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Kitesurfing in Mauritius

If you keep your finger on the pulse of kitesurfing hotspots than one destination that would have been mentioned time and again is ‘Mauritius’. Largely known for its surreal crystal-clear, reef-protected lagoons and dramatic landscape, this tropical paradise has more to offer kitesurfing enthusiasts than glorious beaches and some local sugar in their vanilla tea. In fact, over the years, kitesurfing in Mauritius has gained favour with kitesurfers of varying levels: from the beginners to professionals, due largely to its prime kitesurfing conditions and prestigious events such as the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour.

The best time to head to Mauritius with the goal of getting an unrivalled kitesurfing experience is in their winter months, (it only drops to a low of 20ºC in winter) during which time the southeast trade winds are at their strongest. The great thing about Mauritius is, if you do come at another time of year when the wind is slightly more unpredictable, there are so many other exciting water based activities to do on days that aren’t windy, such as kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. Interested in knowing where to head in Mauritius to have a world-class kitesurfing experience? Here are some of the top kitesurfing spots:


Belle Mare and Palmar

kitesurfing mauritius


These two neighbouring beaches are set on the east coast of Mauritius and make up the longest beach on the island. The beautiful stretch of lagoon here faces the southeast trade wind, making it a kitesurfing sanctuary. With a long narrow lagoon that is also quite shallow, this area is perfect for kitesurfing enthusiasts of varying abilities but is especially ideal for beginners. Here the water temperatures oscillate between 22ºC-26ºC depending on the season, and it’s safe to ride at any time of the day, regardless of tide. It may be best to avoid this area on weekends as it tends to get crowded. If you happen to visit at a time the wind is not that strong, then there are a plethora of other activities to enjoy in the area, specifically stand up paddle boarding, made possible by the flat water in the mangroves.


Poste Lafayette

Located slightly further north than Belle Mare and Palmar is the incredible Poste Lafayette. This is an ideal location for kitesurfing in Mauritius, specifically if you are a beginner. Here the gorgeous aquamarine waters are easily accessible via a large launch area, and due to onshore winds and lack of currents, this spot is one of the safest kitesurfing spots on the island. The water is, however, quite shallow so it’s recommended to wear wetsuit boots at all times, especially for beginners, to avoid any possible injury from sharp coral pieces in the sand.


Trou d’Eau Douce

Famous for its easy access to Ile-aux-Cerfs, this beach serves as another fabulous spot when kitesurfing in Mauritius. The wide lagoon typically boasts shallow, flat waters and a wide launching area (but kitesurfers should be careful during low tides). This area has another lesser known kitesurfing spot nearby, however, called the ‘Joyride’. The Joyride can be accessed by taking a shuttle to Ile-aux-Cerf and then launching from the east facing beach. After an enjoyable upwind ride, you’ll arrive at the Joyride. This area typically has stable yet strong winds, specifically in winter, with huge expanses of beautifully clear flat water making it a perfect place to practice jumps and tricks. The Joyride is, however, best reserved for more advanced riders.


Cap Malheureux

Cap Malheureux Mauritius


Set along the north coast, next to Grand Baie, Cap Malheureux serves as a further spectacular spot for kitesurfing in Mauritius. Set across from an easily identifiable church with a red roof, this area has smooth shallow waters and is almost always good for kitesurfing regardless of the wind direction. Despite the fact that the wind can be a little unpredictable here, it’s a phenomenal spot for those who enjoy a freestyle and freeride session. Although this huge, aqua lagoon is undeniably gorgeous and tempting, due to the limited launch area and the concentration of anchored speedboats, it is only recommended for those with experience.


Bel Ombre


This massive flat lagoon on the southwest coast of Mauritius is another famous spot for kitesurfing in Mauritius, and for good reason. Wind conditions here are stable due to the steady trade winds that blow from the sea—which makes it a superb place for beginners to find their feet (pun intended) or freestyle riders. But, that’s not to say that the experts can’t enjoy the area too; a small gap in the reef gives direct access to the sea and some incredible, uncrowded, waves beyond the reef. There are some coral patches to be aware of—these are marked with buoys. The use of wetsuit boots is strongly advised, especially for beginners, and it’s important to know the current can get quite strong in the channels.


Le Morne

The words “kitesurfing in Mauritius” are very seldom uttered without mentioning the world famous kitesurfing location: Le Morne. Situated on the island’s southwest coast, this incredible spot affords kitesurfers an opportunity to ride the wind and waves alongside a UNESCO World Heritage Site—Le Morne Brabant Mountain. Protected by the reef, this renown Le Morne lagoon is ideal for beginners as well as professionals, and 600 metres from the lagoon are some of the most famed waves in the world—‘Manawa’ and ‘One Eye’. These are best left to the very advanced kitesurfers only.


Le Morne Brabant Mauritius


Manawa is on the far side of Le Morne Lagoon, on the other side of the reef. It’s famous for waves that can reach heights of around three metres and is best enjoyed at high tide. One Eye is the most famous kitesurfing spot in Mauritius. It can, however, be extremely challenging even for the most seasoned of kitesurfers; it’s important to understand that the waves here are incredibly strong, fast and hollow left-handers, that break over a shallow, jagged reef. Even If you are an expert kitesurfer and you are keen to take on the challenge of One Eye, it’s highly recommended you book the services of an emergency boat for your session.

There is another word of caution about this spot: it can get incredibly busy on the weekends with many swimmers and kitesurfers sharing the space. Beginners who would like to kitesurf the lagoon would do well to stay more towards the left, as you’ll find big rocks and the reef on the right-hand side of the lagoon. It’s also good to keep in mind that the water here can be a little choppy due to the strong winds in winter and low tide can get a bit dangerous, signalling the perfect time to take a break.

During the kitesurfing season in winter, the phenomenal energy of Le Morne is virtually tangible, with scores of kitesurfers from around the world enjoying the magnificent spot. It’s here that you really have the chance to rub shoulders with some of the world’s kitesurfing elite and are afforded the opportunity to experience something extraordinary.

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