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Mauritian Day at Ambre

October 18 2019

Along the dreamy shores of Belle Mare, amongst lush tropical gardens and alongside a golden stretch of beach lies the unbelievable four-star adults-only retreat, Ambre. Carefully designed to enhance natural light and offer the ultimate in luxury, this open-plan resort is a sublime tropical idyll and makes for the ultimate home away from home while on holiday in Mauritius.
Other than its breathtaking natural attributes, Ambre is well known for many reasons; from consistently excellent service and delectable culinary offerings to extensive daily activity programmes, fabulous signature cocktails, novel Timeless Memories experiences, a world-class tropical spa and its very own on-site nightclub, there’s something here for everyone.
Another fabulous fact? Ambre is wonderfully and proudly Mauritian and inspires authentic and immersive experiences for their guests so that their holidays spent on the east coast of Mauritius are never forgotten.
From an array of local rums available at the bars, unforgettable Mauritian excursions and the well-loved endemic garden to a fabulous weekly Mauritius-themed day, Ambre invites guests to experience the very best the island has to offer.
The Mauritian Day at Ambre is particularly special, so we highly recommend that you book your stay to coincide with this excellent celebration of all things Mauritian. Here’s a sneak peek into Mauritian Day at Ambre:
Mauritius is a truly unique destination

Mauritian buffet at Ambre Mauritius

Before we can get into the details of Mauritian Day at Ambre, it’s important to understand exactly why this destination is so unbelievably unique. The stellar island nation was a secret gem, a thriving oasis filled with amazing plants and animal species that couldn’t be found anywhere else on earth (many of which, like the dodo are sadly extinct). This beautiful gem was uninhabited until the Dutch arrived in 1638 and sparked centuries of trade, war and colonialism (with the French and British usurping the island after the Dutch). During those centuries, slavery and indentured labourers were brought from Africa, India, and Asia to work, many of whom are the ancestors of the people who live in Mauritius today. 
As a result of the island’s rich history, Mauritius is a wonderful melting pot of cultures and influences, evident in the varying styles of architecture, the incredible array of culinary offerings, the host of religious practices, the multitude of local languages and the ethnic diversity of the people. It’s a colourful, vibrant destination and one thing is certain—there’s no other place quite like it on earth. Each of these elements, and the wealth of natural wonders, make Mauritius a spectacular destination, one well worth experiencing first hand. 
Mauritian Day takes place every Friday
If you want to get a taste for Mauritius, then you would definitely do well to book a stay over a Friday. Every week throughout the day on a Friday, Ambre offers guests a chance to experience all things local, with Mauritian-inspired decor throughout the hotel, the very best of the local hospitality and of course, unbeatable Mauritian fare on offer. This day provides local and unique experiences to guests who are eager to revel in the essence of the destination. 
Guests can expect vibrant clothing, amazing local music and excellent traditional food 

Mauritian buffet at Ambre Mauritius

Mauritian Day at Ambre is wildly popular among guests because it allows them to indulge in all things Mauritian for an entire day. The day kicks off each week in the morning, with the unbelievable toe-tapping sounds of the local music enhancing the breakfast buffet (which, naturally, includes a wide array of local options) at Indigo. Every Friday, the Ambre staff will be decked out in dazzling traditional attire, with men in vibrant floral shirts, while the women don colourful sarees or Chinese dresses (it is a multicultural nation, after all). 
The midday cooking class is a highlight 
The delicious, varied and immensely flavourful Mauritian food is one of the country’s biggest drawcards, which is why the cooking demonstration/class held every Friday around noon, is always a huge hit. One of the esteemed Ambre chefs gives a phenomenal cooking demonstration on how to cook some of the local food (think curry and roti!) where the guests are then afforded the opportunity to try their hand at the recipe under the expert guidance of the Ambre chef. 
The festivities continue into the evening
The Mauritian theme is carried into the evening, where guests can enjoy a sublime Mauritian buffet dinner at Indigo (that serves up everything from aromatic curries to delicious Mauritian desserts). The evening entertainment—a traditional Sega spectacle—is bound to delight; between the unbelievable talent of the performers and the vibrant colours in the costumes, it’s an unforgettable Mauritian experience.
Ambre hosts other themed evenings

Mauritian buffet at Ambre Mauritius

Being an all-inclusive resort, Ambre likes to offer their guests a wealth of options, which is why, apart from Mauritian Day on a Friday, there are themed buffets throughout week at Indigo, each night offering something different, so guests can relish an array of flavours from all over the world.
Would you like to indulge in unforgettable and authentic Mauritian moments for yourself? Then book a stay at Ambre and revel in the magic of this paradisiacal oasis—a stay at Ambre is bound to stay with you forever.

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