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Shehzad K ft Vero Migroove - House of the Sun

19th May 2018 - SHEHZAD K ft VERO MIGROOVE - House of the Sun

Join us at Tides bar Sugar Beach Mauritius as from 21:00 to 23:00 

FREE Entrance (please do make your reservation to guarantee access)

Reservations: Between 9h-12h & 14h-23h by dialling 403 3300

Shehzad K started his career as a disk jockey and after much hard work and perseverance, he has been ranked the 1st and has been crowned the winner of the Ministry of sound DJ Academy in 2014. He believed firmly that when life ditches you, only music can be your companion... He's the guy who can extract water from an empty stone only by his music. While covering various styles and genres with a focus on Dance Music, Shehzad K began creating his own hybrid of Electric and Dance Music into a club sounds which was the first step for him to get closer to his dream.

Vero Migroove’s first violin instruction was at age five, she studied classical music with various teachers including the flutist Dora Serres (“Best Hungarian Classical Musician”), Jana Hildebrandt and Liviu Varcol from Germany. Participating as a violin player with the Kent Junior Orchestra, England or the Yale Choir America are some high of her young career. As well as playing with the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra from South Africa, or being the “1st flute” in Nutcracker Suite Tchaikovsky with the Scottish Youth Orchestra and participating on local artist’s albums.  “Adding the sound of my violin to Dj set is a great experience as it is one of the most heart-rending instruments I have experienced. The flute is closest to the human voice. Since the flute is very expressive, it can touch your soul unlike other instruments. It is soulful and uplifting”.

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