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About Mauritius

Mauritius is a vibrant, multicultural island destination.

Mauritius is a breathtaking tropical destination that is so utterly beautiful you will be lost for words; this volcanic emerald gem set in the Indian Ocean just off of Africa, rises dramatically out of crystal-clear cerulean waters and serves as a quintessential tropical paradise unlike any other. Steeped in a rich culture and fascinating history, it’s a unique and diverse destination with incredible sights and experiences that are sure to intrigue and enthral any type of traveller; from intrepid adventurers to loved-up couples and active families, it’s a wondrous destination filled with incredible surprises at every turn. This phenomenal island destination perfectly blends magical tropical interiors with bustling towns and sleepy seaside villages lapped by topaz-blue waters and, thanks to its mild Mediterranean climate, it makes for a stunning holiday destination throughout the year.


A unique and diverse destination, here, the options for novel and exciting experiences are virtually endless; it’s a must-visit for wild-hearted adventure seekers and luxury revellers looking for a holiday destination never to be forgotten, where each day offers a new adventure. Allow yourself to get lost amongst the lush tropical nature reserves and the iconic botanical gardens or alongside the shimmering lagoons; here your wildest island dreams can transform into a reality. Spend your days lazing on the pristine beaches, marvel at the endemic fauna and flora, explore the colourful Mauritian markets and indulge in the premium facilities of our world-class luxury resorts and soak up the unimaginable beauty of this novel destination.