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Hotels Grand Baie Mauritius

Hotels Grand Baie Mauritius


The exciting village of Grand Baie is located in the district of Rivière du Rempart up in the northern part of Mauritius and is a lively destination (both during the day and at night) for tourists looking to embrace the energy of this popular area. What’s more, it’s located an easy 30-minutes drive away from the island’s bustling capital, Port Louis. With its stunning natural beauty, huge range of things to do (from shopping to snorkelling and much more) and amazing selection of hotels in Grand Baie Mauritius, it’s little wonder it attracts travellers from around the world. 

Because of the undeniable tourist appeal of the area, it’s become a stellar location for hotels of all varieties, star ratings and offerings. The hotels in Grand Baie Mauritius range from charming guesthouses and holiday rentals to two-, three-, four- and luxury five-star hotels—many of the latter actually look as if they have been lifted straight from the pages of luxury travel magazines; this gorgeous area is accessible to every traveller and budget.  

Apart from a sublime array of hotels in Grand Baie Mauritius, guests are really spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do. Incredible shops and the eclectic Grand Baie Bazar offer a wonderful excuse for shopaholics to indulge, or for those wanting to bring something special from Mauritius back home. Cafes, bars and wonderful restaurants line the main streets and offer everything from tropical cocktails and international dishes to incredible Mauritian delicacies, full of the aromas and magical flavours of Asia, Africa and Europe. 

Sun worshipper and water babies can make the most of the emerald-green lagoons, the huge expanses of gorgeous golden beaches and the plethora of water- and land-based activities in the area. And those looking for day trips and excursions can enjoy a trip to the Black River Gorge National Park, the botanical gardens and a trip to Port Louis—it’s an exceptional part of this wonderful island. 

If you are interested in the north of Mauritius and want to know more about the hotels in Grand Baie Mauritius, then here’s what you need to know:


There’s more than enough choice

Thanks to the incredible beauty and immense popularity of the area, there is a huge range of hotels in Grand Baie to choose from. Would you prefer a quaint little self-catering apartment or cottage?  Do you want to be slightly out of the busy centre? Would you just like breakfast included? Or would you like exclusive, luxury accommodation right on the beach? The choice is yours. 
Take some time to look through all the options of hotels in Grand Baie Mauritius to ensure you find the best one for your wants, needs and pocket. There are, after all, over 130 hotels in Grand Baie to choose from. 


Hotels in Grand Baie Mauritius have the perfect location
Not only are many of the hotels in Grand Baie Mauritius situated along the most gorgeous stretches of coast with breathtaking views of the aquamarine water and pristine beaches, but Grand Baie makes for an exceptional holiday destination. Not only is there a huge array of things to do in an around Grand Baie (such as snorkelling, diving, boat tours, underwater adventures as well as day trips and land-based activities), it has a phenomenal bus route and is the place that many boat tours take off from, making it a truly magical place for adventurers. This buzzing destination also boasts a great nightlife for those looking to make the most of each day (and night) in paradise.


Many of the hotels in Grand Baie Mauritius make for the perfect home away from home
When you travel to the other side of the world in search of tropical perfection and are booking a stay of some ten or so days, you really want to be sure that the hotel you choose is a great home base. With the incredible array of accommodation in Grand Baie, you can be sure that you will find a hotel that checks all the boxes of your ideal home away from home. From all-inclusive packages and elegant beachside rooms to signature Mauritian hospitality and luxury spas, you are sure to be able to find the best home base for your unforgettable trip to Mauritius. 
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