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A day at Casela World of Adventures in Mauritius

April 13 2018

The tropical island of Mauritius, surrounded by azure waters and covered in thick forest, looks as if it’s come right out of one of the Jurassic Park movies. Imposing volcanic peaks guard huge expanses of undulating terrain, luminous green patches of sugarcane, hidden natural wonders and a host of exotic rare endemic birds and unbelievable plant life. It’s a natural choice for an unforgettable honeymoon and a stunning family holiday in the African sun with a myriad of activities on offer and sublime accommodation which unfurls along some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. 

One of the interesting activities on offer on this little slice of paradise is the wonderous Casela World of Adventures, an exceptional nature park which forms part of the Yemen Park, situated in the west of Mauritius—a place well worth a visit (but be warned it’s likely to turn into a full-day excursion). 

Interested to find out more? This is why we think you should visit this magical park with your friends, your family, your loved one or even by yourself if needs be:

It’s been a firm favourite for years—and for good reason

Casela World of Adventures, according to their website, is “the most visited attraction in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean” and it has been for years. Since its opening in 1979, this fantastical park has attracted hundreds (if not thousands) of locals and tourists alike and makes sure that its doors are open throughout the year (bar Christmas and New Year’s Day). 

This exceptional nature park, which was originally started as a bird sanctuary by people looking to save the trees planted here, is actually the second nature park but is the oldest of them. In 2015, upgrades and renovations were done to make the park the exciting and wonderful place it is today. With gorgeous lush surrounds, stunning animals and a wealth of activities, it is little wonder that this park is as popular as ever, if not more so. 

There’s an enormous variety of activities to choose from


Casela Quad biking
Source: Google Images

At Casela, being bored is practically impossible. This huge nature park has a huge array of activities to choose from and fascinating things to discover. Whether you are looking for adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities or an opportunity to discover African animals, there’s something for everyone. 

Adventurous travellers can embrace the outdoor activities which include ziplining, quad biking trails, canyoning experiences and more, while those looking to discover wonderful creatures are sure to enjoy the Casela zoo, home to impressive African mammals which range from big cats, monkeys and giraffes to rhinos, impalas and zebras. 

There are loads of activities that have been created with kids in mind


Child on tortoise
Source: Google Images

Apart from wandering the gorgeously landscaped gardens and marvelling at the animals in the zoo, there are ample activities that have been especially created for children to enjoy, which makes Casela (which fittingly is said to have been derived from “Lakaz-la” which translates to “the house” in Creole) a fabulous place for families. Kids can enjoy the petting zoo and pony rides, play to their heart’s content in the playground, go fishing, try their hand at mini golf and appreciate the giant tortoises—there is a bewildering number of activities available so have a look online to see how you and your family would like to discover this sensational park best (you can also decide when you get there, of course).

It’s technically divided into three ‘kingdoms’


Casela Nature Park
Source: Google Images

The Casela World of adventures spans an impressive 250 hectares of wild, tropical Mauritian terrain and because of its incredible size, it’s been split into three magically themed areas or ‘kingdoms’ over and above its Discovery Centre. Knowing which areas you want to explore is important when figuring out how to plan your day at Casela. They are as follows:

  • The Nature Kingdom

This gorgeous area encompasses the fascinating bird park, with its huge array of exotic birdlife, Canopy Park and the location of their animal shows. 

  • The Safari Kingdom

This thrilling area is where you would venture if you opt to go on a safari, namely the quad biking safari (where you will drive through the park bordered by the African animal enclosures) and where you would enjoy the photo safari. This is also the area where you can see the big African cats and enjoy giraffe interactions. 

  • The Mountain Kingdom

The perfect place for the adrenaline junkies, this is where you would head if you are looking to make the most of the climbing wall, go ziplining or try out canyoning. 

  • The Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre is an absolute must for those looking to gain a better understanding of Mauritius and the natural sciences. Here you can make the most of a 4D cinema experience and uncover natural science as well as the history of Mauritius through the use of huge three-dimensional maps. 

They offer themed packages

If you buy a standard entry ticket to Casela you will have access to the exotic bird aviary, enjoy the unique experience of riding on a toboggan slide (the first of its kind in Mauritius), you’ll be able to see the big cats, giraffes and camels and have access to the petting farm, the photo safari and the discovery centre. However, the park also offers themed packages which might just be what you are looking for (they also often involve a great discounted price). They are:

  • The Explorer Adventure - This includes your entrance fee, a photo souvenir to take home with you, a big cat game viewing experience and a chance to test your mettle on the zipline.
  • The Safari Adventure - This includes your entrance fee, a lion interaction and a big cat game viewing experience.
  • The Family adventure - This includes entrance fees, food to use at the petting zoo, a fishing experience, Lorikeet feeding, giraffe feeding, lunch (a burger) and a photo souvenir.
  • The Extreme Adventure - This includes the entrance fee, an experience on the Napolese Bridge and canyon swing as well as photos to take home.

Casela has a wonderful in-house restaurant


Casela Restaurant
Source: Google Images

If you are worried about going hungry on your adventure in Casela, fear not! There is an awesome restaurant on the property which has a little something for everyone. Even if you don’t opt to eat here, it’s well worth visiting just to take in the extraordinary panoramic views. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what there is to explore and discover at Casela and the best way to find out more is to visit it yourself. And if you are looking for the perfect place to stay while in Mauritius, then definitely check out the fabulous Sun Resorts. A holiday spent at any one of these four fabulous hotels is sure to make your stay all the more memorable.

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