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Your honeymoon in Mauritius

Wedding planning can be stressful and chaotic, but the idea of an extraordinary honeymoon somewhere absolutely breathtaking after the wedding can serve as the light at the end of the tunnel. After all, this once-in-a-lifetime holiday is going to be one of the most important trips you and your partner will ever take, so it’s vital to take the time to make sure it’s exactly what you hope for. Which also means that choosing the perfect honeymoon destination is one of the most crucial parts of the process. There is no shortage of incredible locations to choose from, but here’s why Mauritius comes out on top time and again:

The immaculate beaches


honeymoon mauritius


Mauritius is famed for its long stretches of white sandy beaches, scattered with coconut-bearing palm trees and lapped by irresistible azure waters that are wonderfully warm throughout the year which makes it the ultimate honeymoon destination. And thanks to its coral reefs and coastal lagoons, the water is perfect for a variety of activities which range from glass bottom boat trips, snorkelling and diving to windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking (to name but a few). There are also wonderful options to explore the beauty of the island on catamaran cruises; it doesn’t get much better than an exclusive romantic sunset cruise accompanied by beautiful cocktails and a memorable dinner.

The luxury spas


Cinq Mondes Spa


Honeymoons are for being pampered and spoilt and there’s no better way to do so and to unwind after an exciting and intense few months of wedding planning than at some of the island's incredible spas. Indulge in luxurious couple treatments at world-class spas that boast some of the most exquisite settings; let your worries fade away as you enjoy a massage on the beach with your loved one with nothing but the sound of waves crashing nearby. The wonderful spa facilities, such as jacuzzis, hammams and steam rooms, are great ways to shift into relaxation mode and are complimentary for those who have booked a spa treatment.

It’s a tropical wonderland

Mauritius is the ideal honeymoon destination because, as magnificent as the beaches are, there’s so much more to the island than its alluring coastline. The mountainous interior is also well worth exploring, from tropical nature reserves and historical sites to volcanic wonders, tea plantations, botanical gardens and more, there’s an entirely different side of Mauritius to enjoy and explore. Active couples can choose from a wide array of activities in these areas from phenomenal hiking trails and skydiving to zip lining, horse riding and quad biking. And if you and your partner enjoy golf or shopping, there is a wide range of excellent golf courses on the island and Port Louis provides a myriad of excellent shopping opportunities.

It’s a year-round destination

When it comes to choosing the best honeymoon destination, finding one with the perfect weather is often a top priority. It may be summer where you are getting married, but what might that mean for your dream destination on the other side of the world? With Mauritius, you don’t need to be too concerned about the weather. Thanks to the subtropical climate in Mauritius, it’s a sensational destination year round, with average temperatures ranging from 20ºC in the winter  (June typically being the coldest month) to 29ºC (or more) during the summer months. While this doesn’t guarantee that you will have phenomenal weather throughout your trip, as you might still have some overcast days, rain or wind, it does make Mauritius a good bet at almost any time of the year.


The incredible food


Mon Plaisir Restaurants at Sugar Beach


Whether you and your partner are ‘foodies’ or not, you are bound to enjoy the delicious array of dishes on offer in Mauritius. The luxury resorts scattered around the island boast a huge variety of cuisine from flavourful local dishes (which have been heavily influenced by European, Indian, Creole and Chinese cuisine) to international dishes. There are ample European restaurants to choose from (fabulous Italian restaurants are specifically popular) and most resorts offer themed buffets that vary every night, but the Mauritian cuisine is an absolute must-try (specifically the array of rich curries and unusual offerings such as palm heart salad). Beautifully prepared fresh seafood is another highlight and is best enjoyed at a private table right on the beach.

Delicious cocktails are also hugely popular on the island and specialised mixologists can also create the perfect accompaniment to your meal or prepare something to your liking as you watch the sky change colour over the idyllic waters at sunset. One thing is for sure, when it comes to delicious food and drinks for your honeymoon, you will be totally spoilt for choice.

It’s easily accessible

Mauritius is accessible on many levels. Firstly, the luxury resorts have many different options (of both rooms and dining packages) to suit all budgets making that dream honeymoon a possibility for everyone. But not only is it affordable and an exceptionally attractive option, it’s also extremely easy to get to with direct flights from the UK, South Africa, France, Germany, among many others—a hugely important factor for people who have just had an exhausting, albeit exhilarating, few months planning their wedding (not to mention, the thrill of the actual day). The last thing you and your loved one probably feel like doing is travelling for 24 hours just to be able to relax as newlyweds, which is why a direct flight to paradise is definitely one of the best options.

The honeymoon packages

Mauritius sets itself apart as one of the best honeymoon destinations for many reasons, and one of the big ones, is the array of magnificent resorts to choose from. And, what’s more, is the absolutely incredible honeymoon packages that many of them offer (as a note, the resort might ask that you present your marriage certificate no older than 12 months to them when you book in order to qualify for the honeymoon package).


Honeymoon in Mauritius


Opting for an all-inclusive honeymoon package at a luxury resort is a dream come true for couples that are tired of planning, but want an exceptional trip full of good food, magical moments and wonderful VIP treatment. Many of these packages include accommodation, breakfast and dinner, or breakfast, lunch and dinner and airport transfers making sure your trip is both special and seamless. You will also be surprised by wonderful value-added services, such as a private dinner table on the beach and a complimentary bottle of champagne to ensure your experience is absolutely wonderful. Choosing your ideal honeymoon package also saves you the time, stress, hassle, and often the cost, of planning each element yourself.

If you have your sights set on Mauritius as your ideal honeymoon destination and are looking for an exemplary resort, look no further than Ambre. Our passionate staff are dedicated to ensuring your honeymoon is everything you could ever dream of, and more. Contact us to find out more about the exceptional honeymoon packages we have on offer, to ensure that you and your loved one have the experience of a lifetime.