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Restaurants in Port Louis Mauritius

Foodies looking for their next culinary adventure would do well to head to Mauritius. Exotic flavours and aromatic dishes are the order of the day, where influences from French, British, Indian, African and Asian cuisines are undeniable, but where the local dishes have been created to form a cuisine that is truly Mauritian. While the tempting buffets at the hotels are something to behold, we highly recommend heading out occasionally in search of truly authentic meals elsewhere on the island. If you don’t have much time and need to narrow it down, then we strongly recommend heading to the restaurants in Port Louis.


restaurant port louis mauritius

The capital city of Mauritius is not only the business hub of the island, it’s also an exceptional place to immerse yourself in all things Mauritian—from the colourful local markets that sell everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to trinkets to the unbelievable Mauritian street food—it makes for a day trip to remember. If you want to head to the capital city in search of more than just the (absolutely delicious) Mauritian snacks, then here are some of the best international and local restaurants in Port Louis:

The Courtyard

Rated one of the top restaurants in Port Louis, this beautiful restaurant is—as the name implies—located in a charming courtyard, with an equally tasteful inside dining space. The extensive menu offers a range of fresh, healthy dishes and sumptuous classics created with a Mauritian twist, there’s sure to be something here to delight everyone’s taste buds. From fresh seafood dishes and a variety of tartare (such as beef, scallop and salmon) to homemade pastas and satisfying risottos as well as a list of imported wines to enhance your experience, a stop at The Courtyard is an absolute must for gourmets. 


Sailors Restaurant 

While this restaurant’s location in the heart of the port area isn’t for everyone, the food itself is well worth the mission and is the reason why it’s ranked as one of the best restaurants in Port Louis. Here, diners can indulge in a range of flavourful fresh seafood dishes that are cooked to perfection and served with style. Think grilled fresh catches, seafood platters and seafood salads served with fresh, tasty seasonal vegetables inspired by flavours from Asia, the Mediterranean and Mauritius itself. Complement your meal with a glass of imported wine or a tropical cocktail and indulge in the pleasure of beautifully cooked food. 



Offering guests an extraordinary and unique restaurant experience in Mauritius, Lambic has certainly earned its position as one of the top restaurants in Port Louis. Set in an incredible, renovated colonial house in the heart of the city, complete with gorgeous wooden details, glass pantries that are home to imported alcohol and elegantly folded napkins, this restaurant serves an array of delicious vegetarian, fish and meat offerings (both local and international) and is known for its incredible selection of local and imported beer (many of which hail from Belgium). Instead of pairing your meal with wine, here, the waiters can suggest the perfect beer to enhance your meal—a spectacular experience for the avid beer lovers. They also have a beer shop where you can buy your favourite beer to take home with you. Try one of the many unique Creole dishes here (such as the wild hare) for an authentic experience like no other. 


The Deck 

Boasting an exquisite location on its own floating platform in the harbour, the Deck provides a different experience to some of the other restaurants in Port Louis, due mainly to its unparalleled setting. Panoramic views, a relaxed atmosphere and exceptional, albeit simple, dishes that centre on fresh seafood and Mauritian favourites are the main drawcards of this relaxed eatery. Indulge in expertly prepared seafood dishes and delicious cocktails as you soak up the views—it’s meals at restaurants like this that live on in your memory far after the holiday is over. 


Tandoori Express

A wonderfully casual and affordable eatery in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the capital city, this Indian-themed restaurant is a stand out among the restaurants of Port Louis. The menu here is made up of speciality dishes from the Southern and Northern regions of India but includes a selection of Mauritian dishes that are absolutely spectacular. The restaurant offers views of the harbour and makes for the perfect place for a memorable lunch or dinner. Must-try dishes include the garlic and cheese naan, the butter chicken and the Goa-style fish curry. 
For travellers that enjoy good food, heading to the restaurants in Port Louis in search of fine local and international fare is a definite must. This is how you truly experience Mauritius and it’s exceptional array of cultures.