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Spas in Maldives

We spend our lives in service of others, whether it’s at the office or at home. Years seem to fly by, work is crazier than ever and stress seems to be at an all-time high—the perfect grounds to book a relaxing retreat in the Maldives. And all the more reason to make sure that you book a resort island with a world-class spa in the Maldives, to maximise on some important, and much-needed, pampering. 

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 The Maldives is an other-worldly island holiday destination, with sugar-white beaches that seem to dissolve into cyan tropical waters, coconut palms and luxury five-star plus island resorts. It’s the ultimate destination to enjoy both unforgettable experiences and a truly tranquil holiday, where you can indulge in sunkissed beachside moments, novel experiences and, of course, luxury treatments at a fabulous spa in the Maldives—with exclusive luxury resort islands, the types of which only exist in the Maldives and few places otherwise, often come sensational spas. 
If you are in need of some “me time” while enjoying your island getaway then these are the types of things that can be expected from spas in the Maldives:

Unbelievable surrounds
A holiday in the Maldives promises to be unlike any other holiday you have ever had (what with the stunning accommodation, unique offerings and breathtaking surrounds), and a spa experience here should be no different. When you are looking for a spa in the Maldives, keep an eye out for one with absolutely stunning surrounds; nestled amongst exotic tropical gardens, boasting a beautiful, modern design and fine fittings, a stone’s throw from the warm Indian Ocean waters, where the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore will enhance your sense of serenity. 

State-of-the-art facilities
When you treat yourself to some pampering at an exclusive spa in the Maldives, you really want to choose one that has amazing facilities, there to ensure your spa day is all the more splendid. Indulge in pre- or post-spa treatment relaxation with facilities such as spa guest-only cold plunge pools, steam baths, dry saunas and jacuzzis or enjoy a stress-busting session at the world-class gym—why not make the most of your experience by embracing the healing benefits of the spa’s state-of-the-art spa facilities?  
An extensive and unique spa list
Standard spa treatments such as Swedish massages, cleansing facials and sugar body scrubs, are always enjoyable but when you visit a spa in the Maldives, don’t expect the ordinary. Many of the exceptional spas here boast unbelievable treatment menus, with options that don’t just pamper your body but indulge all of your senses in order to restore your total well-being; mind, body and soul. 
While you might be able to find some of the most common and popular spa treatments at spas in the Maldives, they typically offer so much more. From traditional Maldivian beauty rituals and signature treatments to healing ceremonies and journeys inspired by cultures from around the world, ayurvedic therapies, wellness packages, novel facial treatments, bath rituals, classic beauty services and much more, there’s no shortage of choice at these incredible spas. Indulge in a full or half spa day, try a signature treatment, add on a session with a personal trainer or try a number of different therapies by spoiling yourself every day. One thing is for sure, your spa experience in the Maldives is bound to stay with you long after your session is complete. 

More than just spa treatments
When you enter an exceptional luxury spa in the Maldives, you can expect to find more than your average establishment. Apart from gorgeous architecture, a soothing atmosphere, complimentary beverages and phenomenal spa facilities, some spas have world-class fitness centres, beauty salons, exclusive bridal suites and wellness pavillions, reserved for yoga and pilates classes. These spas in the Maldives centre on holistic wellbeing, where whatever you could possibly need to feel relaxed, restored and rejuvenated, is catered for. 

Tailored treatments
While any high-end spa is sure to have extremely capable therapists, the spas in the Maldives—many of which are some of the best in the world—are there to ensure that every minute of your spa journey is unforgettable. Because the highly-skilled spa therapists at many of the spas in the Maldives have the intention to go above and beyond, you can expect tailored treatments, specifically recommended products and extraordinary spa treatments that will have you hoping your treatments never end. 

The finest spa products
When you visit a spa in the Maldives, you can expect treatments carried out using only the best products in the world, which have been carefully and mindfully created to help you restore balance. From exotic aromatic botanical-based ingredients to organic and sustainable products, they have been selected based on their quality and healing properties and ultimately, to ensure that your treatment in paradise is elevated to a new level. 

Award-winning establishments
There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to magnificent spas in the Maldives, but that’s not to say that they are all in the same league, some just offer a truly sensational experience. In your search for the perfect spa resort island in the Maldives, look for those that boast award-winning spas. When you are booking a once-in-a-lifetime holiday in paradise, you might as well capitalise on it. 
If you are looking for the ultimate spa in the Maldives to enhance an already exceptional holiday, look no further than Kanuhura’s Kokaa Spa (which translates to ‘butterfly”). This award-winning spa has some 50 pages of extraordinary treatments in the treatment menu, each designed to ensure that you leave feeling revived and able to enjoy holidays in the Maldives to the full.