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Mauritius Tourism

June 01 2018

The phenomenal island paradise of Mauritius is a sight to behold; vivid patches of sugar cane are clearly seen from above between lush, tropical patches of dense forest, dramatic volcanic peaks rise out of the greenery, perfect beaches are lined by coconut palms and the entire island is surrounded by tropical waters in every shade of blue. It’s little wonder that this magical oasis is a highly coveted holiday destination. Some may argue that it’s one of the best island destinations in the world.

From celebs looking to enjoy a quiet holiday in paradise and families looking for a memorable tropical destination for their annual holiday to honeymooners and couples looking for the perfect romantic getaway, Mauritius is a hugely popular destination for an array of travellers no matter how discerning they are.

La pirogue beach

Apart from its unparalleled natural beauty, Mauritius has a host of man-made attractions, sublime year-round weather, incredible (and mostly rare) endemic plants and birds, sublime luxury accommodation, unbelievably stunning beaches and one of the most unusual cultural and culinary scenes in the world. 

These are some of Mauritius’ main draw cards and they are complemented by a good infrastructure, wonderful and friendly locals and stellar service. Most of the hotels and resorts in Mauritius are absolutely world-class and have been equipped with excellent facilities and services which has been a huge contributing factor to Mauritius’ international appeal. 

Because of many of the above-mentioned elements, the tourism industry in Mauritius is booming. Here are a few interesting things about tourism in Mauritius:

It’s one of the main pillars of the Mauritian economy 

Tourism in Mauritius is one of the most important elements of the Mauritian economy. Today, it represents the third pillar of the economy, coming in after the manufacturing and agricultural sectors, which is a testament to how significantly tourism contributes to the economic growth of the island. It’s also led to the need for better infrastructure and has positively impacted the overall development of the small island. To put it in perspective, Mauritius tourism contributes approximately 14% of Mauritius’ GDP. 

This incredible industry has created jobs for people the country over, and as it stands, there are said to be over 40 000 people employed full-time in the tourism sector in Mauritius.


The number of annual visitors is on an upward trajectory 

The Mauritian tourism industry has gone from strength to strength over the last two decades. This sublime island had a mere 18,000 visitors in 1970 which boomed to 656,450 in 2000 and which now reaches almost one million tourists every year. And with the increasing number of hotels being built in Mauritius to accommodate the growing numbers of tourists—which are said to come predominantly from Europe—coming to the island, Mauritius tourism is set to play an even bigger role in the economic growth and job creation in the country moving forward.

As mentioned above, the majority of tourists visiting the island tend to be from Europe—a whopping 67% of them—with many of them (approximately half) reigning from France and England. There are also typically quite a few tourists from Reunion (about 13%) due to the short travel distance and their similar histories, with only around 6% of the tourists coming from Asia. While many of the Asian visitors tend to come from India, the number of visitors from China is gradually increasing. 

Mauritius is fast becoming a coveted MICE destination



More and more businesses are being attracted to Mauritius for its MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) appeal and it’s easy to understand why. With stunning options for accommodation, ample locations for conferences and team building events, sensational local food, excellent services, phenomenal facilities, often reasonable prices, safe surrounds and first-world amenities, it’s an amazing choice for businesses from around the world. 

The future for Mauritius tourism is bright

With the growing interest in Mauritius over the years, the tourism industry is set to climb to even greater heights. The government of the country firmly supports all growth in this sector and have implemented numerous programmes over the years, such as their “opening of the sky” action plan, which sought to develop new markets and reach different customers. 

The Mauritian government also supports the building of new resorts to cater for the growing number of tourists and launched their Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) project which aims to organise special international cultural events in an effort to draw more people to the island.

Sugar Beach

Thanks to the growing numbers of tourists and the government support of the tourism sector, it has soared over the years. If it carries on in the same vein—and if efforts to preserve the beautiful country and all it has to offer are maintained—then the country should experience even more growth in years to come.   

Mauritius stands as an example to other African islands

For African island destinations to thrive and succeed in the same way that Mauritius has, it’s important for them to change with the growing trends and needs of their current and future guests—something Mauritius has learned to do very well. One of the ways to do this is to have a deep understanding of the needs of their guests; what experiences and activities do they crave? Mauritius has grown and adapted over the years to better offer their guests everything they could want for their dream holiday in paradise. 

Sugar Beach

In Mauritius, you are afforded the opportunity to live the island life on impeccable beaches (while sipping on your favourite tropical tipple), engage with the local culture through vivid Mauritian festivals and culturally immersive activities. You are able to choose how to spend your day (will you go trekking and hiking in the national parks, visiting the must-see sites or spending a day on a nearby island?), which of the incredible luxury hotel facilities you would like to make use of or just kick back and relax as you indulge in the glorious local food on offer and sublime evening entertainment (such as the absolutely beautiful Sega performances).

Mauritius is nothing short of a magical tropical paradise, where authentic and immersive experiences (that also hugely benefit the local community) are offered daily in the lush, breathtaking surrounds. A holiday here promises to be absolutely unforgettable.

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