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5 star hotels Mauritius

5 star hotels Mauritius


Just off the east coast of Africa, and over a thousand kilometres from Madagascar, lies the glimmering gem of Mauritius; sensational volcanic terrain contrasts dramatically with vivid green patches of sugar cane and deep green jungle all of which is encircled by crystal clear waters— it’s a tropical paradise that will literally take your breath away. Apart from staggeringly beautiful natural surrounds, this eclectic island nation offers visitors a glimpse into its incredible culture, with fascinating sights, museums, experiences and absolutely delicious local cuisine. It’s a destination deserving of its place on any traveller’s bucket list. 
As a highly sought after tourist destination, there’s definitely no shortage of accommodation options to suit a diverse array of needs and budgets. But for those that seek only the finest things in life, Mauritius has fast become known for its sensational variety of absolutely exquisite five-star luxury resorts. Here’s everything you need to know about the five-star hotels in Mauritius:

Visitors to Mauritius are spoilt for choice
No matter which part of the island you would like to stay on, you are sure to find an incredible number of five-star properties to choose from. Mauritius—once an off-the-beaten-path destination for adventurers in the know—has become a tourist hotspot and is especially popular among Europeans such as the French and the British. 
In 1970, it was estimated that there were only around 18,000 visitors a year to Mauritius and now, it’s over a million a year—an incredible jump which makes tourism one of the main pillars of the local economy. With the increase in numbers of tourists, there has naturally, been a gradual increase in exceptional five-star properties in the Indian Ocean nation, giving discerning guests over 30 five-star properties to choose from today. 

They offer everything you could need
The five-star hotels and resorts in Mauritius are not only absolutely exceptional and fabled for their signature Mauritian hospitality, but many of them also have complimentary offerings, world-class facilities and offer extraordinary services. Here are some of the things you can expect to find at the finest five-star hotels in Mauritius:

  • Luxury spas with extensive spa menus
  • Free WiFi
  • Beautiful “private” sandy beaches 
  • Exceptional a la carte restaurants and bars
  • Buffet restaurants with exciting themed dinners
  • Evening entertainment
  • Special occasion festivities (for example, over the festive season)
  • Daily activity programmes
  • Phenomenal kids clubs 
  • Babysitting services
  • Complimentary non-motorised water sports
  • 24-hour receptions
  • Sports facilities
  • Butler services (for certain rooms)
  • Guest relations assistants
  • Concierge services
  • In-room dining options
  • Business centres
  • Fitness centres
  • Free parking
  • Laundry services 


Not all five-star resorts are created equal
When you fly to the other side of the world for a holiday of a lifetime, it’s important that you pick the right hotel. While all of the five-star hotels in Mauritius boast the same star rating and many of them have similar services and facilities, it’s important to be aware that they are not the same—some are just that much more sublime. Our exquisite five-star properties, for example, not only boast unparalleled locations on two of the finest beaches in Mauritius (on both the sunrise and the sunset coasts) but our guests have the incredible experience of having full access to all of our Timeless Memories offerings. From unforgettable gastronomic experiences set under the stars and along the sea to in-room surprises and novel classes, our five-star hotels in Mauritius aim to ensure that you have magical moments that stay with you forever. 

Long Beach and Sugar Beach are two of the finest hotels in Mauritius 
Our two sensational five-star hotels offer guests everything they could possibly need for a truly spectacular holiday in paradise. With two distinctly different personalities on two opposite ends of the island, guests can choose the five-star hotel that most appeals to them. 
The luxury five-star plantation-style hotel Sugar Beach on the sunset coast of Mauritius has been inspired by the opulence of a bygone era where high teas, incredible signature cocktails, sensational meals and lazy days spent on the pristine beach are the order of the day. Here, guests can live in the lap of luxury, with novel offerings, ample restaurants and bars to choose from, a huge choice of activities, a stunning Cinq Mondes Spa and beachside villas and rooms that are tastefully decorated—it’s the ultimate five-star hotel for discerning jet-setters.
Long Beach set on the east coast of Mauritius, is a contemporary wonder offering active guests and modern bon vivants a sensational holiday oasis. Here, guests can enjoy the huge array of activities, a spectacular and secluded Cinq Mondes Spa, access to a stunning beach, an amazing selection of modern culinary delights and elegant, yet chic, rooms all on the island’s untamed sunrise coast—it’s the perfect place for guests looking for five-star luxury perfection. 
If you are looking for a five-star resort, you really don’t need to look further than either of these magical properties, where our signature offerings are sure to delight.