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Excursion in Maldives

The Maldives is more than an exceptional destination to indulge in some rest and relaxation (although, it’s certainly fabulous for that). This incredible island wonderland is the ultimate destination for those looking for equal measures of tranquillity and adventure in absolutely breathtaking surrounds. While there is a huge array of amazing things to do in the Maldives, a trip here would be amiss without at least embarking on one excursion in the Maldives, which will allow you to truly explore the once-in-a-lifetime holiday destination to the full. 

excursion maldives

If you are interested in exploring the Maldives in thrilling ways, here are some of our recommended excursions in the Maldives: 
Island hopping tours 
For travellers who want to explore more than just their luxury resort islands and get a proper idea of what the “real” Maldives might look like, then one of the best excursions in the Maldives is an Island hopping tour. Island hopping excursions will take you to local islands where you are able to experience the unique Maldivian culture, food and way of life, first-hand. On these excursions in the Maldives, you are able to discover incredible endemic flora and fauna, snorkel some incredible reefs and interact with the local population to better understand this fascinating and unrivalled holiday destination. You can find island hopping excursions that last anything from half a day to a week and more—the right choice for you will depend on your personal preferences. On a typical day trip, you can expect a snorkelling excursion and local lunch to be included in the package

Dolphin cruises
There’s something unbelievably special about seeing dolphins play and frolic freely in their natural habitat. That’s why one of the ultimate excursions in the Maldives has to be a dolphin cruise, made all the more extraordinary by the dazzling Maldivian sunset. Embrace the gorgeous tropical surrounds and breathtaking colours of sunset as you set out in search of dolphins who love to ride the waves and show off for guests. During this incredible excursion, you also have the opportunity to spot deserted and local islands, other resort islands and any of the incredible marine life that calls the Maldives home (from manta rays, turtles and whale sharks to flying fish), it’s truly a magnificent experience. Keep in mind that because dolphins are wild, sightings should be enjoyed respectfully and cannot be guaranteed.
Fishing excursions 
One of the best things to do in the Maldives is to go on a fishing excursion—an incredible outing for avid fishing fans and beginners alike. After a short trip to a prime fishing spot, you will be guided by the experienced crew on the methods of traditional Maldivian fishing. Cast your line and embrace the gorgeous surrounds kissed by the gold, purple and pink of sunset. Small or non-edible fish will be let go but bigger catches can be prepared for you on board or once you get back on shore for an unforgettable experience in this oasis. There are a couple of fishing excursion variations (there are some that take place during the day and others that take place at night), so you are able to choose the one that most appeals to you. 
Malé tours 
The exciting capital city island is a unique and awe-inspiring destination, the likes of which would be hard to find elsewhere. In stark contrast to the rest of the islands in the Maldives, Malé is known for its modern infrastructure and high-rise buildings. The city, considered the smallest capital city in the world, is wonderfully unique which makes tours of it some of the best excursions in the Maldives. Here you can explore local markets, incredible traditional restaurants and fascinating sites that will give you insight into the country that you can experience on the resort islands. Whether you visit for the day or stay a few nights, a visit to Malé is a must. 
Snorkelling or diving trips
With stunning tropical lagoons that shimmer in every shade of blue and are bordered by gorgeous coral reefs, it’s little wonder that snorkelling or diving trips are undoubtedly some of the finest excursions in the Maldives. There are a number of absolutely incredible world-class diving spots for divers of all abilities in the Maldives, where the underwater world is sure to dazzle and delight. From sharks and eels to vivid corals and fish, the Maldives provides an unparalleled underwater playground. For snorkellers, equally incredible sites teem with fish of all varieties and snorkellers can have as memorable sightings as the divers in this amazing paradise. 
Seaplane tours
See the Maldives from above with an incredible seaplane tour. This unbelievable excursion in the Maldives affords you a birds-eye view of the island gems that make up this magical destination. With a magnificent aerial view of the Maldives, you are able to capture sensational pictures and enjoy an experience of a lifetime. 
Deserted island adventures
There are a number of different Maldives tours to enjoy, but for those that are looking for a novel Robinson Crusoe experience, an excursion to a deserted island is certainly one for the books. Those lucky enough to be staying at an island resort with access to a deserted island can enjoy a secluded day surrounded by untouched tropical gardens and pristine shores. By far one of the best things to do is to add a picnic or a private lunch prepared by your own personal chef to the experience for a day in the Maldives you will never forget. 
Resort day visits
For those that choose to stay in Malé, Hulhumalé or on a local island, then an excursion in the Maldives to an exclusive resort island is highly recommended (but it’s even better if you can stay at one of these resorts for a few nights). The resort life here is what dreams are made of, with world-class facilities, an abundance of luxury offerings, indulgent food and signature experiences, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With these tours, your drinks, lunch and transfers are typically included. 
For those who can’t think of anything better than finding the ultimate island resort to serve as a home base from which to enjoy unforgettable excursions in the Maldives, the five-star gypset paradise of Kanuhura is where your island dreams are sure to become a reality.