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Exchange Rate in Mauritius

May 30 2019

Mauritius is a wildly exciting destination to visit; with lush, jungle-like terrain, crystalline sapphire-blue waters, flawless beaches and a myriad of luxe hotels, it’s hugely deserving of its place amongst some of the best island holiday destinations in the world.


What’s more, it quite literally has something to entice every type of traveller - exotic, flavourful local dishes are sure to delight epicureans, beach seekers have a wealth of picture-perfect beaches to choose from, adventure and nature lovers can get their fill of thrilling experiences in the heart of paradise, while loved up couples and families can enjoy creating special memories as they lap up the wonderful offerings of majestic, four- and five-star hotels. It’s a wondrous paradise, unrivalled in its unique offerings and novel character. 

Apart from the reasons already mentioned, Mauritius is a highly coveted holiday destination also because its easy to get to, much of the population speaks English and it’s an affordable destination, often boasting a favourable exchange rate (naturally dependant on where you are travelling from).

In order to better equip you for your trip, this is what you need to know about the currency and exchange rate in Mauritius:

The island has a unique currency

To understand the exchange rate in Mauritius, you need to better understand the local currency. In Mauritius, the most commonly accepted (in other words, preferred) currency is the Mauritian Rupee (MUR), a currency unique to the island nation and inspired by the Indian Rupee (which was used as the main currency in the past). Certain foreign currencies, such as the British Pound or American Dollar are sometimes accepted, but this could mean an inflated exchange rate (where you may lose out a bit), and any change is usually given in rupees. Mauritian Rupees have been in circulation since 1877 after being named the official currency in 1876.

The currency is available in notes and coins, with common denominations being between Rs 25 to Rs 2,000 notes and Rs 1 to Rs 20 coins. 

Places to exchange currency in Mauritius 

Exchanging currency in Mauritius is fairly simple. First and foremost, you can do so safely and easily at the international airport once you are through immigration. There are a number of reputable exchange bureaus across the island, specifically in the larger cities such as the capital, Port Louis, and you can often exchange currency at hotels, but you might not get the best exchange rates in Mauritius at the latter - the convenience tends to come with a ‘fee’. Another way to get Mauritian Rupees - especially if you can't find an exchange bureau - is to draw money from an ATM. 

Mauritian Rupee

Keep in mind as well that at hotels and more established restaurants and tour companies (etc.), credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are accepted. Find out from your bank what charges you can expect by drawing money and using your credit card in Mauritius. 

Ways to get the best exchange rates in Mauritius

There are a couple of things you can do when you arrive in Mauritius in order to get the best possible exchange rate, and there are a few things to consider when dealing with money in Mauritius, such as:

- If it suits you and makes sense to do so, exchange your money at the airport (remember you will need your passport for money exchanges). These exchange counters are open late and often offer favourable rates for larger amounts. 
- Shibani Finance Co.Ltd has a number of branches across the island and is a reputable exchange bureau in Mauritius. 
- You can generally get better exchange rates in Mauritius at reputable money changers rather than at hotels or banks.
- Note that traveller's cheques are fast becoming redundant and you should avoid using them. 
- Draw or exchange only what you need and be careful of prying eyes when dealing with money. 
- Don’t carry all of your money on you at one time, rather split it and put some in your hotel safe. 
- You can use credit cards and some debit cards, but these are likely to incur local fees as well as those in your home country. 
- In order to check the most up-to-date exchange rate in Mauritius or to see what your money is worth in Mauritian Rupees, it’s best to use a trusted currency converter

Here’s an idea of the exhange rates for 2019:

American Dollar:

- Minimum: $1 = Rs 33,90
- Maximum: $1= Rs 35,24
- Average: $1=Rs 34,50

Australian Dollar:

- Minimum: $1 = Rs 24,18
- Maximum: $1= Rs 25,25
- Average: $1=Rs 24,64

Euro :

- Minimum: EUR 1 = Rs 38,69
- Maximum: EUR 1= Rs 40,24
- Average: EUR 1=Rs 39,31

Rand :

- Minimum: ZAR 1 = Rs 2,37
- Maximum: ZAR 1 = Rs 2,51
- Average: ZAR 1 =Rs 2,44

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