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A Day in the Life of Anil Neyhaul at Ile aux Cerfs

June 04 2018

The sensational island of Ile aux Cerfs makes for an idyllic day trip destination; with incredible, pristine beaches, an excellent choice of restaurants and bars and a huge plethora of land- and water-based activities on the Leisure Island portion, it’s the perfect place to lap up the African sun. But the possibility for memorable moments on Ile aux Cerfs don’t end there; with Ile aux Cerfs’ new Bubble Lodge, guests can for the first time stay overnight on the tropical oasis, and we haven’t even touched on one of the finest draw cards to this magical place: its 18-hole championship golf course designed by the fabled Bernhard Langer. 
Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club is a golfing paradise and one of the things that make this golfing destination so spectacular is the fact that there are excellent golfing pros here who can assist you with your game both at the island’s golf academy as well as on the greens itself (if you so desire). The remarkable, and hugely talented, golf pros at Ile aux Cerfs can help you to get the most out of your game and inspire you to even greater heights when it comes to a day on the greens. 


Ile aux Cerfs golf


If you are interested in knowing more about one of these incredible golf pros, and what a normal day in paradise looks like for them, than read what we found out about Anil Neyhaul, one of Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club’s finest golf pros: 
Personal life and professional experience:
Anil Neyhaul lives and breathes the incredible game of golf and has one of the most enviable jobs in the world: being a Golf Pro at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, the golfing haven with many holes that boast unbelievable views of the ocean. For Anil, golf appears to be in his blood as he shares the love of the game with his brother who is also a golfer and a Caddy Master at Belle Mare Plage. Anil lives conveniently close to Ile aux Cerfs (approximately 20 minutes away) in St Remy at the centre of Flacq and is able to get to Pointe Maurice either in the company van or in his own transport. An avid golfer, he is currently learning PGA, and when he is not playing golf, he enjoys a good game of football and keeps his fitness up by jogging. He’s an ambitious pro golfer, and strives to take on more responsibilities in the future and would love to contribute enormously to the growth of Ile aux Cerfs and Sun Resorts as a whole.
Anil started his career in golf in 1998 at Le St Geran in a part-time position as a golf caddy. A mere four years later, in 2002, he was then appointed at the hotel as the Sports Organiser, a job he took on an enjoyed immensely for three years. Being ambitious, Anil didn’t wait around too long to move on in the golfing world, and in 2005 he became a Caddy Master which he thrived at until 2007 when Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse; the job of Assistant Golf Pro. 
Now by this time, in 2012, Anil was in serious demand. And he was actually given the option of becoming a Golf Pro for the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club or a Supervisor at Anahita Golf Course. He chose to take up the offer of the promotion to Golf Pro at Ile aux Cerfs for two reasons. First, because he was already working for the Sun Resorts group which he loved, and second, because he had fallen in love with the phenomenal island of Ile aux Cerfs and its stunning tropical surrounds.
Anil thrives at being a Golf Pro at Ile aux Cerfs because it means sharing his knowledge and love of the game with like-minded people and avid golfers looking to both improve their game as well as make the most of the intricate and often challenging championship golf course which has been so beautifully created by golfing legend Bernhard Langer.
What a day in the life of Golfing Pro Anil Neyhaul looks like: 


Ile aux Cerfs golf


There’s no arguing that Anil Neyhaul has the most magnificent ‘office’ anyone could wish for, which makes his day of work well worth the early wake-up! Each day Anil wakes up at 5:30 and begins his day with a healthy breakfast. After getting himself ready for the day ahead, he checks all his emails, does some admin and starts preparing for his day ahead. At 7:00 he leaves his home and heads to the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club. 
Anil generally arrives at the official jetty for Ile aux Cerfs (named Pointe Maurice as mentioned earlier) at 7:30 and has to wait for the boat shuttle which usually comes at around 7:40 to pick up the Ile aux Cerfs associates arriving at work at that time and eager golfers looking to get an early start on the greens. The boat shuttle transfer to Ile aux Cerfs is one of the best parts of Anil’s day every day, where he can just take a moment to appreciate the immense natural beauty of Mauritius and savour the spectacular views. It also gives him another moment to quietly think about and plan his day. 
Once Anil arrives at the incredible Ile aux Cerfs, he goes to check on the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Academy to ensure that everything has been set up correctly in the practice range. This is where beginners can opt for lessons and have their swings filmed. The footage is then analysed which gives greater insight into their movements and how their swings can be improved. Once Anil has checked that everything is in order in the practice range, he checks the reservations for the day, followed by a brief meeting with his colleagues. He is then officially on duty from 8:15 to 11:00 during which he provides on-course golfing lessons to golfers of all levels who wish to perfect their golfing techniques and make the most of their time at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club. 
At 11:00, Anil heads to the golf academy and hosts golfing initiations for beginners. This gives newcomers to the game a taste of what golf is all about. Anil gives advice on how to hold a club, what posture to practice and how to execute a good swing as well as gives the beginners some general golf knowledge. 
From 12 to 12:30 Anil cleans up the academy and the clubs and than checks his emails and reservations, after which he enjoys lunch with his colleagues. After lunch at 13:30, Anil assists with the cleaning of the golf carts and makes sure that everything with the golf carts is in order. He then checks his emails for anything important or for some new bookings between 14:00 and 15:00, at which point he usually enjoys a game of golf as a playing partner with one of the guests (which are usually repeaters) till about 18:00. 
After checking his emails and reservations one last time, Anil helps to set up the golf club for the next day and helps to make sure it’s looking its absolute best before closing. At 19:15 he boards the shuttle boat back to the mainland and is home around 20:00.
Once home, Anil makes sure to have some quality time with his parents over dinner and also makes time for his friends and girlfriend, after which he usually watches a little bit of football or golf—he always makes time for his two favourite sports and makes sure he keeps his finger on the pulse of what is happening in the golfing world. 
Anil is an incredible golfer and wonderful teacher, so if you are ever looking for a truly spectacular time at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club be sure to enlist the help of Anil or one of the other excellent golf pros at the golf club. Contact us to find out more information or to make a booking. 
We’ll leave you with this message from Anil: “Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club was known as the hardest golf course in Mauritius. But don’t let that deter you! The course was reviewed after the renovation in 2015 and has been made to be more accessible for beginners and professionals alike. Since the renovation, there have also been some incredible new additions to Ile aux Cerfs such as the Bubble Lodge and the private beach for golfers. It’s a truly sensational golfing destination and we look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful place for a great game of golf”.


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