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Easter in Mauritius

March 07 2019

From inviting, turquoise waters, picture-perfect beaches and tropical interiors to opulent resorts, a fabulous food scene and an array of memorable activities, Mauritius makes for the perfect island destination for active families, adventurous souls and romantic couples. It’s a sublime destination that quite literally has an unforgettable experience for every type of traveller. 

One of the most interesting aspects about this destination is its multi-cultural heritage, stemming from an intricate, albeit complicated, history. The population is a fabulous amalgamation of people with Indian, Asian, African and European roots, culminating in a rich cultural tapestry. Along with a different array of heritages comes a blend of religions, where everyone in Mauritius is allowed to practice whichever faith they desire. From Hinduism and Islam to Buddhism and Christianity (and more), a wealth of incredible religions is practised here, seen in the array of religious sites and in the festivals that are celebrated throughout the year on the island.

Easter in Mauritius

Mauritius boasts a fairly large Christian community (it’s the second most popular religion in Mauritius after Hinduism), made up predominantly of Catholics and one of the main Christian events observed in Mauritius is Easter. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to embrace the Easter festivities (which typically include parades, church services and chocolate eggs, much like other countries), it makes for a sublime time of year weather-wise in the tropical oasis.

Mauritius is a fabulous place to spend your Easter, with tropical gardens and powder-white beaches offering unique locations for a memorable Easter egg hunt or some quality time spend with your loved ones. 

This year, Easter falls on the 21st of April, which means the humidity would have dropped and the rainy season would have passed, meaning that unparalleled days spent enjoying the tropical surrounds are practically guaranteed. 

If you are interested in spending Easter in Mauritius, here’s what you can look forward to:

Easter is celebrated in style in Mauritius

As is the case with Christians around the world, the Christian community in Mauritius typically fasts for 40 days before Easter—from Ash Wednesday. In the final week, the week leading up to Easter Sunday, there are a number of different celebrations that take place in many of the churches scattered throughout the island. On the evening of Easter itself, there is a special celebration in Mauritius, where fire and water are blessed and those who wish to be baptised, can be. After this celebration, Mauritians will then share a meal with special dishes (such as a lamb cooked on the barbeque or Salmi Canard, a delectable duck dish) followed by the sharing of chocolates. Those who have fasted are also allowed to drink alcohol once more, with the local beer and rum being a great addition to many festivities in Mauritius.

It falls over a shoulder season

March and April are fabulous months to travel to Mauritius as they verge on the shoulder season, where the island’s summer is making way for the mild, tropical, “winter” and where the rain stops and the days are beautifully warm and sunny. The great thing about this period is that it’s far less crowded than the peak season and travellers coming to Mauritius in Easter can often snag some exceptional deals on accommodation and even flights. Stunning island weather and a holiday spent at a magnificent hotel for a fraction of the price? What more could you want?

The beach is a popular place to spend Easter

With the combination of perfect weather, soft, sandy beaches and scintillating cyan waters, it’s no wonder the beach is the most popular place to spend Easter for many Mauritians. But it can also be the perfect time to explore the inner part of the island, where lush tropical jungles, tea plantations, hiking trails and magnificent sights (and sites) abound.

Easter at Ambre

You can also spend your time making the most of your hotel’s water sports, seeking out one of the old colonial era houses, visiting a nearby island, such as Ile aux Cerfs, by exploring other parts of the island, such as the vibrant capital city, Port Louis or simply by kicking back and relaxing on the flawless beaches—there’s no shortage of options.

Hotels and resorts tend to make it extra special

Those who opt to stay at a hotel or resort over the Easter period are in for special surprises and festivities, which often include a thrilling Easter egg hunt for children, vibrant Easter-themed decorations, special offers and a memorable Easter buffet and themed spectacle that promise to be nothing short of spectacular. It truly is a magical time to be in Mauritius!

If you are looking for the ultimate hotel in paradise this Easter, then look no further than one of the magical Sun Resorts. With four extraordinary hotels in this breathtaking destination, you are bound to find one that you simply can’t resist.

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