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Sun Beach at Kanuhura, Maldives

March 05 2020

The Maldives is synonymous with paradise; picturesque islands are adorned with lush tropical vegetation and lined by coconut palms that give way to white, powder-soft beaches, for which the island nation has become famous.

The Maldives is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, and like a broken pearl necklace, it’s made up of thousands of coral islands—around 1200 of them—that forms an archipelago made up of 27 atolls. This unique and utterly beautiful destination is characterised by thriving coral reefs, blue lagoons and powdery white beaches. These wondrous facets combined with the sublime atmosphere, natural beauty, exclusivity, privacy and tranquillity of the destination makes it one of the world’s most highly sought-after luxury holiday hotspots.

Kanuhura Beach


The sublime beaches in the Maldives are one of the destination’s major drawcards and for good reason. With long stretches of incredibly soft, sugar-fine sands that dissolve into warm tropical waters, it’s not hard to figure out why so many people choose this destination as their number one bucket list choice.

Blessed with some of the best beaches in the destination, the sublime five-star paradise, Kanuhura takes their guests’ beach experiences seriously, even offering signature beachside service and treats, in line with their Sun Beach Timeless Memories. 

This tropical haven is undoubtedly one of the finest places to soak up a solid dose of vitamin D—interested to find out more? Read on:

The beaches at Kanuhura are world-class

As with every aspect of this luxury hotel, great efforts have been made to ensure that their private beaches are outstanding and remain spotless at all times. The resort island boasts a staggering 3 kilometres of beaches around the island and is the only property in the Maldives to have landed a spot in the top ten best beaches in Daily Mail’s 50 Best Beaches in the World for 2019.

To give you a better idea of just how expansive the beaches are here, it would take 30-45 minutes to walk around the island (a wonderful idea for a little romantic moment with your loved one) and 25-30 minutes to jog it. 

The turtles love the beaches of Kanuhura as much as (if not more than) the guests do

Kanuhura’s beaches are appreciated by those far and wide, but fans aren’t limited to the human variety. Kanuhura has become a popular nesting ground for green turtles, which provides yet another reason it’s vital the beaches are kept clean and well looked after. Green turtles are classified as endangered species thanks to the overharvesting of eggs, the hunting of adults, the loss of nesting sites and the fact that they are constantly caught in fishing lines and nets. 

Turtles at Kanuhura


In 2019 a total of 7 turtle nests were found on the beaches which were incredibly exciting news. Huge efforts are taken by Kanuhura, and their on-site Marine Biologist, Olivia, to ensure that the nests, the turtles and the environment are protected so that the turtles can thrive. 

The ultimate playground for adults and children

No matter how young or old you are, the gorgeous beaches at Kanuhura are the perfect place to live out your island holidays. With a huge variety of incredible activities to enjoy on the gleaming white sands, Kanuhura’s beaches are truly the perfect playground. 

From suntanning in front of your villa (most villas have wonderfully private and spacious outdoor areas), building sandcastles with your kids and meals enjoyed feet-in-the-sand to hermit crab racing, sipping a cocktail on a sunbed at the Cowry Club, enjoying a photoshoot with your personal photographer on Iru Beach or enjoying an exotic cooking class on the beach, the opportunities for seaside fun are practically endless. 

You can also opt to have a beachside spa massage to the sound of the waves, play Pétanque on the beach or simply relish the feeling of soft sand under your feet as you soak up the relaxed lifestyle with a walk on the beach.  

Savouring your time on the beach might just have some health benefits

If you fancy the idea of long (perhaps romantic) walks on the beach, then you might be surprised at how many benefits there are to it. First of all, you can increase your strength—the resistance that sand provides when you walk helps to strengthen your ankles, leg muscles and arches and it helps your foot to enjoy its full range of motion. 


While walking in the sand has muscular benefits, the resistance also helps you to burn more calories as you go. By walking barefoot on the beach and standing in the water, you also get a free exfoliation and foot massage (which also helps with venous and lymphatic circulation) which will result in soft, relaxed feet. 

