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Meet Rosabelle Lamarque - Our Kids Club Manager

May 21 2019

The magnificent five-star Sugar Beach is practically an institution in Mauritius. A majestic plantation-style hotel, surrounded by sublime French manicured tropical gardens and lined by coconut palms and a sugar-fine beach that fade into turquoise waters, it's an exceptional example of a hotel that tastefully balances old-world splendor with modern comforts.

Sugar Beach Kids Club

The ultimate luxury hideaway, Sugar Beach truly has it all, whether you are looking to enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon or a special family holiday, it’s sure to delight and surprise at every turn. From world-class facilities (at least one treatment at the Cinq Mondes Spa is a must!) and a breathtaking beachfront to an exceptional array of signature offerings, phenomenal culinary experiences and a plethora of land- and water-based activities, it certainly delivers in every way. 

And, as is the case with all truly spectacular hotels on earth, what really makes Sugar Beach stand out further, is its unbelievable staff, who ensure each guest has an incredible holiday experience at Sugar Beach; here, the typical Mauritian hospitality is taken to a new level. 

One of the many unique offerings at Sugar Beach is their Kids Club, where children are treated like the VIPs they are. To gain greater insight into some of the exceptional staff at Sugar Beach, we chatted to Rosabelle Lamarque who works as the Kids Club Manager. Here’s what she had to say:

How long have you worked for Sugar Beach?

I have been working for Sugar Beach for 19 years. So I have a fair amount of experience. I actually started out as a salesgirl in a pastry shop. Then one day, I heard that they were looking for people to work in the Kids Club. I love working with children so I applied instantly. 

I started out as a casual babysitter for 7 months until I became a full-time babysitter, which I did for 5 years. I then moved from that to the Kids Hostess which I did for 8 years until I was named Senior Supervisor. The next big move for me was from Senior Supervisor to the Kids Club Manager, and I’m loving it. 

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

My typical day would start with breakfast together with my team where we would chat about anything openly. Then comes the serious part, a daily briefing in the Kids Club itself, having first inspected the area. Then going through emails, planning and supervising activities. Just before the HOD’s meeting at 10:00, a walk around in the restaurant meeting with guests, is a must. On a normal day, I would finish at 17:00, though in this industry being flexible and staying late is sometimes required to interact with guests of the hotel so as to make sure that they are having a memorable holiday.

What about Sugar Beach makes you excited about working there?

I absolutely love meeting new people and interacting with guests and of course, with the kids. I love managing the club and working for Sugar Beach. I actually consider Sugar Beach and everyone who is a part of it, my second family. The staff are treated so well here and they really recognise the hard work of their employees which is so appreciated. 

What are some of the things guests enjoy the most about what you are offering?

I think guests really appreciate my patience, kindness and helpfulness and that of the rest of my team. I think it’s so great that we have a Kids Club and children are able to engage in activities that are created specifically for their enjoyment, while making friends of a similar age. I also think it’s great that we allow our guests to have a bit of down time where they know their children are safe but can also have a moment to themselves to relax. 

Why, in your own words, do you think your role at the hotel is so important?

My job is not just a job. I think I have a really important role here. I really love to help staff with whatever they may need, counsel my colleagues and add value to the lives of the people in my team as well as the children in the club and their parents. People who go on holiday are eager to spend quality time with each other, so it’s great that I am able to help them to do that and to help the parents enjoy their time while knowing their kids are happy and safe so everyone can have a great holiday. The kids are, after all, the future guests of the hotel.

What is your most treasured memory from your job?

I treasure the staff parties! They are very important. But something else I absolutely love is to see kids who have been at our Kids Club grow up and return as adults with their very own kids and babies. Those are always incredibly special moments. 

What is your favourite part of your job?

I have been working here a long time so I have really made friends with much of the staff and with my colleagues who I love seeing. I love to see them happy and thriving and I love to counsel them when they need it.
But I also absolutely thrive on seeing the kids happy and enjoying the activities we have planned for them on their amazing holidays in the sun. 

What made you want to work in the tourism industry?

It was mainly the ability to work with kids that made me want to join the industry. And now that I have been working here a long time, I have been able to get a lot of experience which I like to share with new staff members or even people and children outside of the hotel to help them become more knowledgable and independent.

What part/element/facet of your country are you proudest of?

I love that we have a multi-cultural country and that despite our difference we live with peace and understanding. I think that’s very unique and special. Another great part about the country is the Mauritian cuisine and the range of different dishes! 

What does Sugar Beach offer than other hotels don’t?

Sugar Beach Kids Club

I think our Kids Club is actually very unique and special and people won’t be able to find one like it anywhere else. It’s beautifully designed in a Hansel and Gretel theme and the Kids Club itself is like a miniature hotel within the hotel - it’s even got its own pool. It’s really perfect for children.

How do you welcome new staff members?

With a lot of warmth and with a comprehensive induction. We really want new employees to discover and understand our concept so we take our time and explain everything patiently. We ensure that our little guests have an amazing experience, so it’s a very important role to get right.

If you would like to experience the incredible facilities and amazing signature hospitality at Sugar Beach for yourself - and give your kids the holiday of a lifetime where they can make the most of the Kids Club - then book your next holiday at this gorgeous five-star hotel. This is where dream holidays become reality.  

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