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Your honeymoon in Maldives

The festive season usually sees a host of romantic and exciting marriage proposals, which means come the new year, the wedding and honeymoon planning can begin. And the good news (or bad news for those who can’t decide) for wild-hearted couples dreaming of the most magnificent location for their island honeymoon is that there is a huge range of outstanding destinations to choose from. However, if the dream is to find a paradisiacal location with crystalline waters, sugar-white beaches lined by palm trees, romantic luxury resorts and extraordinary, unique experiences that will ensure that your first trip together as a married couple is totally unforgettable, you will battle to find a more perfect destination than the Maldives. This highly coveted honeymoon destination is touted as somewhat of a Mecca for free-spirited travellers in search of all things sublime, and for good reason. Here are just a few of the things that make the Maldives the quintessential honeymoon destination: 

Unparalleled luxury


honeymoon maldives


If you are looking for luxurious hideaways unlike any other, than the Maldives is definitely for you. Exquisite and unparalleled five-star hotels that are situated on their own private islands are the order of the day here. Stay in a gorgeous villa on one of the outstanding beaches, alongside a glittering lagoon or perched on stilts in the Indian Ocean itself (with your own private pool perhaps?), this is a tropical paradise like you have probably never witnessed before. Enjoy the discreet and exceptional hospitality, relish the beautifully designed resorts and indulge in world-class gastronomic experiences—one thing is for sure, amidst the incredible luxury of the resorts in the Maldives, you are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Exquisite surrounds


Kanuhura Beach Destination


There’s nothing more disappointing than arriving at a destination for your special trip to find that the travel agency did an outstanding job airbrushing the brochure and that the destination and the hotel that you have booked is totally subpar and even a little decrepit. The phenomenal thing about the Maldives? It’s exactly the same in real life as it appears in high-end travel brochures. This magnificent destination is nothing short of heaven on earth; flawless beaches melt into waters that are made up of every shade of blue imaginable and are home to a plethora of amazing marine life, palm trees sway gently in the breeze and luxury resorts cater to your every need—the only warning we can give you about the Maldives is that once you experience it, you may never want to leave. Here, you can discover the wonders of the Indian Ocean, soak up the wonderful weather, discover the exceptional tropical flora and fauna and immerse yourself in total tranquility as you enjoy your magical honeymoon with your significant other.

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

One of the best things about the Maldives is that it offers equal opportunities for relaxation and adventure for the perfect honeymoon experience. Have you ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins? Diving with whale sharks? Or perhaps you have always wanted to experience something you can’t experience anywhere else in the world? Well in the Maldives, virtually anything is possible. Visit a turtle sanctuary, relish an outstanding picnic on a deserted island, dine underwater or marvel at the extraordinary glowing beaches (in some parts of the Maldives, the sea appears to glow like a night sky with stars due to organisms called phytoplankton that emit a blue glow when disturbed by waves, boats or surfboards), the Maldives has a plethora of experiences you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. 

Sensational spas

Honeymoons are made for romantic experiences and absolute relaxation. And if you are looking for the ultimate way to unwind and tap into island mode than all you need to do is head to one of the outstanding luxury spas in the Maldives. Opt for signature treatments and massages unique to the Maldives or indulge in a full spa day with your beloved where you can make the most of the unbelievable facilities and phenomenal treatments during which only the best products and techniques are used by masterful spa therapists. 


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Extraordinary activities

The Maldives is the perfect place to beat any post-wedding exhaustion by simply relaxing and soaking up the destination in all of its glory (there is bound to be a perfectly placed hammock waiting to be enjoyed at your hotel). You can spend your day lounging on the beaches sipping on cocktails or lazing in your villa’s plunge pool every day of your honeymoon if that’s what you want to do. But, for those that would like to embrace the island lifestyle to its fullest, there’s certainly a host of different ways to do just that. Most of the luxury resorts offer a range of complimentary non-motorised water sports, as well as daily activity programmes which can include anything from sunrise yoga to movie evenings under the stars. 

Be sure to explore the unbelievable underwater world on your trip—either by snorkeling or diving—where you can discover exquisite, vibrant corals and magnificent marine life. There are some exceptional dive sites in and around the Maldives and many advanced divers believe it to offer some of the best diving in the world. If you are not a diver already or would like to take your diving qualification up a level while in the Maldives for your honeymoon, many of the resorts offer a range of exceptional diving courses to help you make the most of the gorgeous turquoise waters in the Maldives.

Unbelievable dining options


Kanuhura Beach Dining


The luxury resorts in the Maldives offer guests the option of accommodation with full and half board. And what better way to enjoy a stress-free honeymoon than knowing that absolutely everything you could need is catered for? Because most of the hotels are of an incredibly high standard in the Maldives, you can rest assured that the culinary offerings will be first-class. Here you can indulge in glorious, gastronomic delights that include anything from fresh seafood and local Maldivian delicacies to international favourites beautifully prepared and excellently presented. For gourmets looking for the ultimate honeymoon destination, this is definitely it. 

Every day offers something new


In this paradisiacal destination, each day is a new adventure. Whether it’s on a catamaran cruise, enjoying traditional fare to the sounds of a Bodu Beru performance, on a day excursion to swim with dolphins or a visit to the turtle sanctuary, there’s something new and magnificent to explore and discover every single day of your honeymoon. There’s no doubt that the memories you make with your beloved on your special honeymoon in the Maldives, will stay with you for the rest of time. 

It’s the epitome of a romantic destination

The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places on earth. Not only are the surrounds absolutely incredible, but the luxury islands lend themselves to exceptionally special and romantic experiences. Private, candlelit dinners set up beautifully on the beach, secluded outdoor baths filled with bubble bath and made to be enjoyed with a bottle of champagne, exclusive villas over the ocean—there is no denying that this is the perfect place to celebrate your new chapter as newlyweds.  


Kanuhura Beach Destination


If you are interested in the Maldives as your honeymoon destination and wondering where to stay, look no further than Kanuhura. This five-star unfettered paradise has everything you could possibly want for the most magical honeymoon possible. Outstanding dining options, superb, luxury accommodation, and exceptional and unique signature experiences and offerings—there’s no doubt that a stay at Kanuhura is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.