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Parasailing in Mauritius

Mauritius is a tropical oasis, one with pristine sandy beaches and gorgeously warm Indian Ocean waters practically year-around, which makes it a spectacular destination for those looking to try an array of water sports. Parasailing in Mauritius is one such water sport and is unbelievably popular in this island paradise. 
The vistas when parasailing in Mauritius are absolutely spectacular—with a bird’s eye view, you are able to take in the mesmerising tropical scenery of Mauritius with nothing but picture-perfect beaches and azure lagoons as far as the eye can see. 


parsailing mauritius

Parasailing is also often called parascending and it involves being attached to a swing-like harness and a special parachute, or parasail, which is then ‘towed’ by a boat. As the boat sets off, the parasailer is lifted into the air and effortly drifts above the ocean. This can even be done with two or three people (in tandem) at a time if the boat is powerful enough, and it's a wonderful activity for everyone from 8 years of age. While a solo flight can be a thrilling experience that makes you feel as if you are gliding through the air like a bird, a tandem flight allows you to fully experience this magical moment with a loved one or your significant other, the choice is yours! 
There are a number of areas you can go parasailing in Mauritius. Some of the most popular are:
Belle Mare (on the east coast of Mauritius)
Trou D’eau Douce / Ile aux Cerfs (central east coast of Mauritius)
Grand Baie (In the North of Mauritius) 
For those who are a little hesitant to go parasailing in Mauritius, it helps to know that you don’t need any type of training or experience before you go and you will be told what to expect from the experience. Before you begin, you will get a full safety briefing (where you will get a good idea of what the activity is about) and a lifejacket. Then you will be taken to the boat, from where you will climb into a secured harness that gets attached to the parasail. 
Once you are all buckled in, the ground assistants will check the harness and the rig and give the ‘go ahead’ to the driver. The driver will then slowly take off and all you will need to do is sit back and enjoy a parasailing adventure in Mauritius to remember. You might also have the option of a “touch and go”. This means that when you come down, instead of going straight back onto the boat, you will skim just above the surface of the ocean, then get dipped in quickly and up again—a thrilling way to cool down on a hot day in paradise.  
A parasailing excursion in Mauritius usually takes half an hour and prices differ depending on the area and which adventure company you choose. The actual flight time is usually between 5 and 12 minutes (which depends on a number of factors), where you can reach a height of up to 60m. If you are looking to go parasailing at Ile aux Cerfs then you will need to first get to the island by boat transfer. 
Do your research when looking for the best parasailing company in Mauritius. Look for reputable companies with professional websites, clear packages, fair prices and customer testimonials. If you are struggling with this, you can also ask your hotel in Mauritius, they are bound to be able to point you in the right direction of trusted companies. 
There is a wealth of extreme activities to enjoy in Mauritius but for those that are a little more risk-averse, parasailing is perfect. It’s relatively safe and caters to a huge array of age groups while still giving you a thrill! Whether you would like to fly solo or share the experience with someone special, this is an absolute must-do activity in Mauritius.