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Family Support Services


Battling childhood cancer is an unwanted reality that no family should have to face alone. SunCare is strongly committed to providing support services for the children undergoing treatment while giving their parents an opportunity to meet others in a similar position and provide them with mutual support.

  • Christmas Celebration

    Christmas is special for most of us, it can be a daunting time for families who have children with cancer. For more than a decade now, staff from Sun Resorts appear in the ward, bearing gifts and entertaining the children, some of whom have been on the ward for six months or even a year. It brings a bit of laughter and joy into the lives of the children and their parents and lessens the financial stress that can arise around Christmas time.

    Christmas Celebration
  • Family Fun Day at Sun Resorts

    An escape from the confinement of the ward!

    Each year with our partner, C-Care, Sun Resorts invites children on the ward and their families, to an away day, accompanied by some of the ward staff ward. This year, on 15 February (International Childhood Cancer Day), twenty youngsters at the very stages of their treatment were our guests at Sugar Beach and were able to enjoy time in the Kids Club as well as a session of art therapy.

    Family Fun Day at Sun Resorts
  • Art Therapy

    This is a specialised area of mental health, used to explore emotions and relieve anxiety. Every three months or so, we invite families to join us for coffee, cake and a chat with the art therapist in our play area at C-Care, a friendly and safe environment. We also invite guest speakers to talk with the families about issues related to their children’s cancer treatment. It is another example of the invaluable support C-Care lends to our project. 

    Art Therapy
  • Dokter Kloun

    Children on the ward and their care providers often desperately need effective psychological support. To help to make the institutional environment seem more friendly and less intimidating, medical staff don brightly coloured costumes and red noses – hence Dockter Kloun.

    The aim is to use play and laughter to provide children with an avenue for expressing their feelings and engage in social interaction during their hospital stay.

    The costs of two paramedics and a psychologist require an annual budget of Rs 220,000.

    Dokter Kloun