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    A Must-try 3-course Meal at Ambre

    October 15 2018

    To some people, food is more than a vital source of sustenance and nutrition; many see it as an extension of their heritage, others see gorgeous food as a way to bring together loved ones while others eat for the pure pleasure of enjoying beautifully prepared food that bursts with flavour.

    While many ‘foodies’ are known to specifically travel the globe in search of new and wonderful dishes, enjoying the local offerings in every destination you visit can be an enriching and enlightening experience, one that magically introduces you to the local culture, customs and heritage of a country, foodie or not. While a destination like Mauritius has many draw cards—its spectacular beaches, sparkling cerulean waters, tropical volcanic surrounds and a plethora of exhilarating activities and experiences—it also has an incredible food scene that can’t be ignored.


    Inspired by exotic and aromatic dishes from India, China and Africa as well as flavours from Europe, the culinary scene in Mauritius is simply outstanding. Indulge in homemade rich Mauritian curries, dive into a bowl of Chinese-inspired noodles or boulettes (dim sum), sample the local dhal puri or indulge in glorious gateau piment (chilli cakes). You can also accompany any of these dishes with a local beer, a tropical cocktail or some fresh coconut water, the options for phenomenal gastronomic experiences in Mauritius are endless. 


    From excellent street food fare and authentic local eateries to fine-dining establishments in the most gorgeous settings; there are restaurants and culinary experiences here for every type of traveller.
    If you are heading to the gorgeous island in search of a truly scrumptious meal but aren’t sure where to go, then we highly suggest you head to Ambre in Mauritius where they have a delectable three-course meal that is worth writing home about. 


    A Memorable Three-course Meal at La Plage

    The magnificent adults-only, four-star hotel unfurls along the gorgeous sunrise coast of Mauritius and opens directly onto the pristine, powder-white beach. The hotel operates with an all-inclusive offering, which means that there is a host of exquisite meals to enjoy here at any one of the three on-site restaurants. However, it’s the spectacular a la carte La Plage restaurant (the only restaurant that is not included in the all-inclusive formula) that really stands out for discerning diners. Here’s an excellent three-course meal we suggest you try at this magnificent (and romantic) beachside restaurant:


    For Starters: Pan-seared Yellowfin Tuna with Heart of Palm Salad



    Expertly created with the utmost care and the freshest, finest ingredients around, the pan-seared yellowfin tuna starter is absolutely delicious. Prepared by the esteemed Chef Kallooa (who has been with the Sun Resorts group for a remarkable 40 years!), this dish is a fine example of the sheer passion he has for cooking and the extreme care with which he works. 

    The yellowfin tuna is handled with the respect it deserves and is seared to perfection, leaving the middle beautifully tender and pink. Accompanied by one of the island's most famous salads, Heart of Palm salad, which is also called “Millionaire's Salad” (because of its central ingredient and the cost associated with it), this dish skillfully balances soft succulent textures with the perfect amount of crunch. The salad itself is made from the best locally-sourced palm hearts and is a wonderfully fresh accompaniment to the fish. Immensely popular, this mouthwatering starter is ordered time and time again by some of the regular guests at Ambre—it’s sure not to disappoint!


    For Mains: Pan-fried Vielle Rouge


    Main Course

    One of the chef’s favourite fish to cook with because of the number of different ways in which this beautiful, succulent fish can be cooked as well as it’s wonderful texture, the vielle rouge, otherwise known as a blacktip grouper, is a must-try in Mauritius. This tasty local fish is perfectly cooked and gorgeously presented in this dish and is served with a lime-perfumed sauce and fresh seasonal vegetables which results in a well-balanced meal. There’s nothing quite like indulging in such a wonderful fresh seafood dish such as this while soaking up the exceptional views of the scintillating ocean from the seaside restaurant; this is island living at its best. 


    For Dessert: A Chocolate Dacquoise



    Last, but certainly not least, the decadent dessert we recommend to finish off your three-course meal at Ambre’s La Plage, is an artfully created chocolate dacquoise. This French-inspired dessert cake is typically made with alternating layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream (or in some cases even buttercream) that usually rests on a buttery biscuit base. The talented chefs at La Plage have decided to put their own spin on this moreish favourite. Elegant and refined, this dessert is absolutely exquisite; beautifully plated to perfection and bound to leave you totally satisfied—it’s the ideal way to end your delicious gastronomic journey at Ambre’s exceptional La Plage restaurant. 


    As mentioned earlier, the incredible culinary delights at Ambre don’t end here—La Plage’s menu boasts a plethora of alternative (but no less exceptional) dishes, Dolce Vita offers generous servings of expertly prepared Italian meals and Indigo offers a range of cuisines from all around the world (each night there is a special themed buffet, for example, a Mauritian buffet one night and the next a Japanese or Indian buffet). If you are a discerning diner, have specific dietary requirements (if you are gluten intolerant or vegan be sure to let the hotel known during check-in) or simply like choice, you can rest assured that at Ambre, you will be well catered for. 
    You can also indulge in delectable tropical cocktails or fine wines at one of Ambre’s vibey bars (there’s even an on-site nightclub at Ambre) or simply make the most of the evening entertainment, one thing is for sure, a holiday spent at Ambre is sure to stay with you for the rest of time. 


    Looking to feast on the glorious gastronomic delights at Ambre or interested in booking a stay for a magical adults-only holiday in paradise? Then contact us to find out more information or to make your reservation. With unbelievable settings, extraordinary culinary offerings, phenomenal service and luxury accommodation along one of the best stretches of beach in Mauritius, you can’t go wrong with a holiday at Ambre.

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