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A Romantic Stay at Ile aux Cerfs

March 09 2020

The island nation of Mauritius is celebrated across the world as an intrepid travellers dream destination. Dotted with sites steeped in history, unique natural phenomena, glorious beaches, religious monuments and varying landscapes, Mauritius is a country as exciting and unusual as it is gorgeous.

While the luxury four- and five-star hotels in Mauritius are sometimes hard to leave—like the exceptional establishments in the Sun Resorts portfolio—because of the ample options for activity, relaxation and entertainment, there is so much to see and explore in this exciting country. And the best part is, it’s as wonderful for families as it is for a romantic getaway for just you and your significant other.

Ile aux Cerfs Family gathering


If you are looking for something truly romantic, however, there's nothing more magical than a stay at the exclusive Bubble Lodge on Ile aux Cerfs with your special person.

Unlike much of Mauritius' gorgeous coastline, the tranquil island of Ile aux Cerfs has remained fairly untouched. The Ile aux Cerfs management team made a decision not to mar the phenomenal island’s uninhibited natural beauty with developments or hotels. Instead, they opted for a limited number of eco-friendly Bubble Lodge rooms, masterfully placed in prime and private locations on the island, encompassed by tropical scenery.

Bubble lodge at ile aux Cerfs
Eco- friendly Bubble Lodge at Ile aux Cerfs


The semi-transparent, domed Bubble Lodge rooms at Ile aux Cerfs offer guests unrivalled luxury for a fairy-tale holiday. If this is something you would like to share with your significant other, then here’s what you need to know about a romantic stay at Ile aux Cerfs’ Bubble Lodge:

The Bubble Lodge rooms are the epitome of exclusive

Ile aux Cerfs is nothing short of a small slice of paradise—jewel-blue waters surround the stunning island which boasts exceptional stretches of pristine beaches lined by quintessential coconut palm trees. Home to a world-renowned ,18-hole championship golf course, Ile aux Cerfs offers guests so much more than a fabulous day by the beach and is only accessible by boat or helicopter; the island is exclusive by design, and the Bubble Lodge rooms are certainly no exception. 

Bubble Lodge at Ile aux Cerfs


For guests who revel in novel experiences, you will be thrilled to know that with only three Bubble Lodge rooms on the island—one is nestled in the branches of the majestic ancient Banyan tree and the other two are located close to the beach—once all the golfers and day revellers have left, you and any other Bubble Lodge guests practically have the island to yourselves.

It’s unlike anything you've experienced before

Unless you have stayed in a Bubble Lodge elsewhere in the world, a stay on Ile aux Cerfs is sure to be unlike any other experience you have had before. Between the transfer to the island (first on a private boat and then on a golf cart) and the accommodation itself, this is a stay you are sure to remember.

Banyan Bubble Lodge Ile aux Cerfs
Banyan tree  Bubble Lodge


Each of the rooms has been designed to complement its particular surroundings. The Banyan tree lodge was created with earth-inspired elements while those by the sea are decorated in light blues and greens and each room boasts tasteful wooden elements. These Bubble Lodge rooms are wonderfully charming, private and romantic. While the accommodation is unusual, you can still expect five-star service and access to the golf club’s clubhouse, souvenir shop and restaurant. 

You will be treated like VIPs

Guests of the Bubble Lodge are made to feel like VIPs for the duration of their stay. Each lodge is assigned a private butler, who arranges any transfers, unparalleled dinners served under the stars (or under the Banyan tree) and special requests. 

Free golf intiation at Ile aux Cerfs
Free golf initiation at Ile aux Cerfs


Bubble Lodge guests are also given privileged access to the private golfer beach and can enjoy a free golf initiation, perfect for beginners. Seasoned golfing guests are able to take advantage of complimentary rounds on the picture-perfect Ile aux Cerfs Golf Course designed by golfing legend Bernhard Langer for a day on the greens to remember. 

Breakfast and dinner are part of the package (as are the boat transfers), and meals are typically enjoyed at the clubhouse restaurant, either indoors, outside on the terrace or, in the evening, under the moonlight on the course. 

Dinners centre on fresh, seasonal, local ingredients and are sure to delight, while for breakfast you will have a wealth of options at the restaurant’s breakfast buffet, which offers everything from freshly-cooked hot meals to delicious pastries. 

A trip here provides the ultimate opportunity to connect with your loved one

Ile aux Cerfs bublle lodge facilities


The luxurious Bubble Lodge rooms are incredibly comfortable and have been carefully designed to cater to your every need. Each air-conditioned room is equipped with everything from a minibar and private bathroom to an outdoor rain shower, queen bed, tea- and coffee-making facilities and more. Given their secluded locations on the island, however, there is no WiFi in the rooms themselves (you will have access to WiFi at the clubhouse). This allows couples to truly immerse themselves in nature and enjoy uninterrupted quality time with each other in the most exotic tropical surrounds. 

setup for dinner Ile aux Cerfs
Dinner set up on request by guest


Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner set up by your butler (on request), allow the waves to gently lull you to sleep, wake up to the sound of birds and a glorious Mauritian sunrise, allow yourself to be cradled by the Banyan tree or watch the stars from the comfort of your Bubble Lodge bed, embrace the sensational surrounds and relish a stay in Mauritius unlike any other with your favourite person. These are the types of moments and experiences that will live in your memory long after the flight home. 

If you are looking for an enchanting place to spend some special time with your beloved, there’s no better place than Ile aux Cerfs. Interested in booking or finding out more information about this unique accommodation? Get in touch with us—this is a novel getaway that needs to be experienced to be believed. 

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