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    Infrastructure Support of SUN Children Cancer Ward


    SunCare's support for children with cancer dates back to when a colleague’s child was diagnosed with cancer. It made us realise how limited the facilities at Victoria Hospital were – with both staff and Sun Resorts management determined to help enhance the facilities. 

    The investment amounting to Rs 8 million in 2008 served to set up the Sun Children Cancer Ward. There were additional heavy costs in 2018 when Cyclone Berguitta affected the ward and a part refurbishment costing Rs 1.5 million was done.

    More recently, we have set up a private kitchen and washing area for families of children staying in the ward for a long time. We have also been able to set up a playground and a dedicated children’s area for reading.  

    To maintain its quality and safety, we budget Rs 300,000 annually for the building’s maintenance.

    SunCare’s total investment in the ward has now exceeded Rs 15 million.

    Infrastructure Support of SUN Children Cancer Ward


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