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6 of the Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in the World 

April 13 2018

These days, more and more people are becoming aware of their impact on the environment and how important it is to make more eco-friendly decisions whenever possible. One of the best ways to do this is to choose accommodation that supports sustainable and eco-friendly tourism when you travel. Thanks to this fabulous (and important) growing trend, many hotels have aligned their values with the eco-traveller, ensuring that their hotel practices are in the interest of environmental conservation and that they put measures in place that preserve the local culture and support local businesses. If your aim is to travel ‘greener’ and to enjoy immersive experiences that allow you to connect fully with your chosen destination while doing so, then here are some of the most sublime and wonderfully eco-friendly hotels from around the world:

Spity Hotel—Nice, France 


Spity Hotel
Source: Google Images

People with a penchant for eco-friendly boutique hotels are sure to love the Spity Hotel (previously the Hi Hotel) in Nice. The hotel provides guests with direct access to the hotel’s private beach and has a trendy rooftop pool. More than that, it centres on contemporary living with an unconventional approach to a luxury hotel with pops of vibrant colour and a unique interior designs. One of the most impressive things about this hotel, however, is that it was given a Green Globe certification (when it was still Hi Hotel) for its environmentally-friendly efforts which include the use of recycled products, eco-friendly cleaning products, organic paint and offering dishes in their restaurant that centre on organic food. If you are heading to the beachside town of Nice and looking for an eco-friendly hotel that is unconventional and incredibly funky, this is the place for you!

Hoshinoya Karuizawa—Nagano Prefecture, Japan 


Hoshinoya Japan
Source: Google Images

Those who enjoy Japanese elegance and simplicity are bound to absolutely adore this sensational eco-friendly hotel which is just a short drive from Tokyo. This masterpiece of a hotel has been created to blend into its natural surroundings seamlessly, with a neutral palette, windows from the floor to the ceilings and stunning, flowing lines. Here you will find ancient trees that thrive due to the rivers that travel down from Mount Asama—elements that greatly influenced the design of the resort and which were respected during the creation of it. In fact, the river here is instrumental in this resort’s eco-conscious efforts, as it powers approximately 70% of the resort, through a hydroelectric system called Energy In My Yard (or EIMY). This resort is also famed for its hot spring baths, which provide the sauna, indoor stone bath and open-air bath with naturally sourced water. Hoshinoya Karuizawa is the picture of perfection and the ideal eco-friendly hotel for conscious travellers heading to Japan.

Whitepod—Le Valais, Switzerland


Source: Google Images


If you are dreaming of heading to the glorious, undulating landscapes of Switzerland, then be sure to check out Whitepod—a fantastic and unique eco-friendly luxury hotel experience where guests stay in an environmentally friendly ‘pod’, or dome, along the Valais hillside, a mere one and a half hours from Geneva. This hotel prides itself on its eco-friendly practices which include recycling waste, utilizing locally sourced materials, using designs that promote energy savings and the limited use of motorised vehicles. 

This stunning minimalist establishment is created to maximise on the views, each dome having been constructed with transparent PVC walls which are covered in white in winter and green in summer to reduce the visual impact against the landscape. In winter you can enjoy the fire from the wood burning stove in the pod and in summer you can embrace the Swiss countryside to its fullest—but no matter when you go you will be rewarded with a sublime view of the Alps. Make the most of the seasonal activities, take a hike up the mountains or merely indulge in the daily homemade teatime treats, a trip here is sure to be unforgettable.

Lisu Lodge—Chiang Mai, Thailand   


Lisu Lodge
Source: Google Images


Lush tropical surrounds and the quaint town centre make Chiang Mai a tourist hotspot. The Lisu Lodge’s name was inspired by the Lisu tribe village which is very near to the hotel itself. The lodge tries to encourage their guests to partake in Lisu experiences and customs that can be enjoyed with local families as part of a community-based project Lisu Lodge is involved in. Part of the reason for their involvement in this project is that they believe in the importance of conserving Thailand's unique culture and heritage. 

Guests are sure to marvel at the awe-inspiring stretches of vivid green rice paddies that border the lodge and can enjoy a cycle tour to a nearby tea plantation, where they can support the local community by tasting and purchasing some of their tea. The hotel also encourages their guests to head to the Himmapaan plant nursery where they can work side by side the local community in order to restore the jungle-like ecosystem in this part of the word. Locally sourced materials, such as bamboo, are used widely here and traditional Thai ingredients are used for many of the dishes served at the hotel’s restaurant.

Aman Bali Resorts—Bali, Indonesia 


Amankila Bali
Source: Google Images

There’s no doubt that the Aman properties are top picks for eco-conscious travellers looking for a luxury establishment for their holiday. Sustainability is at the heart of each of these properties which have been created to form part of the natural surrounds, especially true when it comes to the group’s spectacular properties in Bali, namely Amandari just outside of Ubud, Amankila, on the east coast and Amanusa which is situated in the south peninsula. 

All three of these sensational luxury resorts are committed to minimising their impact on the earth by implementing energy-saving measures and recycling programmes. They are also actively involved in conservation projects to help protect the Bali Starling. Amankila goes the extra mile by helping to introduce waste management services to the surrounding communities—these are sensational hotels well worth the stay.  

Sun Resorts—Mauritius and the Maldives 


Sun Resorts

The exquisite and wonderfully diverse Sun Resorts properties in both Mauritius and the Maldives offer guests unparalleled luxury along some of the best beaches and crystalline lagoons in the world. But stunning resorts, signature experiences and breathtaking surrounds are not all they are known for—each of the properties under Sun Resorts is eco-conscious and constantly strive to implement greener and more sustainable initiatives. One such example, the contemporary chic Long Beach hotel, whose renovations were conducted by repurposing as much of the previous hotel’s materials as possible. 

They also use energy-efficient light bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs and sports or LED lighting throughout the property in an attempt to better save energy. But their environmentally-conscious initiatives don’t stop there; they utilize solar panels, bottle their own water in reusable glass bottles, they recycle as much as possible and are committed to helping marine conservation in Mauritius. To add to this phenomenal eco-friendly hotel, they also have an endemic garden in an effort to reintroduce rare endemic plants back into Mauritius. Unsurprisingly (given all of the above), Long Beach was one of the first hotels in Mauritius to be EarthCheck Silver Certified. If this sounds phenomenal to you, you should also check out the Bubble Lodge on the iconic. Ile aux Cerfs

bubble lodge

If you are looking for an awe-inspiring hotel that is taking sure steps to reduce its impact on the environment while creating a magnificent experience and hotel for their guests, then look no further than any of the outstanding Sun Resorts. At these eco-friendly hotels, you are sure to have a sublime holiday, one that stays with you for the rest of time. 

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