosing the perfect bottle for your meal and in the future, Ambre will also offer a special tasting menu paired with some of the finest wines for an epicurean experience to remember. 

Guests looking to immerse themselves in all things Mauritian should stay over a Friday

Those who are interested in making the most of all things authentically Mauritian should make sure their stay falls over a Friday. Why? Because Fridays are Mauritian-themed evenings, created to showcase the magical food and culture of this exotic island. The buffet will offer a wide array of delectable Mauritian delicacies and guests will be treated to a Sega spectacle that is bound to have them tapping their toes.  

Guests at Ambre are able to take advantage of the Timeless Memories offerings

The holidays that people tend to remember are those filled with unparalleled and immersive experiences and moments that took their breath away. Thanks to the unbelievable Timeless Memories offerings at Ambre, you are sure to have a truly unforgettable holiday in paradise, unlike any other. From VIP Sun Beach experiences and Sun Mixology classes to memorable activities at Sunrise and Sunset, you’re not likely to forget your holiday at Ambre any time soon. 

There will be a sweet farewell



Leaving your favourite holiday destination is always a little difficult. But Ambre does what they can to turn a bitter-sweet moment into a mostly sweet one. Check out from the hotel and help yourself to a tasty, freshly baked cookie, ensuring that each moment of your stay at Ambre is a good one. 

There are some other exciting projects in the works

The exciting changes that we have already mentioned as part of the new Ambre experience are but the tip of the iceberg, with many more already in the pipeline. Here are some of the other wonderful things guests can expect at Ambre in the future:
- The gym being relocated to an exciting new space
- A new conference hall 
- A stunning hospitality lounge (with shower facilities) for early arrivals and late departures
- A trendy gin and tequila bar
- A sushi bar
- A test kitchen 
Ambre is constantly looking for ways to delight their guests and the new Ambre experience is sure to do just that. Make sure you don’t miss out on all the new offerings at this sensational hotel and book your stay today. 

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