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The very thought of Mauritius conjures images of stunning sunshine-filled days, smooth, white sandy beaches that stretch for miles bordered by idyllic palm trees and warm tropical waters teeming with marine life. This sensational Indian Ocean treasure boasts picture-perfect, lush national parks, undulating volcanic terrain and brilliant green sugar cane fields—it’s truly an astonishing sight. Its natural beauty is enhanced by the country’s fascinating and wonderfully eclectic culture; it’s little wonder this magical island is a dream destination for many wild-hearted travellers.

hotel mauritius

The fascinating thing about Mauritius is that up until fairly recently, it had managed to stay very much off the list of tourist hotspots, known only to a select group of travellers who treasured this once-secret destination. In fact, it’s only been over the past three decades that Mauritius has blossomed, moving from a low-income economy with a focus on the agriculture sector to a diversified middle-income economy, largely due to the evolution of the luxury tourism sector. When sugar production and textiles started taking a negative turn, tourism took the focus and it has expanded  exponentially since. 
As Mauritius grew from a secret paradise to a top holiday destination, a number of accommodation options developed, which now range from B&Bs and small beach bungalows to exclusive, luxury hotels to suit a diverse array of travellers (from families, solo adventurers, groups of friends and surfers to romantic couples). As the interest in holidays in Mauritius continues to grow, so do the hotel offerings and services; Mauritian hospitality, professionalism and a wide range of services, fine food and world-class facilities now lie at the core of many hotels on the island. 
Here are a few other interesting facts about hotels in Mauritius: 
Some of the biggest hotel and resort brands in the world can be found in Mauritius
With a booming tourism industry, the shimmering shores of Mauritius have been difficult to resist for incredible, world-renowned luxury hotel brands, many of which have invested in multiple properties across the island. But it hasn’t only been the international groups that have thrived here, there has been a surge in the number of exceptional regional and local resort chains as well, such as our very own Sun Resorts. With the array of hotels that now exist in Mauritius—there are now over 700 hotels on the island—even the most hard-to-please guests are sure to find the perfect “home away from home” for their holiday in paradise.  
You can find sublime hotels in all of the best areas
These days, you can find exceptional accommodation no matter where on the island you would like to stay. Location is key as it can really make or break your holiday in paradise, so it’s best to think carefully about each area and pick your perfect hotel based on your preferences and needs. Here are four of the most popular holiday areas in Mauritius:
- Grand Baie—a bustling tourist centre with incredible beaches, a plethora of restaurants and a buzzing nightlife scene. It’s the perfect place for travellers who like to be in the heart of the action.
- Belle Mare—the gorgeous and wild sunrise coast is a perfect retreat for those wanting to make the most of Mauritius’ untamed surrounds as well as nature’s spectacular sunrise. Travellers can access Ile aux Cerfs easily from this coast as well. 
- Le Morne—a gorgeous part of Mauritius famous for it’s UNESCO World Heritage site and incredible beach (perfect for windsurfing and surfing). 
- Flic-en-Flac—by far one of the most beautiful parts of the island, Flic-en-Flac has a host of great shops, restaurants and bars nearby but is also perfect for those looking to unwind on its glorious beaches. It also offers guests front row views of the dazzling Mauritian sunset.
There are hotels in Mauritius that have it all
No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for (from B&Bs and vacation villas to one-, two-, three-, four- and five-star hotels and resorts), you are sure to find something special for your time in Mauritius. But if you are looking to live out a holiday of pure bliss and luxury, then you should definitely take a look at the four- and five-star hotels in Mauritius. From unbeatable facilities and services to sensational luxury accommodation, gastronomic culinary offerings and signature experiences, the high-end luxury hotels in Mauritius are in a class of their own. 
There are often excellent hotel deals in Mauritius
One of the best things about having such a diverse array of hotels in Mauritius is that it is accessible for all budgets. What’s more, savvy travellers can often find package deals and special offers, where incredible luxury (and value) is accessible for less. From all-inclusive packages to shoulder season specials and special occasion deals (such as honeymoon packages), you can really snag a good deal on some truly stunning accommodation in Mauritius. 
The peak season in Mauritius is from November till April (with December being the most expensive and popular month). This is when the prices are highest and the island at its busiest (it’s definitely worth booking ahead for this period). Low season (which still boasts phenomenal weather thanks to the tropical climate in Mauritius) runs from June to September where excellent deals can be enjoyed, as is often the case with the shoulder months (May and October) but be sure to check the hotels’ websites themselves for the best available rates.
Our hotels have a little something for everyone
If you can’t help but fall in love with this incredibly romantic destination and are looking for the perfect hotel in Mauritius, then take a look at our wonderful range of Sun Resorts. With four very different hotels to choose from—Long Beach, Sugar Beach, Ambre and La Pirogue—you are bound to find the right one for you for your magical trip to Mauritius.