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Meet Dolores Lamarque - Assistant Guest Experiences Manager at Long Beach

June 06 2019

Sprawled along 60 hectares of stunning beachside property, the wonderfully modern five-star resort of Long Beach is something to behold. Immaculate, stylish rooms, are encompassed by exotic lush gardens, excellent dining outlets offer guests sensory experiences, beachside bars offer signature cocktails and state-of-the-art facilities offer guests a wealth of experiences - it’s a phenomenal choice for a holiday in this tropical oasis.

Long Beach

Long Beach’s Cinq Mondes spa is a must-visit, their fine-dining Hasu restaurant is sure to be a wondrous experience for gourmets and the array of unique signature offerings (that could be anything from DJing classes and special tasting menus) are sure to delight and surprise even the most discerning guests.

These are just a few of the reasons this magical sanctuary is so popular, it’s also known for its signature Mauritian hospitality, with excellent staff members that always aim to please their guests and inspire memories that last a lifetime. 

One such person who works hard to ensure that her guests are well taken care of is the Assistant Guest Experience Manager at Long Beach, Dolores Lamarque. We chatted to her about her role at Long Beach and this is what she said:

How long have you worked for Sun Resorts?

My journey with Sun Resorts started many years ago. I started at St Geran in 1981 as a Waitress during my school holidays. After this experience, I felt the urge to join the hospitality industry for good as I realised I loved it. At the time though, I decided to continue my studies abroad while working at the same time. 

Whenever I returned to Mauritius, I worked in different hotels and got as much experience as I could in the reservation and accounting departments as well as an array of other areas, including management and administration. Again, once the holidays were over I would go back abroad, study and work there, and then I finally returned to Mauritius for good in 2009. 

At that point, I initially decided to work for a direct market local tour operator. After this, I returned to Sun Resorts and was at Ambre for its opening. I was in the sales and marketing department there when I decided to move to Long Beach as the Guest Services Specialist because they needed someone who spoke different languages. 

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Dolores Lamarque

I generally start work at 8 am. When I get to work, I look at the duty report to see what happened at the hotel the evening before, I take a look at any new TripAdvisor reviews, then I go out to meet with guests in the restaurants to check in with their experience and to ask them if they have any issues. I then respond to emails, keep in contact with travel agencies and do some office work. I spend the rest of my day following up with guests, especially the Italian and Spanish guests (as I have proficiency in these languages) and sometimes the Portuguese guests, and I assist them with any issues they may have. My day ends at about 5 pm. It’s not an easy job - sometimes handling guest issues becomes difficult and occasionally I will do a 12-hour shift when there is hosting to do.

What about your hotel makes you excited about working there?

It’s a hotel full of potential! I think it’s great that the hotel has so much to offer and I really want to be a part of all of their exciting offers and experiences. We have a good General Manager with dynamic and modern thinking which makes us really want to work hard and to give our best always. This really motivates me. I think it’s important that I enjoy what I do because it always makes me want to work hard. And the best part for me is that it must show because I often get good feedback from my guests and that makes me work even harder.

What are some of the things guests enjoy the most about what you are offering?

I think they enjoy how available I am an how willing to help them with anything they may need - I guess my overall hospitality. When I deal with a guest, I put myself in their shoes and I deal with them based on that - I match my expectations with theirs.

Why, in your own words, do you think your role at the hotel is so important?

Because it sets an example of how to deliver good guest experiences and services, which in return is hugely beneficial for the hotel. It is important that I am always professional and friendly when dealing with guests, no matter what mood I am in or what the situation may be, I always maintain a smile and this sets an example for others to follow. 

What is your most treasured memory from your job?

There are so many it’s difficult to choose one...I guess if I had to choose then one of my most treasured memories was when there was a guest who did not like her room. She was crying! I approached her because I saw that others were hesitant to talk to her. I asked her what was wrong. She said she wanted a beachfront villa as she was celebrating an important birthday - her 70th birthday - and was disappointed with her room. 

I found out that she was staying for 21 days so I promised her that if she could use the room she was given for four days, then I would ensure she got a beachfront villa for the rest of her stay. I organized everything for her so that her birthday was a huge success and she was very happy. Finally guest never changed room as they were so pampered in the initial room by everybody and did not want to change any more We still keep in touch today, she’s actually become a very good friend of mine and I always hear from her around Christmas and New Year. 

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love being able to interact with guests and handle and solve their issues. I enjoy making sure guests get the best service and hospitality. It makes me really happy when I see a guest leave the hotel with a smile on their face.

What made you want to work in the tourism industry?

I think it’s a great match for me just based on my personality and the fact I love to meet new people all the time that come from different places, cultures and who have different backgrounds. 

What part/element/facet of your country are you most proud of?

I love that we all live together in harmony, despite our differences. I also appreciate that we can express ourselves freely, it’s something I’m really proud about because, sadly, not all countries are like this.

What does this hotel offer that others don’t?

For one, we have an incredibly long beach, it’s over a kilometer, and this is pretty unusual. Here, guests have more than enough space to enjoy our amazing shore. We also offer guests the choice of 5 excellent restaurants, which is also not that common. This gives guests a whole lot of variety. To us, it’s hugely important that guests are well fed and have great food while on holiday. I always think that a full stomach helps us to see our life more positively!

Long Beach

If you would like to enjoy the incredible offerings of this sensational five-star resort, with Dolores Lamarque there to ensure your experience is spectacular, then book a stay for your next holiday in paradise. 

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