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Swimming with dolphins in Maldives

swimming with dolphins maldives


Golden sands, tropical cerulean waters and swaying palm trees that typify the tropical idyll, the Maldives is a dream destination like no other. Add to that unbelievable luxury accommodation with unparalleled room options (such as the water villas), sensational gastronomic offerings, a plethora of activities and immersive experiences and it’s clear that this magnificent destination is in a category of its own.  


One of the massive draw cards of this serene oasis is definitely its warm, sparkling waters which, apart from adding to the truly sensational surrounds and vistas, is the perfect place to indulge in a good swim or one of the many water sports on offer. With the incredible abundance and diversity of marine life, the Maldives provides excellent opportunities for close encounters with the local residents of their underwater world which could mean experiencing turtles, mantas, sharks and dolphins in close proximity. While snorkelling and diving provide fabulous means to experience life under the water’s surface, one of the ultimate things to do in the Maldives is to swim with dolphins. 


You don’t have to be an avid nature-enthusiast to have ‘swim with wild dolphins in the Maldives’ on your bucket list; it’s a magical experience that has to be lived to be believed. Deemed one of the best places in the world to see dolphins, the Maldives is home to some 20 species of marine mammals due largely to the incredible presence of plankton in the waters. The most commonly seen dolphins here are the spinner dolphins, the pods of which can be in the 100s (if not thousands) and who have fairly rigid habits and schedules making them fairly easy to find (although, being wild animals, sightings are not guaranteed). Typically, these dolphins can be found in and around the atolls in the morning and head out to deeper waters in the afternoon. If you choose to swim with dolphins in the Maldives, these are bound to be the ones you encounter. 


The gorgeous and playful spinner dolphins are known for gleefully riding the waves and chasing boats and can be found chattering energetically amongst themselves and showing off their acrobatic prowess. If you are lucky enough to encounter a pod of these gorgeous creatures on your dolphin excursion, and the sea conditions are deemed to be safe, you will be given the chance to jump in the water—armed with flippers, a facemask and snorkel—and swim with dolphins in the Maldives. 


These intelligent and fascinating wild creatures are protected in the Maldives and it’s important that any interaction with them is respectful. Dolphins are not always interested in swimming with humans and so they will swim off if they wish and swimmers should not attempt to chase or touch them, but always let the dolphins approach them. If the experience of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat is what you leave with, that in itself is an unforgettable experience.


Apart from excursions that will afford you the chance to swim with dolphins in the Maldives, there are other boat trips that allow for dolphin viewing experiences like no other. Think champagne sunset cruises or a romantic, fine-dining dinner cruise for you and your beloved as you watch dolphins play in sunset-coloured waves—the Maldives is where your tropical holiday dreams come can come true. 


If you long to swim with dolphins in the Maldives (or at least see them while experiencing a special dinner on a Maldivian boat), then book a stay at Kanuhura. This magical haven is synonymous with gypset island luxury and is surrounded by indigo waters, waiting to be explored; your once-in-a-lifetime holiday at Kanuhura promises to be an unforgettable experience