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Celebrate the 50th Mauritian Independence Day at Sugar Beach Mauritius

March 09 2018

The island of Mauritius, which rises out of the Indian Ocean waters in spectacular fashion, offers travellers exactly what you might imagine; fascinating sites, exquisite turquoise waters, world-class cuisine, fabulous year-round weather and sublime, powder-white beaches that you thought only existed in perfectly polished travel brochures. It’s equally a romantic honeymooner’s paradise and the ultimate family holiday destination, perfect for every type of traveller, no matter how discerning they may be. But this sensational island has so much more to it; a deep, intricate culture that has been influenced by the island’s fascinating past and wonderful people.
One of the most important days in the history of Mauritius, is, of course, their Independence Day which is celebrated each year on the 12th of March—an incredibly auspicious day for the Mauritian people. 
The history of Mauritius is a long and intricate one. The island itself, while said to have already been discovered, was uninhabited until long after 1598, when the Dutch took control of the island and decided to name the island after Prince Maurice of Nassau in the Netherlands. Over the course of their attempted settlements (the first in 1638-1658 and the second attempt in 1664–1710), the Dutch introduced sugar cane and deer to the island but abandoned their efforts in 1710.
In 1715, the French occupied the abandoned island because of its excellent, strategic position and attempted to settle on the island for the next 40 years during which time slaves from Africa were brought to Mauritius to work on the soon-to-be-thriving sugar cane plantations. The island changed hands once more when during the Anglo-French war, the British took over Mauritius. From when the British had taken over control in 1810 till the Mauritian Independence Day on the 12th of March in 1968, the Mauritian people had an incredibly long struggle for their independence from Britain. 
The 12th of March today is celebrated with amazing fervour the country over, with especially fantastic, vivid festivals and celebrations taking place in Port Louis. But for those wanting to avoid the crowds of the capital city and the Mauritian Independence Day mayhem, one of the next best places to celebrate this auspicious day, especially this year which marks the 50th anniversary of independence, is the sophisticated, plantation-style, five-star hotel, Sugar Beach.
If you interested in celebrating the Mauritian Independence Day with the backdrop of this elegant hotel, then this is what the12th of March will have in store for you:
The ceremonial raising of the flag

mauritian flags floating in the air at sugar beach mauritius


In true Mauritian Independence Day fashion, before the festivities of the day kick off at Sugar Beach on the 12th of March, there will be a special flag raising ceremony from 11:45 to 12:00. This will then be followed up a cake cutting (which is sure to be multicolored, just like the Mauritian flag) for all the guests and Sugar Beach associates to enjoy and celebrate the momentous 50th anniversary of independence side-by-side; a truly special moment to witness.
Mouthwatering local delicacies

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Mauritius’ independence, the restaurants and bars at the Sugar Beach will be going above and beyond in every way to offer their guests a taste of the local culture (pun intended). Naturally, one of the best ways to better understand Mauritius and its melting pot of cultures is through its phenomenal culinary scene, which has been heavily influenced and shaped over the centuries by European, Chinese, Indian and African cuisine. 

As part of the breakfast buffet at Mon Plaisir, there will be fresh tamarind juice on offer as well as an alouda station. Alouda is a sweet milk-based drink served throughout Mauritius and is loved by the locals who know it as a drink that has been passed down through the generations. 

While lunch will be served à la carte at Tides and Citronella, come dinner, Mon Plaisir will be offering a phenomenal (and totally unmissable) Mauritian buffet. There will also be a Mauritian Independence Day ‘craft market’ that will include wonderful local delicacies such as roti and dhal puri, merveille (which is basically the Mauritian version of a tortilla), banana flambe, a live palm heart salad station, local street food (such as samoosas, chilli bites, arouille—taro cakes—and nem—which are like spring rolls), roasted pig and boulettes (which are Mauritian dumplings) among many other moreish offerings! 

For those who enjoy both coffee and rum, tasting a Creole coffee (which could be seen as the Mauritian version of an Irish coffee) is an absolute must-do. One thing is for sure, on the 50th anniversary of independence, there will be no shortage of delicious Mauritian dishes on offer at Sugar Beach. 

Mauritian-inspired activities

Irresistible local treats are not the only Mauritian things on offer at Sugar Beach on the 12th of March. In fact, the entire daily programme has been tailored for this superb occasion. Apart from some of the usual Sugar Beach activities, such as five aside street football, an electro bike adventure (that comes with a fee), an excursion of the Yemen reserve, a cooking demonstration and a session of aqua gym, there will be a host of Mauritian-inspired offerings. These range from a Sega extravaganza and a Mauritian rum bazaar (with a rum tasting and three types of Caipirinha offered) during the Management Cocktail to the traditional Mauritian games fair on the lawn in front of Gov’s flowers. This games fair will include activities such as marbles, dominoes and wheel races. There will also be Mauritian fruit carving, sarong and henna tattoo demonstrations and a Sega team competition where the winning team will be awarded a bottle of the local rum.

Festive evening entertainment 

Those who are eager to embrace the festive spirit of the Mauritian Independence Day to its full will be thrilled to hear that on top of all the exciting activities already mentioned, there are some stellar items on the programme that have been left for a little later on in the evening. 

Guests will be able to get a glimpse of Mauritius’ history and heritage with videos of different aspects of Mauritian culture that will be screened on an outside big screen for all to enjoy. 
There will also be a dazzling fireworks display in celebration of this special day (which will take place after the Management Cocktail) and a DJ will provide excellent music for those looking to dance the night away on the beach. Whatever you decide to partake in and enjoy, one thing is for sure, it will be a memorable event like no other and make for an unforgettable holiday. 

If you are eager to be a part of this magical day and special 50th-anniversary celebration, then book your stay at Sugar Beach today (if you haven’t already). And while there is a veritable myriad of things to do, they are all listed in the daily programme placed in guests’ rooms to ensure that you won’t miss a thing!

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