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Long Beach Sustainability Initiatives

June 10 2019

The gorgeously chic five-star luxury Long Beach hotel gracefully adorns the sensational east coast of Mauritius. The ultimate getaway for active couples and families, this majestic hotel offers a plethora of sea- and land-based activities, many of which can’t be found anywhere else on the island. With unbelievable gastronomic experiences, unrivalled signature offerings, elegant modern rooms and a wealth of exceptional, world-class facilities, Long Beach is quite literally, a dream hotel.

Long Beach

But its magic doesn’t stop there - the hotel, which underwent a full refurbishment in 2011 (when it went from being Coco Beach to Long Beach), has been created with sustainability in mind, with eco-friendly practices and sustainable initiatives at its core. With an ever-changing world and an uncertain future as a consequence, Long Beach, and the entire Sun Resorts Group feel that it’s crucial we all play our part.

With this in mind, here are some of the impressive Long Beach sustainability initiatives already in place: 

They actively promote the growth and education of endemic plants

The paradisaical Long Beach hotel spans an impress 60 hectares of thriving tropical terrain that is rich with plant life. On the property alone, guests can discover 26 different endemic species which flourish amongst the 510 000 plus plants, and the hotel also boasts 21 000m2 of grass. For the true plant fanatics, amongst the endemic species that can be found at Long Beach, there are Dictyosperma, Diospyrostessellaria, Polysciasmaraisiana, Tambourissaquadrifida, Cyphostemmamappia & Delonixregia. 

Long Beach Trail

One of the finest features on the property is the actual endemic trail, that guests are invited to enjoy along with a knowledgable guide, who enhances the wonderful experience by filling guests in on some of the amazing species found at Long Beach. This endemic garden was inherited from Coco Beach, but it has been carefully nurtured into the trail it is today. The guided endemic route is a wonderful experience not to be missed at Long Beach. 

They have their own herb garden and nursery

Another of Long Beach sustainability initiatives centres on their very own nursery and herb garden. In line with their desire to promote the growth of endemic plants, Long Beach’s unique nursery has an astounding 3 400 plants, there to bolster their already magnificent tropical gardens even further and to enhance the endemic trail.

Long Beach

They also have their very own herb and vegetable garden, where the hotel’s esteemed chefs can make use of these incredible, fresh ingredients in the extraordinary dishes served at Long Beach’s restaurants. This herb garden is wholly organic and totally free of any harmful pesticides. What’s more, Long Beach’s on-site beehives ensure that guests always have access to phenomenal, organic honey at the hotel. 

Guests can plant or adopt a tree at Long Beach 

Long Beach offers something incredibly special to bridal couples looking to get married at the hotel - the opportunity to plant a tree on the property, a stunning symbol of their union. Apart from the sublime symbolic meaning of the tree planting, guests can then come and visit their tree and watch it grow and thrive. Both sentimental and sustainable, it’s also a great way to lessen your carbon footprint while travelling. In the same vein, guests are able to adopt and endemic tree at Long Beach, one that will be planted on their behalf and will prosper for years to come. 

Plastic straws are no longer used at Long Beach 

By now, most of us are aware of how incredibly harmful single-use plastics are to the environment and its very precious creatures (it’s hypothesised that at the rate we are going then by 2050 the sea will have more plastic than fish!). This knowledge has been the driving force for Long Beach to lessen their use of single-use plastics, starting with straws. After all, it takes 1 minute to make a straw, about ten minutes to use it and 100 years for it to decompose. Instead, Long Beach now offers biodegradable paper straws on request. 

Long Beach recycles everything from glass and paper to batteries

One of the core Long Beach sustainability initiatives centres on recycling. Everything that can be recycled is, which included everything from glass, metal, paper and plastic to batteries, and organic waste. They also have incredible food waste systems in place to ensure that they waste as little food as possible. This led to them being named the number 1 Food Waste Champion by Travelife. Long Beach has also partnered with Don’t Waste to ensure they have an eco-friendly solution for their rubbish, recycles when possible and reuses what they can. 

Long Beach was constructed with eco-friendly materials

When Coco Beach was replaced by Long Beach, the hotel underwent some immense changes and construction work. Long Beach was built with locally sourced natural materials and designed to incorporate its natural surrounds and wonderful light. As much of the materials from Coco Beach were reused and repurposed as well, to ensure nothing useful would be wasted in the renovation. 
The hotel is actively involved in marine conservation 


Long Beach is bordered by a stunning and expansive tropical lagoon, encircled by a coral reef. The health of the marine eco-system is thus of huge importance to Long Beach so to ensure that they play an active role in the conservation of marine life, they have two in-house marine biologists working with them. 
The Sun Group also has partnered with WiseOceans (a marine conservation and education initiative that hopes to create healthier oceans) to put a programme in place to work alongside the University of Mauritius and UNEP on challenges faced by Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Long Beach is also set to be the host of the Ocean Active festival which promotes non-motorised sea activities for the protection of our beach and lagoon. 
They strive to be as green as possible 
As part of Long Beach’s sustainability efforts, they have made use of over 6 000 energy-efficient light sources as well as 700m2 of thermal sensor panels to make use of solar energy. The energy-efficient light bulbs used by the hotel ensures that they use ten times less energy than they would otherwise use with normal light bulbs, and these bulbs tend to last longer too. Because of the size of the resort, this means that they save a huge amount of electricity every year. 

Long Beach

The solar panels are used to heat water for the rooms, with a gas boiler used as a backup. As part of their move to be more green, Long Beach has limited their use of plastic bottles for water by creating their own water bottling plant, part of the SWITCH GREEN AFRICA programme and reusing the glass bottles. They also use recycled water from the hotel as irrigation for their gardens. 
With all of this in mind, it’s probably no surprise that Long Beach was amongst the first hotels in Mauritius to be EarthCheck Silver Certified. Moreover, Sun Limited has been listed on the SEMSI, a prestigious local benchmark for corporate economic, environmental and social performance, they have started their earth-consciousness and sustainable initiative, SUNCARE, the United Nations has praised the strong sustainability commitment of Long Beach and SUN is Founding Member of UN Global Compact Mauritius local Network promoting SDGs.
Needless to say, the Long Beach sustainability initiatives and those of the Sun Group as a whole show their incredible commitment to greener, more earth-friendly practices to ensure that future generations are also able to enjoy this magnificent slice of paradise. 

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