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Discover House of the Sun with Sun Resorts

May 23 2018

Sun Resorts Introduces House of the Sun 

People travel for a huge array of different reasons and it’s the choice of the destination that often sets the tone for the type of experiences they enjoy. Trips to snowy peaks generally involve hours of intense skiing, holidays spent in mountain retreats often centre on epic hikes and exceptional outdoor activities, whereas city adventures have a different essence altogether. The same applies to island destinations; surrounded by paradisiacal, tropical beauty, travellers can enjoy a holiday that focuses on rest and relaxation, where exotic cocktails, lazy days spent lapping up the sun and incredible food can be enjoyed to the maximum.

There’s something about the island lifestyle that is so alluring; the very thought of gorgeous sunsets over the ocean and beautiful warm evenings makes many people want to pack their bags immediately. This is why Sun Resorts has decided to launch a new offering; “House of the Sun”, allowing guests to embrace the phenomenal tropical Mauritian weekend evenings like never before. This is what you need to know about House of the Sun:

House of the Sun has been designed to complement island holidays with the finest tunes

House of the sun

The concept of House of the Sun was created to kick off the weekend festivities with Sun Resorts in style, with incredible island-inspired music played by some of Mauritius’ best DJs. Spearheaded by the legendary Mauritian electronic music pioneer David Jay, House of the Sun centres on promoting excellent local DJs along with a number of international house celebrities who provide the outstanding music to set the ultimate beach party scene. The songs played vary from smooth classic house tracks to more downtempo lounge tunes inspired by Balearic house music to set the mood for your magical evening in Mauritius.  

The DJs playing during the House of the Sun events are also always paired up with a stellar live act or performer, with some of the island’s most talented sax players, drummers, violinists and vocalists making an appearance. Sip on your favourite tropical cocktail and soak up the enchanting surrounds as you relax to the sounds of Mauritian island house music (much like a Mauritian version of what you might hear in Bali or Ibiza) in the most gorgeous, and refined, environments. This is what island living is all about. 

These events are going to take place every Friday and Saturday evening

The incredible House of the Sun events set the tone for sensational island holidays in paradise and are going to take place every Friday and Saturday evening between 21:00 and 23:00. The ultimate way to enjoy the warm Mauritian nights after a magical dinner, House of the Sun has already been launched at Sugar Beach (the launch took place on the 27th of April) and Long Beach (this took place on the 11th of May), with launches at the other Sun Resorts to take place in the not-too-distant future.  

Dj People of the sun

Here are some of the artists featured at the House of the Sun events
The House of Sun events have already been hugely popular and have highlighted the unbelievable talent at the core of Mauritius’ music scene. Here are some of the incredible musicians who will grace House of Sun audiences with their presence:

DJ MicroMoon and Roxanne Lebrasse

 The incredible Faya Sound System is a house group that combines the talented tunes from DJ MicroMoon and the soulful vocals of Roxanne Lebrasse. Roxanne made it to the finals of the Australian Idols, with a voice that is fit for an angel. Every song is beautiful when sung by this talented musician who leans towards jazzy and soulful tunes. 
DJ MicroMoon has become a much sought after DJ in Mauritius. He joined the Ministry of Sound DJ Academy in 2015 and has since been a resident DJ at some of the best hotels in Mauritius. Both a producer and a DJ, the future promises to be bright for DJ MicroMoon. 

BigPapa Soulful and Nel Bucktowar
BigPapa entered the word of music along with DJ dragon back in 2000 but only truly launched his professional career in 2006, after having met David Jay who gave him lessons in vinyl DJ skills. From then on he focussed on developing his skills and went on to create unique sets centred on deep house music.
For House of Sun, he paired up with one of Mauritius’ top jazz artists; Nel Bucktowar. Not only does he have a bachelor's degree in contemporary music (with saxophone as his major and contemporary guitar as a minor), he was also a music teacher who taught music theory as well as saxophone, the recorder and guitar. 

Sellecx and Jean-Luc Rousselin

Having started DJ at private parties for friends and family, Sellecx soon became a highly sought after DJ having played everywhere from Zanzibar to the Caribbean. Focussing on music that centres on electronic house (and changing it up slightly according to the crowd), his music is the perfect accompaniment to an evening in paradise. 
For House of Sun, he partnered with Jean-Luc Rousselin, a sensational drummer whose passion is virtually contagious (as is his smile and incredible joy). A highly adaptable musician, he has played in a variety of different venues over the years, always adapting to different styles and genres of music. 

Emmanuel Savannah and Christophe Joseph

Emmanuel Savannah

 Emmanuel is a producer and stellar Mauritian DJ with an incredible personality and loads of determination. Passionate about the world of hip hop, he has also been hugely influenced by house, funk, electro, sexy beats and tribal, all of which he combines to create his own unique brand of sensational island tunes.
For House of the Sun sensational event, he teamed up with the phenomenal Mauritian drummer, Christophe "E.T" Joseph. Absolutely passionate about his music, his drumming can be described as fun, sensitive and innovative, with an interesting fusion of traditional drumming and the use of new technology. Having been in the industry for years and having a deep love for music of all types, he’s played in various bands and in different styles from Neo Soul with the band “The Days Order” and classical music in the National Orchestra to being a drum major in a marching band and a percussionist in a Mauritian band called "Sébastien Margéot Project" that blends sounds of the traditional, local music with jazz and rock.

You can keep your finger on the pulse via social media

For those interested in these fantastic events and who would like to find out more about which remarkable DJ is playing next, information and updates happen via Facebook, Instagram and on hotel websites. If you are staying at one of the resorts over the weekend, you will also be able to find out who will be playing next at the hotel itself. 

House of the Sun is free

One of the best parts about these incredible evenings? They are absolutely free and open to guests as well as local residents. They are, naturally, extremely popular and they full up really quickly as spaces are limited, so you don’t want to risk losing out when it comes to the “first come first serve” policy, then call +230 403 3300 to reserve your seats for any future House of the Sun event. You definitely don’t want to miss out on any of these exceptional performances!

Contact us to find out more or to make a booking for your unforgettable holiday in paradise. 

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