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Vaccines for Mauritius

When travelling abroad it’s important to understand the health risks you might be taking, which is why it’s a great idea to find out what is required when it comes to vaccines for Mauritius. One of the best ways to understand which vaccines and medicines you might need for Mauritius, in fact, for any health information for travellers to Mauritius, it’s best to visit your doctor about a month before you leave. 


vaccine mauritius

While there are no travel health notices in effect for Mauritius, there are a few precautions which are good to take. It’s a good idea for all travellers to be up to date on the “routine” vaccinations which include the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), varicella (chickenpox) and polio vaccines. Having your flu shot before you leave is a good idea. 
Other recommended vaccines for Mauritius include tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, cholera, rabies, and influenza. These have been recommended by the CDC and WHO. 
While these recommended vaccinations for Mauritius are mostly precautionary, as already mentioned, it’s important to know where the diseases can be picked up. 

  • Tetanus - Spores found in contaminated soil, manure and dust often transmitted via contaminated nails, knives and needles — the bacteria typically enters through a cut, burn or puncture wound
  • Typhoid - Contaminated water or food
  • Hepatitis A - Contaminated water or food
  • Hepatitis B - Contaminated body fluids
  • Cholera - Contaminated water or food 
  • Rabies - Animals who are infected (Rabies is present in bats in Mauritius — so it’s not seen as a big risk to most travellers unless for whatever reason they may be in contact with bats)
  • Influenza - Airborne

Diseases that are spread by mosquitoes (such as chikungunya and dengue) exist in Mauritius so it’s a good idea to bring strong mosquito repellents. Cholera does exist in Mauritius as well, so while the vaccination is recommended, it’s also important to take food and water precautions (stick to bottled water and be careful of fresh salads and vegetables that have been washed in tap water) and the same applies for Hepatitis A and Typhoid. The good news, however, is that ambulance services are available in Mauritius, should the need arise and the medical care is good at both clinics and major hospitals. 
There is no yellow fever in Mauritius, but if you are travelling to Mauritius from a country that has a risk of the disease, then the government of Mauritius requires a proof of yellow fever vaccination. 
In summary, here are some of the things to remember when travelling to Mauritius to stay safe and healthy:

  • Get vaccinated (the routine vaccinations if nothing else)
  • Eat and drink safely
  • Prevent mosquito and bug bites
  • Be careful of interaction with animals
  • Reduce your exposure to germs
  • Choose safe transportation (ask your hotel for recommendations)
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers in Mauritius
  • Take out travel insurance
  • Avoid sharing body fluids
  • Avoid non-sterile medical or cosmetic equipment


Take any prescription medicines that you use regularly with you (check if there are any rules  for any rules or restrictions when it comes to prescription and over the counter medicine) and any medicine that you like to have on hand (such as painkillers or any first aid staples) as you may not be able to find your preferred brand in Mauritius. 


At the end of the day, it’s important to take some logical precautions when travelling to Mauritius, as is the case with any destination but not to be fearful. These precautions are dependent on a number of factors such as the types of activities you will partake in and your general health and if there’s anything you are unsure about, again,  it’s best to meet with your health practitioner at least a month before you go. They will make recommendations based on your particular health risks. With a little bit of preparation and a few preventative measures, you are bound to have an incredible holiday in beautiful Mauritius.