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    Covid-19 Updates – Easing of travel restrictions in Mauritius 18 September, 2020

    October 05 2020

    On 01 September 2020, the Government of Mauritius announced the reopening of its borders in three phases. Where 2nd phase concerns the easing of travel restriction.

    In this context, SUN Resorts Mauritius has at heart to anticipate any questions that may arise, and ensure guests’ health and safety through clear and transparent guidelines.

    Will Mauritius reopen borders to all nationalities?

    Mauritius destination will reopen borders on 01 October 2020 to Mauritian nationals, residents and all tourists travelling to Mauritius for long stays and who agree to be quarantined upon their arrival in Mauritius, as directed by the Ministry of Health and Wellness of Mauritius.

    When is SUN Resorts Mauritius reopening date?

    SUN Resorts (La Pirogue Sugar Beach, Ambre and Long Beach) is due to reopen as below:

    • La Pirogue as from 15 October 2020 for local market.
    • Sugar Beach and Ambre for international tourist for stays as from 01 November 2020.
    • Long Beach remains close until further notice.

    What is SUN Resorts Mauritius rebooking policy?

    For ALL bookings made at any SUN RESORTS Hotels (Mauritius) for stay dates up to 15th of November 2020:

    • We are offering an incentive of EUR 50 or USD 50 credit voucher per room per day, which can be utilized for all in-house facilities including restaurants and spa, to all our guests with existing bookings wishing to postpone their stay, instead of cancelling.

    • Guest can rebook their stays at same rate for same hotel, same room category and same meal plan on any period up to 23rd of December 2021.

    • To qualify, guests must advise of their new reservation date by no later than 15th of November

    Alternatively we accept cancellations with a full refund of any deposits received.

    What is the resort cancellation policy?

    For all past and future bookings made before 31st of October 2021 for all stays from 16th of November 2020 up to 23rd of December 2021, our flexible booking policy remains the same: our guests are allowed to rebook or cancel their reservation providing only 5 days’ notice.

    What are the requirements to enter Mauritius?

    SUN Resorts recommend all travellers to purchase a comprehensive COVID-19 travel insurance covering potential additional medical expenses and repatriation costs.

    Five days prior to arrival: Negative PCR test

    This measure has been implemented for any stay starting 01 October 2020. Passengers must take an appointment at any recognized medical institution to do a COVID-19 PCR test within 5 days of travelling and should submit the results of the test (PCR Covid-19 Certificate) within 48 hours to the respective Embassies or Consulates so that it may be vetted by the relevant authorities.

    Airport measures on arrival

    All arriving passengers will be required to wear their own mask at all times at the airport and onboard, as this is mandatory for travel and to practice physical distancing, and hand sanitization should be done at entry to the arrival terminal.  All travelers will be subjected to medical screening for Covid-19 upon entering Mauritius.   

    On arrival: Quarantine

    Upon arrival in Mauritius, a 14-day quarantine will be mandatory at an establishment approved by authorities.

    • Passengers will undergo another PCR test upon arrival at the airport, in the laboratory set up for this purpose.
    • A new PCR test is carried out within 7 days:
      • If test is negative, quarantine continues and guests are released after 14 days.
      • If test is positive guests will be transferred to a Government dedicated hospital.   

    A travel package will be made available online for passengers and will include:

    1. Accommodation, on a full-board basis, for the 14-day quarantine
    2. Transfer from the airport to the hotel
    3. Health costs including mandatory PCR tests

    To facilitate the process, a centralized booking platform, linking to airline and hotel sites, is being set up on the MTPA website at and will be operational as from 20 September 2020.

    Air Mauritius and Emirates Airlines are scheduling regular flights connecting Mauritius to designated destinations.

    What are the requirements prior to the departure from Mauritius?

    After successful quarantine and/or any stay in a hotel, it is the guests’ responsibility to verify their country of origin, their airline and/or their next destination’s requirements prior to their departure date. 

    Whom can I refer to if I have a question related to my stay at SUN Resorts?

    For specific questions, you can contact us on [email protected]

    Regular updates can be found on the official website:    

    Will the resort be offering the same services as usual, or change/reduce some of them?

    SUN Resorts Mauritius will maintain the highest levels of service for which the island has been recognized over the years. Some adjustments are nevertheless necessary and follow below link for more detailed information:

    How does SUN Resorts Mauritius ensure guests’ health and safety during their stay?

    Follow below link for SUN Resorts ‘Sanitary Protocol Guest Journey:

    Suspected case of Covid-19 during quarantine, what happens?

    Guests will be transferred at an establishment approved by authorities for further treatments.

    Additional costs related to flight tickets change, medical tests or treatments, or hospitalization will remain at guests’ own expenses. SUN Resorts team will provide as much assistance as possible.

    Covid-19 Updates Disclaimer

    These Covid-19 Updates are provided for informational and educational purposes only. It is intended to offer guidance on the laws and regulations applicable in the Mauritius with regards to Covid-19 and the reopening of SUN Resorts Mauritius. Although this Covid-19 Updates contain information of a legal nature, it does not constitute legal advice as to the current operative laws and regulations in Mauritius or on any other subject matter.

    Please be advised that SUN Resorts Mauritius gives no assurances as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided herein. These Covid-19 Updates and its conclusions and recommendations reflect the best available information at the time the Covid-19 Updates were prepared. The information in this Covid-19 Updates may vary and will be updated depending upon current situations and Mauritius Government declaration updates.