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The Omega 3 Social Menu at La Pirogue

March 02 2020

A holiday spent in Mauritius is typically characterised by sun-filled tropical days spent exploring the array of gorgeous golden beaches, exotic jungles or vivid villages. It’s about hours spent in the temperate waters of the Indian Ocean. It’s about the dazzling hues of sunset lighting up the skies and sultry summer evenings enhanced by local entertainment and the taste of fruity cocktails or perhaps the unforgettable nature of local offerings and signature experiences hard to find anywhere else in the world.

In this unrivalled and breathtaking Eden, you can luxuriate at stellar hotels, indulge in world-class spa treatments, relish outdoor adventures, partake in a myriad of watersports and feast on incredible dishes.

If excellent food is a crucial part of your holiday experience—as it is for many—then La Pirogue is an excellent hotel choice. This gorgeous four-star hotel offerings a wealth of food experiences and special menus that are sure to linger in the mind far after the meal is complete. From international delights, beach barbeques, Mauritian street food and casual classics (like pizza), to fresh seafood specialities (and a wine bar for the vino connoisseurs) there’s something here for every type of foodie. 

And the best news? Never has this been truer than it is now—thanks in part to the addition of a special, sophisticated menu—the Omega 3 Social menu, designed for epicures who love fresh seafood, lots of choice and sharing plates!

Omega 3 LA Pirogue


Exploring the dishes of this innovative menu to the sounds of the ocean as it touches the saw and with the most sensational tropical views is the perfect way to enjoy a lunch in paradise. The incredible beachside delicacies served as part of the Omega 3 Social menu centre on fresh fish and seafood tapas and are bound to have you coming back for more.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Here’s what you need to know about this wonderful new gastronomic offering:

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Tapas La Pirogue

For many, there’s nothing better than indulging in a fresh seafood meal that’s made all the more splendid by uninhibited views of the glittering Indian Ocean itself. For families and couples that enjoy the “family style” of eating—where small, yet, flavourful servings of food are shared—the Omega 3 menu, made up of tasting plates of gorgeously created tapas, is the perfect choice for a lazy lunch in the Mauritian sun. Take the stress out of ordering decisions (and potential fights or food envy) by choosing a selection of tantalizing smaller dishes, sharing with your loved ones and savouring the refined and complex flavours of these delicious tapas. This is the kind of thing that inspires moments that are never forgotten.

The dishes are nothing short of spectacular

The refined Omega 3 Social menu has been thoughtfully and carefully created to offer an exciting array of fish and seafood tapas that have been inspired by flavours and cuisines from around the world. In fact, the menu doesn’t make it easy to choose as it offers everything from sensational and novel ceviche dishes (from the Raw Bar), a variety of melt-in-your-mouth sushi options and select noodle and salad dishes to fresh oysters, expertly prepared lobsters and moreish, perfectly cooked prawns. 



Signature specialities here include the crab chilli bites and a few deep-fried—or “in batter”— dishes, namely the prawn tempura or the ‘Dynamic Bomb Shrimp’ served with Japanese mayonnaise, any of which should definitely be sampled. Or perhaps you are more drawn to the Mauritian-inspired dish that involves cured tuna with palm heart shavings which is then finished off with a curry and yuzu dressing? 

Don’t worry if you get overwhelmed or don’t know which dishes or how many to choose, La Pirogue’s excellent service staff will guide you through the options, recommendations and the number of plates to order, depending on the number of people and hunger levels in your group. As a guideline, however, here’s what La Pirogue recommends:

2 People – 3 dishes to share

3 People – 4 dishes to share

4 People – 6 dishes to share

6 People – 8 to 9 dishes to share

Of course, if you would like to order more or still feel hungry, you are welcome to add extra dishes at any point.

Omega 3


Top your meal off with a glass or bottle of imported wine (you can ask the sommelier at the Van Der Stel Wine Bar for recommendations) and relish the feeling of living your best life. 

The Omega 3 Social menu can be enjoyed between 12:30 and 15:00

For those looking to enjoy a light lunch, a delectable seafood snack or a wonderfully relaxed meal in the sun that allows you to sample a little bit of everything on the menu, then the Omega 3 Social menu is a must. This menu is offered at both the Magenta Seafood Restaurant and Le Morne Beach Bar—which offers the best in beachside dining—at La Pirogue between 12:30 and 15:00, daily. With a wide choice of stellar and unique dishes, you can try them all in one sitting or come back the next day, but one thing is for sure if you enjoy fish, fine food and tapas, you are sure to love this unparalleled culinary experience.

Want to ensure that an unforgettable beachside seafood tapas meal is in your future? Then book a stay at La Pirogue and ensure that you have the very best beachside seats in the house.