The added benefit of walking barefoot along Kanuhura’s dreamy shores is that you will be able to better connect with nature and the breathtaking scenery which will help you to relax. Living the elegant island life can have some pretty amazing benefits. 

You are sure to have unforgettable moments along Kanuhura’s golden shores

A holiday at Kanuhura is bound to be a memorable one—not just because of the sublime island beauty and exceptional luxury facilities but because of the exceptional signature Kanuhura offerings. 

The hotel’s Timeless Memories offerings were created to ensure that guests can have unusual and outstanding experiences and moments in this paradise, ones that will inspire lifelong memories. Guests can choose from the offerings to tailor their time in the sun to ensure their Sun Beach experience is everything they could wish for.

Kanuhura Jehunura Island

The Sun Beach Timeless Memories experiences are offered on Jehunuhura, one of Kanuhura’s neighbouring islands. Here you can hire a professional photographer to capture an exquisite day in paradise, tailor a beach service to your preferences, opt for a private luxury cabana on the beach, indulge in some seaside canapés and request a private beach butler to ensure all your needs are met (you can even arrange a telephone with speed dial to reach your butler). 

To enhance your beach day further, you can also hire the use of a Bose music station complete with your personal playlist, to set the mood for your spectacular, sunkissed day in paradise. 

If novel seaside experiences sound like your cup of tea, then a private picnic at Masleggihura is a must. This Sun Beach experience which takes place on Kanuhura’s other neighbouring deserted island a short boat ride away, allows you to live out your deserted island dreams—enhanced by fine gastronomic delights from the Deli. 

With the island at your disposal, you can lounge on a luxury canopy on the beach, explore the island barefoot and unwind in the most serene and authentic of island settings—with no WiFi or electricity, this magical, untouched island allows you to break away from daily living and embrace the beauty of island tranquillity. 

VIP beach experiences are part and parcel of a luxury holiday at Kanuhura

Even if you don’t opt for the Sun Beach experiences at Jehunuhura, you are sure to have some incredible beach days at Kanuhura with VIP luxury experiences. At the Cowry Club Beach, you can find an array of complimentary beach amenities to make your day in the sun all the more splendid. 

Kanuhura island Jehunuhura

From 10:00 every day, there is a beach runner on hand to attend to all the guests at the Cowry Club Beach. The beach runner/butler is there to help clean guests’ sunglasses, provide non-alcoholic fruit and vegetable shooters to boost your energy, supply guests with face towels, offer Evian face spray and beach towels as well as Kanhura’s very own bottled water (either still or sparkling). 

The weather in the Maldives is warm all year round, which means staying hydrated, especially while on the beach is extremely important. It helps to lubricate joints but also ensures that the cells of your body are well hydrated, providing adequate nutrients and removing waste efficiently. Kanuhura produces its own water in glass bottles (to be more environmentally friendly), which is available throughout the resort to ensure guests stay hydrated. 

Kanuhura’s boutique store ensures you have everything you need for a great day in the sun

To ensure that your holiday in the sun is spectacular, Kanuhura’s boutique store is stocked with luxurious and world-class items. Here, you can choose from a range of sunglasses and sunscreen as well as bikinis from some of the best swimwear brands from Italy, Australia, Germany and Colombia and a huge variety of boho-inspired hats. 

While each guest will receive their very own Kanuhura Beach bag upon arrival at their villa, there are also designer bags (designed exclusively for Kanuhura) available in the boutique as well, created by the talented Spanish designer Luisa Buendia. At Kanuhura’s elegant boutique, you are sure to find that special something to enhance your luxury beach days. 

Kanuhura Boutique

If you don’t have a book on hand, not to worry—while there aren’t books for sale at the boutique, there is a huge range of books that can be found at the resort and can be used free of charge for your reading pleasure. 

Here, your days spent in the sun along the shimmering turquoise lagoon are sure to be unforgettable.

Looking to soak up the sunshine along the dreamlike shores of Kanuhura? Then book your stay today and prepare for a sensational island holiday unlike any other. 

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