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Cyclones in Mauritius - Travel Tips

August 06 2019

The dreamy island destination of Mauritius has fast become one of the world’s finest tropical holiday hotspots, and one of the top-selling points, over and above the golden beaches and inviting, azure waters, is certainly the fact that travellers can expect sensational weather practically throughout the year, with mild dry winters and beautifully hot summers. 


But, as is the case with every destination on the planet, one can never be entirely sure what mother nature has up her sleeve for your trip away, and being an island destination with a subtropical climate, Mauritius does experience the occasional cyclone. While the summer (November to April) is the peak tourist season in Mauritius, it’s also the time when the island gets some of its much-needed rain with February being the most likely month for cyclones to occur. Keep in mind that full cyclones only really reach the island every five years or so and many actually miss the island entirely. 

Cyclones or the possibility of them happening during your trip to Mauritius is certainly nothing to stress about and you don’t need to change your travel plans if you are heading there in the rainy season. In fact, Mauritius and its world-class resorts, are well equipped to deal with the cyclones when they do hit. 

If you are heading to the gorgeous island over the summer period and are worried about the heavy rains and strong winds, here are a few tips to ensure you have a great holiday even if a cyclone hits: 

Stay calm 

It’s hugely important that if a cyclone does hit, that you stay calm and that you keep tabs on weather channels so that you know what the storm is doing and what to expect. The resort teams will also do their best to keep you informed and safe. Remember that resorts and hotels are very well-equipped to deal with these rare occurrences. 

If at any time you are worried or need help, don’t hesitate to speak to someone at the hotel. Simply keep to the safety tips and instructions and listen to the hotel employees - they are very familiar with these storms and know what to do. They will also be able to give you tips and suggestions on the best ways to wait out the bad weather! Just breathe and know that the friendly hotel staff will ensure you and your family are safe and happy come rain or shine. 

Exercise some patience and positivity
Of course, the main reason to head to Mauritius is to enjoy the gorgeous tropical surrounds, but if a cyclone does decide to surprise you on your trip, it’s so important to keep a positive outlook on the situation and exercise some patience - they usually don’t last for too long. After all, the real memorable holidays tend to be the ones where some unexpected things happen so try to embrace it!
Take advantage of the downtime

While enjoying beach days, exploring the island and its gorgeous surrounds and embracing the ample sea- and land-based activities are all part and parcel of a great trip to Mauritius, it can be extremely tiring too, so sometimes, it’s just nice to have a little downtime to enjoy much-neglected activities like reading or watching a good movie (not to mention the fact that it’s a great time to enjoy some comfort food, like a satisfying Mauritian curry). 

food mauritius

Life is about balance so just soak up the rare opportunity to lay back, hot chocolate or favourite tea in hand, and make the most of the relaxed times that rainy days bring. It’s a wonderful time to don some warm clothes and cosy up to your significant other. 

Make the most of the quality time with your family 

Many of the hotels in Mauritius plan special indoor activities and entertainment for their guests during cyclones, so it might just provide some wonderful opportunities to learn new skills or try unique things with your favourite people. Spend some quality time with your family by taking a cooking or painting class, try a session of yoga together or see if the hotel has some board games to use - it’s a fabulous chance to be present and enjoy the finer things with your family.
Put on your raincoat and venture outside

Rain in Mauritius

If you are travelling in the cyclone season, it’s best to pack a raincoat. If the weather subsides a bit and it’s safe enough to go outside, put on your raincoat and enjoy what you can of the outdoors. Take a trip around the island, find some special local restaurants and make the most of unique experiences like rum and tea tastings. You can even play with your children in the rain if it’s safe and warm enough, and if you have access to a waterproof camera, you can document the incredible moments you are enjoying and the rain will just add to the magic of the photos. The rain doesn’t need to put a damper on your holiday!

Make the most of the spa

Cyclones actually make for the perfect opportunity to recharge and relax, so why not make a spa day out of it? Many of the hotels in Mauritius, like any of our Sun Resorts, have phenomenal, world-class spas that are well worth a visit. Immerse yourself in an oasis of calm and enjoy magical treatments and spoils, inspired by healing traditions from around the world, to the sound of the rain.


If you are looking to book your sensational holiday in paradise and are searching for a hotel that will ensure you have the trip of your dreams, no matter the weather, then take a look at our wonderful selection of Sun Resorts. From stunning facilities and daily programmes to amazing restaurants and more, your holiday with us is bound to be memorable. 

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