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Our 4 star hotels in Maldives

There are few avid travellers who have heard of the Maldives (as well as seen the flawless pictures) and don’t have it on their bucket lists. This sensational island destination is literally the personification of paradise, with sugar-white beaches and cyan blue waters (that teem with an unbelievable variety of marine life) surrounding dream-like coral islands—it’s wonderfully surreal.

4 star hotel maldives

One of the destination’s main drawcards is its exceptional array of four- and five-star hotels, especially those on their own resort islands that boast magnificent water villas, a feature the Maldives has fast become known for. If you are heading to this island paradise for your honeymoon, a memorable family holiday or a romantic getaway for you and your beloved, you’ll probably want to indulge in one of the luxurious hotels on offer. 
The first question to ask yourself if you want to stay on one of the resort islands is, would you like to stay in a five-star or four-star hotel in the Maldives?
Not sure what the difference is? We explore this question here: 
Four-star hotels have good service; five-star hotels have spectacular service
While there are arguably few major differences (depending on the hotels looked at, of course) between four-star hotels in the Maldives and their five-star counterparts, most people agree that one difference is the level of service that you can expect. At four-star hotels, you may have to ask for certain things (reservations, special services, etc.), where at five-star hotels, the service is often provided without you needing to ask, they are trained to anticipate their guests’ every need, and their attention to detail is outstanding. From handwritten notes left in your room to remembering your favourite drinks, the personalised service at five-star hotels in the Maldives is unparalleled. 
Four-star hotels in the Maldives are often very comfortable; five-star hotels are pure luxury
Another difference between five- and four-star hotels in the Maldives is the level of luxury you can expect and the quality of the amenities. While four-star hotels will ensure guests have enough to keep them comfortable, five-star hotels take it to a new level by offering luxury amenities and facilities—from the brands used for their complimentary bathroom amenities and state-of-the-art fitness centres to world-class spas, a spectacular choice of phenomenal restaurants to choose from, 24-hour services and much more. Everything at the five-star hotels in the Maldives is of the finest quality and exudes the feeling of absolute luxury. Here guests are all treated like VIPs where at four-star hotels in the Maldives, an extra fee is often necessary for that kind of treatment. While some four-star resorts offer some of the same services and facilities, they are generally not in the same league as the five-star hotels. 
There’s ample choice when it comes to world-class hotels in the Maldives
The Maldives has grown rapidly into a highly coveted holiday destination, and with the increase in demand, there’s been an increase in hotel options. The gorgeous archipelago with some 1000 islands only has 200 that are inhabited and more than 80 of them are now resort islands (which are only accessible via incredible seaplane or speedboat transfers). From B&Bs to the finest four-star hotels and five-star (plus) establishments, it has more than enough variety of excellent hotels to choose from. 
The Maldives is truly a once-in-a-lifetime destination for many and when you travel that far to have an unrivalled experience, you might as well go “all in” with a five-star hotel for your stay in this tropical idyll. If you are looking for the most sublime five-star oasis, complete with all of the exclusive extras you could ever dream of, then a stay at Kanuhura is an absolute must. This gypset paradise is unfathomably perfect and a sensational place to make magical memories that will last a lifetime.